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    Originally from Canada, now in the UK. Always happy to talk to people and make new friends so feel free to drop me a message :).

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  1. *looks around to see if anyone else is still around before heading over to the Green Ajah Hall *
  2. Correct Basel! Sorry I was not around guys as I've been travelling in the US and have not had computer access. However you all did fantastically well and I thank you guys for playing the game! You really guessed some very challenging flags so you should be very proud ! Hope you enjoyed the closing ceremony!
  3. Hard to pick one though, parents/grandparents from other countries, and currently living in the UK!
  4. Too much Eurovision. Pretty sure that one is in the Eurovision too. Can't remember though. Former Yugoslavia or Soviet.. it's one of those states. Ha ha ha all so clear now Not quite...
  5. A most beautiful flag for a most beautiful place, even if they do not approve! :nods:
  6. Oh they have been tough! I just knew people would get them so I've dug deep so far
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