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    February Hangman: Weather Observations

    You got it!!!!!!
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    February Hangman: Weather Observations

    _ _ n d a n d h a _ l  
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    February Hangman: Weather Observations

    _ _ n _ a n _ h a _ l  No: C R S
  4. This is my favorite. I'll be back!
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    be my anti-valentine

    @Cross May you get no sweets this Valentine's & may insomnia visit you. Ry
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    February Hangman: Weather Observations

    _ _ _ _ a _ _ h a _ _ No: C R
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    Lost One is here

    Welcome to Dragonmount!!
  8. US weather: Record low temperatures ‘threaten 110 million Americans’ with risk of hypothermia 'in a matter of minutes' The extreme cold and record-breaking temperatures are blasting a swathe of states spanning from North Dakota to Missouri and into Ohio after a powerful snowstorm pounded the region earlier this week. The Midwest is getting hit by a powerful polar vortex and people are feeling a blistering wind chill around Chicago. Schools are closed, hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled and parts of the region could be colder than the Arctic Circle. In Minnesota, blustery weather could mean wind chills that could approach 70 below. Minnesota's Xcel Energy says equipment failures on power poles is leading to outages throughout the Twin Cities Tuesday evening, which started at about 5:40 p.m., CBS Minnesota reports. More than 7,300 people are still without power in the Twin Cities metro area.
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    Lol. Welcome, Bryce Ryrin Captain General of the Green Ajah If you would like to get started in the White Tower and Warders (we all start as initiates), you would start here: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/60639-wtwarders-101-all-please-read-especially-new-returning-members/
  10. I hope everyone is snug and warm in the states and Canada.
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    January Hangman: New Year's Resolutions/Traditions

    Internet was down. I’ll get one up today.
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    The Blade's End Tavern

    Like James, we tend to celebrate before or after due to the crowded conditions. We we had a class at my synagogue that night, so we exchanged gifts and had a short dinner out on the way.
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    January Hangman: New Year's Resolutions/Traditions

    I have a migraine today. I’ll get it up tomorrow.