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    Fantasy, Science Fiction, Films, Writing, Art, Music, Theatre, Horseback Riding, Cooking, and many other varied interests. ;)

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I have been a WoT fan since 1994, an avid reader, and this has been a long time favorite series! I love it for the amazing world, and especially the development of wonderfully complex and endearing characters.

I teach English professionally, do website design, and am an artist, and an avid actress, singer, Mom, and crafter of all things wordy. 

I am a member of this most wonderful group (The Society for Creative Anachronism... SCA for short. Medieval Re-creation and chock full of wonderful people. I have not been at all surprised to find more than a few of them (from all over the world) on these boards!) So I am also a long-established bard, herald, and illuminor.

RANDom Factoids!

'Sa Souvraya Niende Misain Ye' appeared on my Senior Page in my High School yearbook.

I wrote piles of Wheel of Time fan fiction in the mid-90s that shall never see the light of internet (mostly because they were written on paper, with a pencil, and are now quite faded, and being written between books 6 and 7 are also now utterly obsolete. ;) ) hough my friends and I had a lot of fun free-form roleplay (we all liked improv acting) Wheel of Time characters.

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