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  1. G O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A R I N No: S, Y, V, W, Z
  2. G O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A R I N No: S, Y, V, W
  3. G O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A R I N No: S, Y, V
  4. A little bit, but not too bad. He's not ready to grow up, but I know he's going to enjoy having a little more control over his course selections as he finishes his requirements. Oklahoma allows Students to take two years of Foreign Language 'or' two years of Computer/Tech Courses for "language" requirement. So this year he's going to be learning 2-D Animation and how to build websites from scratch using HTML the old fashioned way. For his art credit he's taking Digital Photography!
  5. G O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A R I N No: S, Y (R is already on there)
  6. Oy Lily, that's an early IEP meeting! I guess that was the only time the parents were available? Hooray for your AC being fixed! 💜 That sounds like an awesome day at the lake, Ryrin! Today was first day back of the school year and it was insane! (Good, but insane). I am currently covering extra sections of 10th grade on top of all of the 11th and AP Lang and Comp kids, because we are in the process of hiring an additional English teacher (due to growth, and one of our English teachers changing positions and becoming our second Counselor because our 'one' has been swamped trying to do everything on her own). They already have someone in mind, but have to finish all the hiring process work. Hoping they get the new person in quickly. The rest of the department is covering the classes, but it's been a bit of a scramble. 🙂 It'll be a great situation once we get them in though (because the 2nd Counselor makes everyone's jobs easier too). Fortunately my son's first day as a HS Freshman was mellower than my teacher day.
  7. G O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A R I N No: S, Y
  8. _ O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A R I N No: S, Y
  9. Oregon sounds amazing! After a week, our AC is replaced and working! We had to replace the entire exterior condenser unit, but now my house is chilly, and we have beautiful thunderstorms.
  10. _ O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A R I N No: S
  11. That sounds fun! I took a stained-glass one evening project class for the first time a couple of months ago. I learned how great it goes when your materials are cooperating 'and' what it's like when your metals have unanticipated alloys and 'nothing will remain fused together.' It turned out okay in the end though. 🙂
  12. _ O L D E N / L I O N / T A _ A _ I N No: S
  13. _ O L D E N / L _ O N / T A _ A _ _ N No: S
  14. _ O L _ E N / L _ O N / T A _ A _ _ N No: S
  15. Oh, I would 'love' a typical Scottish summer. I'm glad it's cooled off for you! We have Oklahoma summer. It's actually been "unseasonably cool" the past few days (IE it's only broken 100 Fahrenheit with the Heat Index instead of on the mercury). Which wouldn't be so bad, except our air conditioner has died, and it's going to be several days before we get a replacement. It's so hot the fur on my cats is curling! Thankfully we have tile floors on concrete slab, so the floors are a little bit cool and the animals are sprawled out across them like living throw rugs. We're getting creative and building swamp coolers tonight! Also broke out every fan in the house and are praying that we get the thunderstorms they're predicting. Might bring things down into the 70s overnight at least. Thankfully we have plenty of cold water (and tea) in the refrigerator. The plan for this weekend is 'sit tight and try and keep things from getting hotter.' 🙂
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