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  1. Hi Ryrin, Sorry for the delay. She is on disability but her company is dropping her from their insurance coverage. She is trying to get on Medicaid but is sight-impaired and hasn't been provided the assistance she should have access to in order to complete the forms. She spends most of her day on the phone with various agencies so I know there are a lot of resources she has exhausted. She has just posted a new video with more details about her situation. She could really use all and any help anyone has to offer. Thanks guys. https://www.gofundme.com/PleaseHelpJanet
  2. Hi friends. I don’t really do charity runs or challenges but I have a cause that could really use your help. I met my friend Janet about 14 years ago while playing Diablo II with an online community (The Amazon Basin). We became quick friends, but after a short time Janet fell ill. During these many years, I have witnessed Janet endure many hardships regarding both her health and personal life, overcoming obstacle after obstacle with unwavering spirit and determination. However, her health has continued to deteriorate and while she continues to fight, she’s at the point where she desperately needs our help. Janet recently found out that her former employer has changed the terms of their health insurance coverage and that she would no longer be covered. Living on disability pay alone, Janet was already struggling to pay rent, groceries, and medical expenses. Now she faces impending eviction and is not able to afford her medication. So I’m asking you for any help or support you could contribute to help Janet live. You can find more details and donate on her GoFundMe campaign here. Alternatively, if you are unable to donate, please share with this post or link with others who might be able to offer help. Finally, you can always leave a message of support on the campaign or on this Facebook page; she would love to read them! Here is a short video she made describing some of the struggles she is facing: Thanks for reading and thanks for any help in advance.
  3. ReleaseTheEvil - Ren Disc Leader/Der Manshima (I totally tried to sign in for October today but was too late ha ha)
  4. ReleaseTheEvil - Ren'Shai - Der'Manshima Will try to watch as much as I can, even if Canada is much better at Winter Olympics than Summer Who voted that they are participating? An Olympian among us?!
  5. Nah it isn't clinical, so it's all research based. Looking to stay in the UK for now. Pretty sure I will submit this week Umm in terms of speciality, different things. Digital Interventions, Cognitive Training, Imaging (fMRI), health psychology. So at least there's quite a bit to apply to. But feeling better, will submit this PhD and keep at it. Got some good feedback from last job I interviewed for, even if I didn't get it. Namely, someone more senior with a bit more relevant experience applied, and that's pretty much it ha ha. But got a paper published last week so that will help a lot . Yea definitely! Kind of wish I did a Bachelors where you have a profession after it (Teacher, Engineer, etc.) but doing what I really enjoy so can't complain too much Yea Music seems really interesting in that respect! Seems people need to be extra entrepreneurial And you guys are nuts, I'm looking forward to summer, or British summer which isn't quite the same And yes he really is adorable Oh cool! Can you briefly describe the plot? Ha ha, hot summer? Hello! Although wish there were more of us visitors
  6. Ha ha ha we keep them coming. So handsome Well, a psychologist. Least after I hand this in and defend. Eh. It's alright. Resilience is key. But it's such a pain. Everyone pushes you to go to university and get as educated as you can but the truth of it is, even after a PhD you still need to struggle to find a job like anyone else. Mind you, not the case for everyone as depends on your field, but I don't think its so unreasonable to think that after all this time someone could say "hey, good work, he's a job". They take on way more PhDs than they have research jobs for once they are done, so it's tricky.
  7. Awww he is so very adorable. And definitely 10% mischievous devil, I can definitely tell Moving is exciting! Albeit sometimes a bit of a pain! Hope it goes smoothly for you, going back to the old office sounds great! Yes definitely love the expression on her face ha ha
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