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  1. Online would certainly be my first choice (I am biased though, since we've been online for 5 years, going into number 6), though which program they are using definitely effects the experience. I hope whatever you have works out well with your kids. 🙂 Being art teacher sounds like a great idea! I bet the kids on the street would enjoy it.
  2. That mum is beautiful, Arie! I look forward to seeing your painting, Ryrin! I painted a wall cream, does that count? 😉 It's nothing special, but it's well and properly done. Most of my current art is painting kingdom pre-print award scrolls. I will delve back into original works 'after' we get moved and I can get my full studio set up again! Really hoping when we find a new place it has good spaces for art.
  3. What is the plan they're offering Arie?
  4. Okay I admit I have trouble reading some of the baby Yoda expressions. None of them seem as busy and frantic as I have been the past couple of days. 😉 Maybe Baby Yoda 6? The world makes me want to sigh a lot lately. Realtor is coming next week so we can finally get the paperwork done and get the house up on the market, so I've been scrambling to get it ready. Stuffing as much stuff as I can into boxes to make the house less cluttered (and putting it in storage so moving is less chaotic when we have to get out of here. But we are running out of space in storage pretty fast right now). We have also completely replaced a staircase, and painted a lot of walls to nice warm neutral cream for 'sell it fast' purposes. The kittens have a mild case of ringworm, so we are on round two (week 3 of six in the rotation) of kitten medication and being required to stay in their room (which is my bedroom....so we have been decontaminating it every night with Clorox wipes and a black-light flashlight to look for fungal spores). So far none of my adult cats (or the dogs) seem to have picked it up. They aren't allowed to mingle with the babies right now, which sucks because our youngest adult cat is willing to let them play with him, so they think he is the best thing ever, and I can't let them touch right now. The dogs also think the kittens are the most adorable things ever. The kittens have gotten over the shock of the existence of dogs. I'm doing research on virtual field trips and what places in the state might be semi-safe to try social distant outdoor field trips with our students (at any point between now and next May), because I am supposed to train all of our teachers on the new field trip coordinating plan on the 28th when we go back (meetings will be virtual of course), and that means I need to offer them ideas and options that are feasible. 🙂 Our students deserve a good year even if they don't get to physically 'go' a lot of places. My son the introvert is still pretty okay with us almost never going anywhere as long as he gets to chat with his best friend sometimes. Right now said friend is allowed to come over once a week because he lives out in the middle of nowhere, doesn't interact with many people, and is willing to wear a mask the entire time he is over and they social distance well. Unfortunately, if he has to go back into the actual high school building this fall to do lessons, he will probably not be allowed over for a while.
  5. R _ _ D E _ I _ _ / R I D G E _ _ _ _ No: L
  6. 2 weeks until the realtor comes out to look at our house so we can figure out what to list it for and get it on the market. Spending all of my "Summer vacation" from teaching working on the house. Getting closer! Kittens are settling in well. The other animals either don't care that they are here, or think they're the best thing ever. Except the one fussy diva cat who doesn't really 'like' anyone but is learning to live peaceably with animals, which she refused to do at her last home (we brought that one home 6 months ago, and she's 6 years old). The kittens being in our bedroom means they have taken over "her" space. 😉
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