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  1. Ive been hearing more about Andrew Yang lately. Seems to be the only guy concerned about and planning for the inevitable automation of our industries and what that will do to our job market. Pretty cool.
  2. Cant watch video. In a public setting. But this is the comedian who commented on the count dankula case and gave the judges a lot of crap for the rulings isn't it? About context not mattering? If so, then yeah it's pretty stupid. Both the count dankula ruling and this one
  3. I read the article. Based on last election cycle though, the "will of the people" means very little to the DNC. They will pick the candidate they want and back them hard. Suppose we will have to wait and see who the DNC shills this year. Right now, I dont trust anyone in the DNC.
  4. Well, assuming the DNC doesnt rig an election against him again, he has the best brand recognition of anyone who has announced so far. He's also the best candidate to go up against Trump to announce so far, even if the odds of beating a sitting President are against him.
  5. Was he not smart enough to make it, or knew it wouldn't be funny?
  6. I just don't like that Trump is lying to the American people about a potential enemy. I don't want war with them, but I also don't see any reason to lie about NK's position side from making himself and his party look better going into the 2020 elections. Basically, its a sleezy thing to do. As far as preemptive strikes, if we could guarantee Kim/Terrorists in Iran with a precision strike, I don't see why not. Its just a matter of "Can we ensure this works", risk vs reward. I don't know all the details for either of course, but assuming it was a good ratio, I would say go for it. I hold no love for either country or their leadership. So your not going to catch me out here with hypocritical views based on the country in question.
  7. Alright... how is any of this unique to them? Why is their opinion invalided by these points but Trumps is not? What expertise does he have that isn't invalidated by bias? Fact is, everyone other than Trump is saying NK is still working on nukes and is hiding them. Even if they had only 1/10th the credibility Trump does, which they have far more based on Trumps consistent ability to lie through his teeth, the sheer volume of reports disagreeing with him indicates that not all is right there. Like, you try to invalidate our own intelligence agencies here, but are you forgetting thats where Trump should be getting his info to? How is Trump, a man who has 0 qualifications for inspecting another country for this or for foreign policy, more qualified than the intelligence agencies he is supposed to be getting his information from?
  8. Im not arguing that what Trump is doing, his rhetoric, isn't effective. It clearly is. Its just dishonest. Thats the crux. He can be persuasive and still be dishonest, still be lying.
  9. So... am I supposed to believe our own intelligence agencies and global governing bodies or am I supposed to believe our President, who gets his information from our own intelligence agencies and who has a habit of ignoring his own intelligence agencies to make up his own facts and numbers?
  10. I find his push that we are supposedly doing better and better with NK, despite numerous UN and Domestic agencies saying otherwise. Like... Is it A) He is lying again, B) He knows something we dont and EVERYONE ELSE is wrong, or C) He doesn't actually know what going on and is just making stuff up? I ask because he says we are well on our way to a de-nuclearized NK, yet loads of almost monthly reports from the UN and other agencies say otherwise and that NK is just moving them to more secure and spread out locations
  11. If trump said "1 million illegals" and it was say, "1.2 million", fine. Its a better sound bite, its relatively accurate. Thats not a big deal. Im not expecting exact science here. When Trump is an order of magnitude off on his numbers though? Thats the issue. The disconnect here is you don't care about numbers. I do.
  12. Wow. 15 suspected terrorists compared to the 3,755 he claimed. Looks like he lied. And that compares to illegal immigration how? Less and less people are illegally crossing the border. The number is going down. Foreign born people mean nothing as a statistic about illegal immigration when that also includes all of the people who are here legally. Except Obama didn't quote numbers and lie about stats. Its not. His own agencies send out tweets after basically every speech correcting his numbers. Its not Trumps fault that, as the President of the United States, he doesn't fact check his speechs or addresses before he makes them? If I hand in an essay with incorrect information, its my fault. Why should it be any different for him? How about, if you don't have accurate stats on hand you either A) Ask one of your aids for them, since thats their job, or B) just don't include them instead of making them up. I don't think holding our President to the standard of "Ask your advisors" is unreasonable.
  13. Except Obama isn't making up facts. Saying there are no white or black, red or blue states isnt lying about facts, straight up. In every red state, there are democratic voters. In every blue stater, there are republican voters. In every state, there are white or black or yellow or whatever color you want, people. None of that was a lie. In that sense, he is correct, there are no red or blue or white or black states. Compared that to Trumps "Terrorists are coming through the border" or "illegal immigration costs us 275 billion a year" or "people are flooding our country". All of thoses are lies about numerical facts. Obama isn't lying about numerical facts, he is making a personal, subjective point, that we are all Americans and not to let artificial boundaries divide us. Trump is making up unsupported numbers and claiming things are true that factually are not. He isn't trying to be subjective, nor is he trying to give his opinion on something. He is spouting lies as if they are expert supported fact. That is the difference. The moment you start applying numbers and values to things and claiming %'s as ways to justify your policies, your not speaking to some greater truth. Your lying your ass off to support a preconceived idea.
  14. Theres no confusion. I just think your deluding yourself and letting yourself down. Your expectations are so low that you don't care what they do or say so long as it gets you what you want.
  15. If you facts are wrong, you are by definition lying, because you are speaking falsehoods. It doesnt matter what your greater point it, if you build a house out of a poor base, it will collapse. This attitude you have towards speech and announcements, that facts dont matter so long as he says something I agree with, is a problem.
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