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  1. Big Tech Monopolies

    Then youtube should either remove their videos as well or reinstate Crowlers (Assuming those people dont have badges allowing them to film). Consistency is key here. If the video was removed by SXSW for not being an approved video-taker, then they need to enforce is consistently. If the video was removed because of youtube guidelines they need to explain/demonstrate what guidelines were broken, or reinstate the video. Like, I agree with you Nolder, im just not up for a Witchhunt.
  2. Big Tech Monopolies

    It has everything to do with attendees? It means only press with tags can record
  3. Big Tech Monopolies

    Pretty clearly states that with no press tag, he wasnt allowed to record.
  4. Big Tech Monopolies

    I read the first link? https://www.sxsw.com/press/photo-video-policies/ Specifically: Photography and Videography is permitted at SXSW events only with press credentials and a camera tag provided by the SXSW Press Department. By accepting press credentials and a camera tag, you agree to the terms detailed in this Photo and Video Policy. Registered Press and Camera Tags Only SXSW accredited press are eligible to receive a camera tag. To obtain camera tags, bring your camera to the Press table in the Registration area of the Austin Convention Center. The camera tag must be affixed to your camera AT ALL TIMES. Under no circumstances are tripods, lights and elaborate set ups permitted in any SXSW venue hallways. Press credentials and photographer/videographer camera tags are issued at the discretion of SXSW and can be revoked at any time if SXSW determines they are misused. Videography In order to protect SXSW and the rights of artists and speakers, including but not limited to copyrights and rights of publicity, videography for news coverage, reviews and interviews is permitted and restricted as follows: Permitted Videography: SXSW Conference: During first five (5) minutes of any session Tripod video recording from the back or sides of rooms for first five (5) minutes of any session No filming or photography may impede the ingress or egress of a room SXSW Music Festival: During three (3) songs of any one artist’s set, only with prior approval from SXSW Upon request by SXSW, it will be your sole responsibility to obtain and supply to SXSW written permission from artist management. SXSW Film Festival Q&As and Introductions: Filming from your seat at Film Festival venues is allowed except at the Paramount and Stateside Theatres. Restricted Activities: Your SXSW press credentials and camera tag will NOT allow you to audio or video webcast, broadcast or otherwise transmit, retransmit or copy in any form any SXSW artist performance, conference programming, or Film Q&A longer than :45 continuous seconds. No board feeds will be allowed during the SXSW Conference, and will not be allowed without prior consent from SXSW during the Music Festival Video recording of any kind is not allowed at the Paramount or Stateside Theatres without prior approval from the SXSW Film Publicity Department. Any and all video will not be permitted in either theater without prior approval.
  5. Big Tech Monopolies

    While I dont appreciate the attitude, then that settles it. Subject matter or audience aside, they were not allowed to film. That is the end of the discussion. Everything else is irrelevant.
  6. Big Tech Monopolies

    Its never to soon Nolder. Thats the secret 9/11 was 17 years ago by god, so im gonna make jokes about it.
  7. Big Tech Monopolies

    *shrug* Letter of the law is all that matters. Thats the thing about comedy though, nothing is off limits. If Louis CK can make jokes about rape and racism, let Crowder do it for the gender. Its not a big deal. Its comedy. If you dont like it ignore, just like most people do with Louis CK. The only difference between them that I can see is A) Louis CK does it at his own shows, not invading other peoples events and B) He is much bigger, so harder to actually touch. While I agree what he did was rude, I do agree with him that gender spectrums are kind of ridiculous. Im just indifferent in that I dont care if other people believe its not. As far as youtube goes, if SXSW ToS says he is allowed to film, then they shouldnt be able to take down the video. Up until the intern was kicked out he was allowed to be there and was, presumably, allowed to film. Thats all it comes down to. Was he allowed to film the event Y/N? If (Y) { Youtube shouldnt take down the video } else { Youtube is in the right taking down the video. } Thats it. Thats the end of the discussion for me.
  8. Big Tech Monopolies

    Not really. If the intern got a ticket, hes allowed to be there. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.
  9. Big Tech Monopolies

    Not really true on the last bit Nolder. If its in their ToS, or any attendee agreements, they can rightfully have the video taken down at any time as the content of the panels/their event is theirs. Also, youtube is a private site, so really they could have something taken down for any reason without legal repercussions most likely.
  10. Big Tech Monopolies

    Exactly. I am fine with things not being acceptable in pleasant company. The issue comes up when its ok for some people to say it in pleasant company but not for other people to say it. If its ok for a woman to say C***, but not a man in the same company, thats unacceptable. Same for the N-word and black/white people, or as your most recent example trans jokes and cis/trans people. Either everyone can say it or no one can. Stop gating language based on physical features. Isn't equality regardless of physical attributes something you have been gunning for for awhile? Which means it is also possible that Chowder was completely within his right to record and upload the footage and that SXSW doesnt care if their event is uploaded.
  11. Big Tech Monopolies

    Yeah and owning those words is equally ridiculous. If its ok for them to make jokes about it, its ok for everyone to in my books. Either its all ok or none of it is, none of this straddling the line selective BS.
  12. Big Tech Monopolies

    Thats just ridiculous. Thats like saying only black people can say the N word, which is equally stupid. As for privacy, not really. At events like SXSW or PAX or any con really, recording panels and such has always been perfectly fine. It is assumed by being there that you consent to being filmed. Wouldnt be surprised if it was in the ToS for attending.
  13. Russia probe

    I was thinking less the killing and more the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats and Russias less than pleasant response to that. Also probe isnt over yet, plenty of Russians have been indicted and its become 100% clear there was indeed meddling in the election but as of now it is (publicly atleast because there havnt been any statements issued on it) believed that it was independent of Trumps campaign.
  14. Big Tech Monopolies

    My understand of the 3 strike system was this. 1st) You always get a strike for this kind of thing, so thats not unique to him. 2nd) Its 3 strikes in a 3 month period. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802032?hl=en
  15. Russia probe

    So not sure where else to put this but... Russia. UK. Sanctions. Boy, lots of people getting angry at Russia. WW3 anybody? Cold War mk2?