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  1. I look forward to seeing them! That sounds like a lovely alternative, Ryrin.
  2. Thank you! Yes, I'd love to see your work too, Arie! 🙂 James, love it! It's clean and bold.
  3. I have managed to find one of them on my computer. lol. I will need to dig up the other (of my original works). They are both based on the same Manuscript (the Vespasian Psalter).
  4. The house looks great! And I have to echo the 'wish I had a closet that big.' The ones in our house are those long narrow ones that extend out wider than the doors and so you have to kind of bend around and 'reach' to find things in the back/sides.
  5. Oh I love those, Ryrin! I've mostly been doing illuminated pieces for our SCA Kingdom in my spare time. Filling in existing pre-prints for lower ranked awards mostly now that I got my bigger commissions completed.
  6. Oh I hope the fleas are gone quickly! My son has finished his schoolwork for the semester a week and a half early. Which is a relief, because that means I can focus on getting my 160 11th graders through the rest of their semester without trying to split time and worry about the one in my house! We have just over a week left for students to complete work. Our HVAC decided it didn't want to talk to itself this week. The board stopped sending the 'please turn on' signal from the thermostat to the compressor. Thankfully this week the highs were mid-70s so the house didn't try to fry us like it did last August. I like our HVAC guys. They had matching Game of Thrones face masks.
  7. It's a quirky/romantic slice of life high school Anime. It's just really sweet and a little heart-wrenching in a few places (but then has a happy ending). 🙂 I find I prefer the kinds of plots you see in Japanese high school dramas than the stuff they used to put in the high school shows that were out when I 'was' in high school. lol. It's less sordid and more hijinx and fun. I like to rewatch things that make me smile around this time of year normally anyway (end of semester in 2 weeks, trying to get all my students passing by May 15th! Lots of grading and grumbling to myself). Other example: Watching old episodes of Phineas and Ferb today because I need background noise and energy cause I'm rearranging my entire office today!
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