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  1. Where is everyone Sorry for the hold-up... Maybe anyone who posts the right answer next?
  2. Hello everyone! Sorry for the slightly tardy post! But here is the July activity. I will make three statements. One is a lie, the other two are true. You must try to guess which statement is the lie. Only one guess per "round" per person. The person who gets the correct answer goes next (by providing three statements). This is a popular game in Shayol Ghul. I'll start. 1) I had a pet dog. 2) I had a pet cat. 3) I had a pet fish.
  3. Do not mind at all, welcome! Sorry for the delay. As Ed said, Ren'Shai are "active" but there's not many of us around. Which means you'd make a fine contribution to the team if you decide to go down this path As you can see from some of the more recent posts in this thread, we are traditionally big on Sports, Military, Martial Arts but are (am?) also big fans of games (board and video), tv, movies, etc. What kind of things interest you? How has your time been so far in the White Tower?
  4. Oh don't worry! You certainly don't need to be in all the things the Ren try to represent or encompass, we all contribute our own parts and interests. Love the term country strong, those are some amazing workouts! Winter sports are the best (but I'm Canadian so I'm totally biased). Ahhh hope you find time for video games again but I understand! I only experienced real tough games when I was younger luckily, as I have enough trouble being motivated to finish easy, new games as is I just got two new 2p board games actually! Love board games but have more of them than I actually get around to playing. But really, that doesn't mean I need less games, just more time! So what sports/activities do you participate in now? Ahhh I've never joined a book club, that would be nice. I used to read all the time but now I find other things often take up my time first and books aren't my first choice anymore. I have also started audio books which are more practical than when I used to walk around and try to read at the same time (but I guess that is what everyone does with their phones nowadays anyhow!)
  5. Meeeeeee. I run the place So RTE (can I call you that?), who else is a part of the rens? I'd like to know a little more about what you guys do here. Well to be honest, I'm mostly the only active Ren who's around these parts. There is also Thorkin and Al Jenn Mael (whom I've never really met) but they don't poke their head in Ren bits too often I think. Buuuut that means that if you choose the Ren, you can have a guiding hand and make a huge contribution to the disc's leadership and direction. We are traditionally big on Sports, Military, Martial Arts but are (am?) also big fans of games (board and video), tv, movies, you name it! And always keen for putting on games and events! Hey, given that "they" is mostly "me", I can confirm this is not the case
  6. Hey sounds like you're trying to steal my thread!
  7. Can I just say this is by FAR the most active and successful thread I've posted in A WHILE?! MAYBE EVER!? Amazing. I still need to give this thread and its posts the proper response they deserve but thank you all so much for sharing with us ! I also need to get a pic of my awesome new cake I had this year in here
  8. No this month will be much quieter compared to last. Maybe secure my next job?
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