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  1. If there's anything I can do to assist, please let me know.
  2. Ryrin, that is such a great image. It made me smile. Finished training. Start taking agent calls tomorrow. (Fingers crossed that all goes well.)
  3. Dar'Jen, DJ, either works. Talk of muffins making me hungry.
  4. Tress I understand about changes at work. I'm going through training right now. It is technically a step up with more authorities, but since it be at the bottom of the ladder for seniority, they can change my hours. That is not good since my parents are elderly ( my mom has numerous doctors) and my son has multiple appointments and the schedule I have at the moment allows for all of those appointments. If my work schedule gets changed, not sure how I'm going to accomplish what needs to happen.
  5. We will figure things out. I'm in training at work this week. My hours are a bit different and not on the phone again until Friday. Then I should be working mostly with agents.
  6. Welcome, Elaevia. Have any scheming ideas to implement? Of course The Dark One makes her own rules...
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