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    Originally from Canada, now in the UK. Always happy to talk to people and make new friends so feel free to drop me a message :).
  1. Where is everyone Sorry for the hold-up... Maybe anyone who posts the right answer next?
  2. Hello everyone! Sorry for the slightly tardy post! But here is the July activity. I will make three statements. One is a lie, the other two are true. You must try to guess which statement is the lie. Only one guess per "round" per person. The person who gets the correct answer goes next (by providing three statements). This is a popular game in Shayol Ghul. I'll start. 1) I had a pet dog. 2) I had a pet cat. 3) I had a pet fish.
  3. Do not mind at all, welcome! Sorry for the delay. As Ed said, Ren'Shai are "active" but there's not many of us around. Which means you'd make a fine contribution to the team if you decide to go down this path As you can see from some of the more recent posts in this thread, we are traditionally big on Sports, Military, Martial Arts but are (am?) also big fans of games (board and video), tv, movies, etc. What kind of things interest you? How has your time been so far in the White Tower?
  4. Sorry guys. Been out of the game too long. Would have tried to find someone to check balance had I not felt I would need everyone and anyone possible to get to 10. We were getting a lot of pressure to start ASAP too but not an excuse. Will look for advice next time. The running worst possible scenario suggestion from shad is a great one. Can't wait for part three Darthe. Ithi I remember you as tree stump. Had this game gone longer and was a lot bigger Shad might have rivalled you for best tree stump play.
  5. Setup: Town: LZM: Watcher - Fool Shad: Tree Stump - Mystic Niniel: Cop - Knight Killashandra: Innocent Child Turin: Vigilante - Rogue Dice: Doctor - Doctor Mafia: Darthe: Ninja - Assassin Nyn: Role Blocker - Queen Dawn: Godfather - King Third Party: Marsh: Survivor - Mistress I was responsible for the set-up so appreciate any constructive criticism or being yelled at ha ha. It was built on flavour and balance, maybe moreso the former. I've been out of mafia for a while and it may have showed in my modding but hope you guys enjoyed it. We did besides the ending!
  6. Vote Count: Darthe (1): Marsh LedZepman (1): Dawn Dawn (1): Darthe Not voting: Turin, Killa, Oscar, LZM With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lynch. Countdown will be added to Ley's next VC
  7. Vote Count: Darthe (1): Marsh LedZepman (1): Dawn Dawn (1): Darthe Not voting: Turin, Killa, Oscar, LZM Countdown will be added to Ley's next VC
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