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  1. Love those 'aha' moments in reading books! Mmmm....tomatoes and basil. Make some fresh mozzarella and put them all together. This is my week to proctor State Testing (because for some reason this is not cancelled again this year). Today was pretty good (for standardized testing). I do enjoy getting to see my students outside of formal class time. My knowledge of geek culture once again made me temporarily popular with students. And it's really nice to put faces and personalities to names (since I teach virtually I almost only know my kids by their writing and voices. This year
  2. What a great way to save the lemon juice, Ryrin! I love a good lemonade. Though I'm sorry for all the stinging! I hope the rest of your play run went well, JamesBrown! That sounds like an awesome production. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are mostly still working on house projects on the new place. All the custom bookshelving is in, and the two old dressers I use to store craft supplies have been refurbished and repainting to match the house interior so they look like they go. We are starting to contemplate the yard projects now that the weather is nice. But April is nuts at work (State Testing for studen
  3. I agree, my mother is amazing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She was also telecommuting for almost all of it (my folks moved from California to DC in 1978... and then to Oklahoma in 2002. My Mom worked from home with a computer and phone -and business internal 'IM chat' way before the rest of us- the entire time after they moved). I learned 'all' about how to work full time at a salary job, and raise kids while home, from her. It's funny but almost all the programmers I know in her age range are women. I keep running into them. I know she worked with men and had male coworkers, but it seemed much more even-handed w
  4. Welcome, Azshaya! That's cool! My sibling is in cyber-security. My mother wrote systems and system analysis software for telecommunications companies from 1972 until she retired a couple of years ago, so different field, but we all come by our tech savvy from family. Of course she tells me lately she's been coding some new projects of her own just for the fun of it because she enjoys it. I'm a high school English teacher (virtual for over 6 years now because the school I'm teaching for is virtual, and loving not having a commute, or having to discipline kids in the classroom. It's
  5. That painting is adorable Ryrin! I love the colors. We are finally getting some longer sunny days and it's making me consider what I want to try to do to our yard this first year in the new house. I know I can't do 'all' the landscaping at once, but I want to start making it mine.
  6. I have one of those for my computer desk (since that is where I spend most of my time) and love it. Even in Oklahoma in the winter there isn't enough sunlight (because it still goes down ridiculously early and isn't up nearly long enough).
  7. Hello! Hope you are feeling better. Yay vaccine! I've gotten my first, and my 2nd is scheduled for the 26th. Wow, I am impressed the water heater lasted that long before dying, but that is totally a mess. It is spring break here. Such a relief for my son and I. We did a mother-son day at the zoo yesterday (my husband still had to work) and just enjoyed the fact that we had one day of really nice weather. My kittens turn 1 this week so we had a party for them combined with this evening's festivities. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Congratulations to him! 60s is only cold here in the fall, when it's no longer summer and 90-110. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the spring it's warm. The historical fiction/history books are on the built-ins that came with the house. We are building more shelving this weekend to hold the rest of the collection: my professional books, old textbooks, modern literature, mystery novels, Manga and Comics, and all of my children's and YA novels (I still have books I was given as a child and while I don't mind loaning them out, I just love them too much to let them go).
  9. Well, in good news, everything finally melted (we got above Freezing starting last Friday), and now we're expecting it to be in the 70s and Sunny today! Took a nice long walk with my son yesterday afternoon in the lovely low-60s weather. It felt so warm after all the 0 to -14 we had during the storms. Hopefully things can dry out a bit now. We also managed to get through with our power and water intact and no pipes broken on our property. Thought I would share with you our latest 'getting moved into the new house' project. The first set of library shelves! Naturally this is the sc
  10. Glad to hear someone isn't dealing with this mess! Southern Arizona sounds lovely right now.
  11. Thought I would check in since I don't know how many of us are affected by the crazy weather (but it's most of the country so I assume a few of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Soo... how is everyone? So far we've gotten about 10 inches of snow over both storms (no ice thankfully), and other than one planned rolling blackout (OK and TX do NOT have infrastructure designed for multiple days of sub-zero, and nothing is built for it because this is not weather that normally shows up down here) to keep the grid from having major 'real' outtages, we've had power and water remain on at our house so far. Though the city has
  12. (Taking this from a 'which would I rather deal with' perspective ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cause ugh!) - White Cloaks Blacksmith or Tavern Keeper?
  13. Thanks! I hope it will turn out as well on paper as it's forming up in my head, though I expect it will take quite a while to complete. Especially since we are still unpacking from the move (and doing many house projects. More bookshelves getting painted and put up this weekend in the library!).
  14. Thank you, Lily! As you might recall, this past year (May, and November) we lost two other cats in-house (due to the medical issues that come with advanced old age), our pair of 18 year old sisters (their brother who lives with a friend and we raised also passed). I was not prepared to lose another furry family member anytime soon. I am now planning an ambitious art project in honor of all of our pets who are gone on. There is a series of panels above our kitchen on a wall that scream 'divided canvas' and are about the perfect size for a long illuminated mural (Being about a foot wide, a
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