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  1. It stops being a thought crime when you vocalize it. By your logic, speaking death threats to someone is a thought crime because they havn't actually done anything yet. They are just talking.
  2. Lenlo

    political meme's & lolz

    Is it his fault the fires popped up? No, thats ridiculous. Is his blaming Calinfornia for not properly handling the fires, when most of the fires started on land supposedly under Federal jurisdiction a shitty move? Yes, it is. Thats where I land on it. Its not his fault, but he could have done more and he is blaming people who aren't at fault and threatening to make the situation worse.
  3. Lenlo

    political meme's & lolz

    You realize that the offset to alot of those tax breaks is often not worth whatever the company brings in, atleast to the citizens? Look at Seattle, they HATE Amazon. Its ruined their housing market, along with a number of other things
  4. Lenlo

    UK in EU referendum (Brexit)

    So, I disagree with Brexit as a whole, but my goodness this is the most polite and savage "Screw you" I have ever listened to in Politics.
  5. Lenlo

    Fix Congress

    Something might actually get done then.
  6. Lenlo

    Fix Congress

    Agree to disagree then. I do not believe introducing more variables, more overhead, more salaried career politicians on taxpayer dime, is a good idea. I don't even like how much we pay Congressman now!
  7. Lenlo

    Fix Congress

    Except im not advocating dictators. I am advocating not increasing the number of people in an already unwieldy system.
  8. Lenlo

    Fix Congress

    And Parliament has made so many good decisions and is such a great example of an efficiently run government. Personally, I think we could do with less. We don't need this many people just whining at each other. Every person you add is an exponential increase in BS.
  9. Its just a bunch of bread and clown emoji's. Dang Nolder, you broke everyone with the most basic of responses
  10. You give me proof its election fraud and I will be behind you 100%. Seeing as you only care about fraud and influencing elections when it goes against you though, I have a hard time jumping on your boat without evidence.
  11. I guarantee you I can find videos of people burning Obama in effigy, but seeing as you agreed people were acting like children, I don't think its necessary. Point is, people need to grow up.
  12. And the people who acted like that need to grow up and stop acting like children. Besides, you can't tell me similar protests didn't occur when Obama was elected. There are children masquerading as adults on both sides.
  13. I mean... the Dems have to respect the results if it stays for Republicans. The Dems have to accept the results for Trump in 2016, even though Trump got less votes. They have to accept the results and rulings of Kavenough now that he is appointed. So yeah, you're not special and this isn't a unique position. Grow up?