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  1. Gustatory Delights

    Mmm, that looks delicious! I co-feastocratted Coronation feast last weekend. Pictured are three of the dishes we made. Others were made, but they were made by people other than myself and LadyLiliana (my fellow Kinster who also lives in our SCA Province). The Khatchapuri is a Russian/Eastern European bread stuffed with 2lbs of Meunster cheese (and cilantro to taste. It mostly just tastes like tons of green cheese!). People get in knife fights over this one. The Schi is a beef-sausage and cabbage stew. The Cucumber Sour Cream Salad includes hard boiled eggs and a white wine-vinegar and mustard egg dressing that is delightful cold (and was served with a lovely spicey pork sirloin that also had a cherry-rosemary sauce.)
  2. April Hangman: Flowers

  3. April Hangman: Flowers

    I (i)
  4. April Hangman: Flowers

  5. April Hangman: Flowers

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  7. April Hangman: Flowers

  8. April Chitter Chatter

    Sounds nice! I spent most of the week giving State Tests (and my son had to take his) so it was not relaxing. Though I spent most of last night (and will finish tonight) making khatchapuri and some other dishes for Ansteorra Coronation Feast tomorrow.
  9. April Hangman: Flowers

  10. April Hangman: Flowers

  11. April Hangman: Flowers

  12. April Chitter Chatter

    It is! Hopefully it also means we'll get a resolution that works sooner. In the meantime, had a lovely evening at the touring production of The Sound of Music. Really great performance!
  13. April Hangman: Flowers

  14. April Hangman: Flowers

    I (i)
  15. April Hangman: Flowers