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  1. Ive lost my old Jay Lenlo avi and I am now sad

  2. I work as a tutor now! :D

  3. Almost on 4 years now... wow

  4. Mmm... No one likes you Plato.

  5. 1) What is your opinion currently or previously on dating? Im not that big a fan of the "Go out every week somewhere on a date" kinda style. If we really like each other than it doesnt matter where we are or what were doing, we both enjoy doing it together. If one wants to go to a movie why not go with? If someone wants to go out to eat, lets go together. The occasional special nights of going to a fancy restaurant or doing something different are of course amazing, but they are amazing because they are irregular. Im currently abit jaded on this though, since my last dating experience didnt end well. 2) What is the best date you've ever been on? We werent serious at the time, but it turned into a date. A bunch of friends decided it would be fun to go to a movie together but eventually for one reason or another everyone but myself and a friend canceled so it ended up just being the two of us. We decided we might as well go see the movie anyway because we already had tickets. Afterwords went and got some dinner. Even though it wasnt really planned to be just the two of us it ended up being one of the best times I remember spending with them.
  6. Welcome to DM! While yeah its alot of books, atleast you wont have to wait for each one to come out like Game of Thrones since its finished! I recommend you poke around the Social Groups, as they are alot of fun and alot of people like to hang around in them. As Daruya said though, be careful of the discussions sections. Lots of talking and lots of spoilers in there.
  7. Welcome to DM Siege! Tis a fun but silly place. Awesome! Look forward to seeing you around. Check out the Wolfkin some time if you can, were one of the Social Groups but one of the fun ones. :P
  8. Hey Jenny! Welcome to DM! Band is pretty fun, I poke my head in there sometimes just to say hi so I recommend it. Glad your here and hope to see you around!
  9. Well welcome to DM! Cant wait for you to finish, I personally quite liked the last couple of books.
  10. Lenlo - Der'Manshima - Me'A Born, raised and still live in Texas. Even with occasional trips to the country mostly grew up in cities.
  11. Lenlo, Der'Manshima, Me'Areath. And I gotta side with Fnorrl. Dudes virtually my boss.
  12. Holy Mathimatics Batman! Polynomial Regression is difficult. Programming it moreso.

  13. Running a Pathfinder game now

  14. Guess whos baaaaaack?!

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