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  1. The S was already there. _ O R S E S _ O E No: T, A, M, N, I (i) , L, D You asked for H H O R S E S H O E :)
  2. Outlander! - We're on Episode 5 of Season 1 (my husband and I. The boy is not old enough for this show yet. 😉 ).
  3. Can it be both? Mostly thriving to be honest. I already teach for an online public school. My son attends said online public school. So this is our 5th year doing full time productivity from home. My husband has done 'some' work from home over the past couple of years, so him coming to full time from-home is not a huge adjustment as a household. (Just for him, because he's the only extrovert and he's going a bit stir crazy even with work). Most of my social circles have jumped on finding virtual ways of meeting up to talk, and I've managed to talk to people I almost never see more in the past two months than I do when we meet up in person. That said I'd rather have my packed weekend schedule of SCA events that I normally have in April instead of 'everything is cancelled or postponed.' Completed two large long-term SCA scribal commissions while school was closed. Then when they reopened us on Monday (again, we're 100% virtual so it was the state catching up with who can do what), I caught up on all my grading. School 'really' kicks in Monday, and then it will be business as usual out of necessity for the next 6 weeks until the end of the semester. We've been doing a lot of cooking: old faves and new experiments. I've made Challah, (We had so much corned beef and cabbage we are STILL eating cabbage...which has amazingly not gone bad yet. Our refrigerator is amazing), green curry split-pea soup (new experiment, my recipe), black-eyed peas with ham and onions (slowcooked), and a variety of other things: mostly vegetable and meat dishes in bulk without heavy sauces, so pretty healthy all things considered. Though I'm probably making cookies tomorrow. I have some butter that's going to expire that I need to use. 🙂 Stressed out about everything going on in the world - yes. Worried? Yes. Cleaning everything that comes into my house like it's covered it cat litter - YES. But so far we are all healthy and I intend to keep us that way. So we're spending family time watching movies, playing games together, chilling with the pets, cooking, and generally doing okay for now.
  4. Avengers: Endgame (as of five minutes ago. 😉 Been rewatching the whole run with my son and husband). On Netflix: Rewatching Voltron (good work background). Watched the new Violet Evergarden special this morning.
  5. _ O _ S E S _ O E No: T, A, M, N, I (i) , L
  6. Congrats! So glad you're close to done! Holding up okay so far. Shelter in place order in our area now so not going out or doing much unless it's in the house. Which is okay for me and my son, since we normally work/school out of the house (Yay online public school) already. We're used to this. My husband thankfully can work from home, but the extrovert who 'likes' commuting to his office and being around people all day is going a little bonkers.
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