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  1. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    Well, that sounds like fun. Are teaching a class?
  2. I just like the Ogier all around. Their innate nature appears peaceful. What do you think about their ability to make sung wood and stonework?
  3. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    No leisure time? How did he sleep?
  4. March Chitter Chatter (2018)

    Did you guys do anything special for St. Patrick's Day?
  5. Gustatory Delights

    I went to a friend's home today and had the traditional foods! Yum!!
  6. March Hangman: St. Patrick's Day

    It's been longer than a bit. Sorry. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  7. On my phone, I have to sign in each time even though I checked the box to keep me logged on.
  8. I meant there would be no further stories if the dark had one had won the last battle. I think the Ogier were needed for that. All were needed.
  9. March Hangman: St. Patrick's Day

    Ok. I’ll get one up in a bit.
  10. Great point, Cindy! However, the very world was at stake, so they were needed to fight or there would have been no further stories to tell.
  11. I think their ability to be gentle and thoughtful, along with their ability to be fierce and courageous in battle.
  12. Gustatory Delights

    I made this a while ago and got really good reviews. Apple Noodle Kugel.
  13. Gustatory Delights

    I'll find it!