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  1. When I was a kid, you used to be able to get chocolate covered bugs as a snack (actual bugs.... ants...crickets). I don't remember where my friend's father bought them (also...possibly Europe), but they tasted just fine. I don't think I would eat a bug that tastes like juicyfruit (assuming we're talking about the gum). Mostly cause I can't stand gum. lol. But I'm game on anything that's just cooked crunchy protein. The recipe I'm using for the oyster-and-lobster pies is documented from a tavern in Colonial Williamsburg (and also looks delicious). Nothing wrong with Commoner fair. 😉 That said, since they still cook the foods at the taverns using period recipes, I've never tasted anything there I didn't like either.
  2. Tea Kitty whiskers or kitty toe beans ?
  3. Italian Cinnamon Rolls or French Toast?
  4. We are hosting a Friendsgiving at my house this year! I am excited because I have wanted to do this for a very long time, but the majority of years we go have Thanksgiving with family (whom I love, but that means a lot of driving, and planning a dog sitter, and we do that basically every year). So this is something new and we're going to have a wonderful, relaxed, laid-back holiday! I also get to pick the MENU!!! So we are having Venison, and Lobster-and-Oyster Pies (I have a Colonial Williamsburg cookbook full of their tavern foods. This one was apparently very popular), as well as having a Turkey (which will be marinated for 'days' in orange juice and stuffed with fruit so it comes out 'drippingly' juicy). We've got lots of other things planned too, but I am particularly excited to finally get to have my venison and seafood! (They 'did' have them at the 'first' Thanksgiving. They had so many better things than some of what we eat today, oy). And I love historical cooking. All of our friends coming are also making their own favorite recipes for some of the sides and stuffing and such. 🙂
  5. G H O _ T / _ H E E T / _ O _ T U M E No: A, F, I (i) , L, N
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