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  2. It started not-quite-frozen raining here last evening and is still raining this morning. My backyard is a small chilly lake but it hasn't swapped over to snow so I think it's just gonna keep being rain. All weekend. It is warming this morning than it was at the high point yesterday afternoon (which is to say it is 37 this morning. The high yesterday was 33).
  3. So was there a C or not? You don't have a 'No' list. (Trying to clarify! 🙂 )
  4. Thank you! It was a lovely day while it lasted. 🙂 I'd be happy if we could drive to snow easily, but it takes about 10 hours to get to the Rockies from here. I suppose I could just drive to Kansas or Nebraska but I don't really have anywhere to go or close friends to stay with in those areas far enough north to hit the snow. That said, it went back up into the 50s today and all melted as expected. It's early in the winter yet, maybe we'll get more before Spring. Though 'not' on days I have to travel would be ideal.
  5. Thanks! Of course, it's already mostly melted, but it was nice to have it while it lasted. I wish we got more regular winter snow around here. I grew up in Northern Virginia, and so we always got at least one really 'good' winter snow. Sometimes two or three. 🙂 Out here it almost always stays north of us, or far west.
  6. Totally safe! The worst of the storm line formed up East of our town and mostly passed South and East of us. And I apparently missed last night's earthquake! lol. We don't feel them at my house when they come from the north-west because of the way they travel across the valley (we are on a hill/ridge East of town). We do have a beautiful little coat of snow today! I woke my son in his bed with a snowball boop to the nose. Then his best friend came over and they've been playing Video Games all day. I just finished watching Ansteorra's Crown Tourney via FB live stream (SCA... gotta love not having to drive in this weather to Texas when I can't make it). A friend won Crown, so very happy about that. 🙂
  7. So today we are currently under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, a Tornado Watch 'and' a Winter Storm Watch! The Flood watches are off to the East and South...where the tornado 'warnings' currently are. The snow is supposed to come in tonight right on the heels of the thunderstorms and tornadoes. Oh, and 'yesterday afternoon' we were under a Fire Weather Watch. Plains weather is fascinating. If I'd been a pioneer I would NEVER have stayed here.
  8. G E T T I N G / R I _ / O _ / _ _ U T T E RNo: A
  9. G E T T I N G / R I _ / O _ / _ _ _ T T E RNo: A
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