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  1. I’m here. It’s been a struggle at my house for a while. I am reading pretty steadily. Swimming almost daily at my gym’s outdoor heated pool. I’ve been baking some banana bread. I’m doing pumpkin bread soon. I have one friend that I’m seeing and she’s coming to dinner tomorrow. I need to get back to finishing my painting of a cat.
  2. My older son is now engaged to an Asian woman! They plan to get married next year. I can tell you that she is not traditional in her relationship with my son. They share household duties. She’s a professional and educated working woman. I believe she will be traditional in many ways in the raising of children. They will do well in school. Lol. I see her leading there. She’s also very close to her family. I really enjoyed her parents.
  3. My youngest son, at age 23, has been hired as a full time Fire Lt. It’s believed he’s the youngest Lt. in California. He was working for EMS and had planned to move in with friends. He did and I had dinner at his house on Wed!
  4. Low 60’s is cold!!! I love your library! What other sections are you going to have? I think it’s a great idea to be prepared. I’ve heard of go-bags and I’m thinking of getting one together. We usually have gallons of drinking water. We have a dehydrator and are making jerky. We usually eat it too fast!
  5. A flying fish. I absolutely love the water and to also be able to glide over the surface would just be heaven.
  6. We are unaffected here in California. James is effected pretty severely. Hope he checks in here too.
  7. Moiraine Paden Fain or White Cloaks?
  8. Lol, a snow day even though everyone is at home. Was it one of those robo calls?
  9. How is everyone doing? It was freezing here last night. I’ve been reading a lot plus cleaning and trying to get organized. We are supposed to get lots of rain starting tomorrow which is a good thing.
  10. I hope you feel better soon. I’m really interested in this class. They didn’t have anything like it when I went to school. Lol,
  11. I would like my goal to be 27 and I will incorporate some of the new suggestions. 1. Miriam’s Kitchen Elizabeth Ehrlich
  12. Thinking of gratitude today. Family, friends, dogs, birds, cats, a home, My husband has a good job, I’m retired, and have access to an outdoor heated pool and spa at my gym. What are you grateful for?
  13. Always Tuon Cenn Buie or Abell Cauthon?
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