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  1. Will the winner of the last Feb Hangman please start anew here.
  2. March Hangman: St. Patrick's Day

    Yes, and I had some. Your turn.
  3. IWW - Dancing floor

    I just love this video/music.
  4. IWW - Small Steps to Progress

    I think the #metoo thing just really made people aware that it's close to all of us. Of course, there are multiple issues and not all of us have suffered the extreme, but most of us have suffered something, it seems to me.

    Is anyone in the pub?
  6. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    My kids were very picky. Grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese were favorites as well as pizza and peanut butter waffles. Oh, they liked breast nuggets. Lol, usually not on the healthy diet. Both were premature and had trouble with textures. The occupational therapist worked with my youngest.
  7. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    Hey, all!! I'm happy to see both old and new members here. What's been going on with you?
  8. March Hangman: St. Patrick's Day

    _ o r n e d _ e e _ No A, i, T. S
  9. Soo

    Great!! Buying a car this weekend and seeing a play but I'll get to it. Excited!
  10. #1. My favorite flowers are carnations. Roses and tulips are my others.
  11. I would agree with that. More of their identity and purpose is tied up in building and creating but unlike the Tinkers, they will fight strongly as a last resort.
  12. I have to admit, I was surprised by their fierceness in battle. How do you think the Ogier will be portrayed in the TV series?
  13. 1. Roses are my favorite flowers. 2. I love fried chicken. 3. My favorite BBQ sauce is Cattlemen's Carolina Tangy Gold.
  14. Happy Birthday, Millon!

  15. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    Strange, because there is infant Ibuprofen, but only for over 6 months. It comes in drops. I'm happy the Tylenol works!
  16. March Hangman: St. Patrick's Day

    _ o r _ e _ _ e e _ No A, i, T. S
  17. Hello

    Welcomer to DM! Please come visit us in the social groups, just know that you will be unable to view all of the boards until you are a member.
  18. IWW - Small Steps to Progress

    I have lived and worked in areas where there are a lot of Hispanic farm workers and their families. I have encouraged girls/women to pursue education, seek out financial aid, and give a hand to those behind them.
  19. Highlights and Lowlights of the Past Year

    The things that concerns me greatly, are women in poverty stricken countries, women subjected to rape and other abuse, and women who lack opportunities for education and growth. #metoo
  20. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    Good news on the class. Those teeth. I used Ibuprofen but some moms don't want to do that.
  21. Soo

    Hey, are you interested? I can work on it this weekend and get everybody up to date, plus request access to private boards. This made me happy.
  22. March Hangman: St. Patrick's Day

    Distracted by car drama. _ _ r _ e _ _ e e _ No A or i
  23. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    Well, that sounds like fun. Are you teaching a class?
  24. I just like the Ogier all around. Their innate nature appears peaceful. What do you think about their ability to make sung wood and stonework?