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  1. Thom's Harp Mat's Horses or Perrin's Horses? ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Mmmm, I love clam chowder! I don't think I could physically 'do' all of the baking in one evening. Not given all the baking we did. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also the sheer number of loads of dishes involved just take a little time between batches. But I do love a good baking binge! Between now and New Years I'm making a wedding cake for my best friend, so there will be more baking on Monday!
  3. That looks delicious, Ryrin! We are 'almost' done with the insanity that is making holiday food. In the past four days I've made bialys, apple streusel pie, pecan pie, sweet potato casserole (NO marshmallows involved), torta rustica (spinach-and-cheese pie), oreo cheesecake rolls (this morning's breakfast, new recipe I was trying), goat cheese scrambled eggs, bacon (normal bacon).... and then Christmas Eve Dinner (which is always finger foods that don't require complex 'anything', so cheese board, summer sausage, fresh berries and chopped veggies, and cocktail shrimp. ๐Ÿ™‚ ). There are only
  4. Yes, they were lots of fun to make, and to deliver! I hope they got your power fixed quickly, Ryrin. That all sounds delicious, Lily! I've not had 'apple' zucchini bread before. That sounds amazing.
  5. Dug photos off my phone! Gingerbread (well, Spiced Molasses Cookies with extra flour, Very similar, but softer)... in Game of Thrones (discovered the cutters require much deeper dough than normal ones so some turned out, others it was a little shallow). Followed by classic Peanut Butter, and the Peppermint Snowballs. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. They're a shortbread dough with a filling made from cream cheese, powdered sugar, and crushed peppermint. Then rolled in more of the peppermint/powdered sugar. I ended up with MUCH More filling than it took to fill them too. So now I need to figure out what else I want to make with a cup of peppermint sugar cream cheese! I look forward to seeing your photos! I need to make sure to get some of mine up to share.
  7. I am familiar with haystacks, but I've never made them. They are tasty though. Have a great time baking with your friend! ๐Ÿ™‚ This year I made spiced molasses cookies (so, gingerbread but it doesn't break your face and is chewy and the recipe I use is very old so it's got a nice kick with the spices: and I did roll it out and I used my Game of Thrones cookie cutters on it because all of my friends are also geeky fantasy nuts and I knew they'd appreciate fantasy heraldry cookies). Then I made peanut butter cookies (classic recipe from my grandmother - full of shortening and peanut butter and
  8. Just to give this thing closure: The answer is Xoloitzcuintli (also known as the Xolo dog or... more generically the 'Mexican Hairless.')
  9. Sledding Fireplace Glow or Twinkling Holiday Lights?
  10. My favorite thing about the holidays is the overwhelming spirit of love and togetherness my family exudes (no matter which group of family or friends, or which holiday is being celebrated, since that group includes a wide variety of faiths and belief systems ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I also love decorations and baking delicious foods that have special history in our family. This year, since we are doing our holidays at distance (to protect the many at-risk people we love), I am planning to do cookie door step drop-offs to many of our friends in the area. While we just moved here, we have friends here we hav
  11. Italian food (Though this is a hard choice) Polish Food or Korean Food?
  12. Tissue sitting in a chair or sitting on the floor?
  13. Thank you! We finally got internet last night. So I am back to work today (of course we have MAP testing for my high school students the day I first get back so I have been proctoring all day long).
  14. We did it. We moved! The past eight days have been a mass of frantic loading the Uhaul, and unloading the Uhaul (from the house, from storage....our stuff ended up in three different places while trying to get it out), and dealing with our Buyer's even more apparently incompetent realtor (honestly we thought she was maybe just new and really uptight, but she turned out to be really awful - the realtor, not the buyer). Closing on the house we sold was easy on our part, then dramatic as the Buyer showed up $660.00 dollars short on her part of her downpayment and there was a multi-hour mess while
  15. fresh water fishing (sitting in a canoe with my Dad under the moon in the early morning on a mountain lake is still one of my favorite memories) Baked Pies or Fried Pies?
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