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  1. Yes this is ebasically what I mean (maybe I haven't explained myself in the right way, but I'm not english/american, so I justify myself 😉 ) What we can see, in public (after 8 books) is that a warder normally doesn't want to contradict his Aes Sedai. In private, as you say, well, it's another story, even if I think the last word is always from the AS.
  2. I'm not a Warder, but this is the path I would like to follow here on DM, so this is a very interesting topic 🙂 In WoT I put at first place combat skills, because of course without them he can be a friend, a help, a lover, anything else you want but not a Warder. He also has to be 100 % loyal to his Aes Sedai and follow her without asking. A Warder never asks his Aes Sedai why she does something and he really doesn't care if she is with Elaida's White Tower or the Rebel, if she is for the Dragon Roborn or against the Dragon Reborn. His Aes Sedai knows what she does, the Warder
  3. As you know, my view is only at book 8. Right now, is impossible to understand what the Dark one really is. Also nobody seems to know what he really wants and what he is planning, vene his closest follower. Sometimes seems also that what the Good side is doing, in a misterious way is going to follow his schemes, or at least, he is ready to turn things to his advantage.
  4. Ok, yu are going to think I'm a bad person and maybe you are right but... The dark one! Why? Simple reason, without him the story doesn't exist. No Dark One? So no Dragon Reborn, no Forsaken, no problems with men who can channell, no anything... can the good exist without the evil? Philosophical question indee and don't worry I'm not going on with that 😉 Oh ok, I still have to read half the books, so, maybe I will give another answer in future! A less crazy one 😉
  5. Wel, I would have liked a sword to hold, but this is very close to my idea of Warder!
  6. Time to do something here! [Blue Ajah] --[Who is in charge: Hayl3y is First Selector] --[Focus: Fandom. Blue Ajah is the place to discuss about books, stories, games, movies and visitors are also encouraged to share their personal fandom. Following WoT Blue Ajah ideas, this group is also interested in arguments about our modern society. ] --[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #1https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107218-blues-fantasy-lounge/page/9/] --[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #2https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/109079-what-makes-a-f
  7. Absolutely Windranger, I think you are going to have all the time to read these books at least 2 times before the TV series comes to the end of the story 😉
  8. Greetings Mother Elgee and once again thank you to be my mentor during this adventure at The White Tower and Warders. I’m new here on Dragonmount and I’m also almost new with WoT, considering that I have begun my first book about one years ago. Now I’m in the middle of the stories with a Crown of Swords, so I will keep my eyes open not to fall into too many spoilers around here! About my class: 1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do? They are expected to be part of a social community who follows the Aes Sedai’s philosophy to be “servant of all” a
  9. Greetings. I have read, understood and abide by all the rules. I have filled the form. I'm taking a walk around Tar Valon waiting to enter the White Tower and, with the help of the Light, to begin my path to become a warder.
  10. Of course, I have noticed about the club and I think I'm going to be very soon around there 🙂
  11. Ciao Elgee, io tutto bene grazie e tu? About favourite chars and groups, I think I have been really influenced by the fact that my first book wasn't The eye of the world. My first has been New spring, so I have a special consideration for Moiraine Damodred. I like the Aes Sedai world, with intrigues, schemes, betrayals, and I'm always interested in the political part of WoT. About people and nations, I think the Aiel are my top choiche
  12. Hi Aman and thank you for your welcome! Just to reply to your question I'm reading WoT in English. I could find those books in my mother language too (I'm Italian) but after reading Abercrombie's The first law i think is much better when you can read a book in the original language it has been written. Translations, always loose something, in my opinion.
  13. ...but is a beginning! Even if it's only my beginning here on Dragonmount. For many years I have been afraid to start my adventure with The Wheel of time, 14 books is huge mountain! Well, one year ago I have finally decided and I have begun my first book. Last week I have finished "A crown of swords" so I think I'm doing well by now. This week I have also discovered this place and... let's try a new beginning! p.s. English is not my mother tongue, so forgive me when I make mistakes 😉
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