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  1. My issue with increasing congress to that size is A) Nothing gets done in there as is and B) I dont want to pay 46 million more dollars a year to those vipers, not including whatever insurances, lifetime pensions, healthcare and security details they get. I already thinks its ridiculous they get paid during the shutdown, completely, while government employees are forced to work without pay.
  2. Stats, most likely. Indication that some Gerrymandering has occurred in more local elections possibly. How the population is split vs how individual states are split since the larger a state your in, the less your individual vote matters. For me personally, the ridiculousness of the Electoral College. Loads of things probably. Im not a statistician, so I wouldn't know the specifics.
  3. I dont think there is a single democrat in existance you wouldn't vote for against a Republican, so thats a moot point
  4. I still think you underestimate how weak the Dem options are and how much pull a sitting president has. If he wants to run, I predict he will win https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popular_vote_(United_States_presidential_election) Whether its used to elect the president or not, it still exists and is a useful term.
  5. Lenlo

    political meme's & lolz

    Yeah more video evidence I saw the more it became clear those protesters initiated that conflict. Its all on them from what I have seen.
  6. Its ok Nolder, embrace the accent. Good game btw. Love it. As for not having a chance, as much as I think Trump will win, 2016 was a very close race. He didn't win by a landslide. He lost the popular vote actually, meaning if that was spread out just a little differently, he would have lost. Also, sidenote, Electoral College is still terrible.
  7. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    That is not unique to the Right, but ok.
  8. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    Then your arguing at cross purposes and will never come to an understanding. Your arguing under 2 different assumptions and I don't see the point in you continuing this.
  9. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    From his constant usage of the term, I think Nolder us arguing it isnt a genetic condition but a mental illness. And so its not the same.
  10. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    Considering its like... 15 grand per person, its still a good sum. The little things add up. Though I hesitate to apply "little" to 6 digit figures. Also stupidly expensive.
  11. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    I dont really have a problem with it. Like AJ said it doesnt ban trans people and I dont think the military should have to pay for or assist paying for their reassignment surgeries. Military already spends to much money, doing this will lessen that a bit. Anything the military did to avoid spending this would have been labeled as a "transgender ban" to, so I cant really take the name seriously.
  12. Lenlo

    Conspiracy Theories.

    For Anti-Vaxxers, assuming 100% wrong, I have to say no, they shouldn't be able to do what they do. It would fall under child endangerment and and also seriously impacts public health, bringing preventable and otherwise completely eradicated diseases back into play.
  13. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    Because from what I saw, they failed to link to it, leaving you to assume the poll exists in the first place, and if you cant find it, then thats your fault. Meanwhile they will link to a poll from last year. I did look up the poll though and while the 50% number is interesting, his overall approval in it is down (which they fail to mention) as is Republicans in Congress. I also think 1000 people is a bit small of a sample size, but I cant really judge that, I havn't done the math on what a good sample size is. tl;dr, I looked up the poll, Brietbart didnt BS anything this time. Few more years of not sensationalizing BS and maybe they can be considered a legitimate news source.
  14. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    It's definitely the second one. And dont worry, we've played mafia together. You know I have a thicker skin than that. Also, I'm movable on Religion, though I dont think you would like my alternatives to the really light "keep it the heck out of the government" 😛
  15. Lenlo

    Trump Presidency

    I said, if it was true its interesting. I am just predisposed not to trust Breitbart. I didnt say "This is outright wrong" or anything like that. I just dont trust them not to cherry pick their sources. If there is corroboration, then cool. Though I suppose my comment wasn't exactly clear on that huh? What I wrote makes it seem like outright dismissal I suppose. Also, personal bias mostly. It happens to everyone on different topics I am sure. The important thing is to be aware of it! Like me and generally being unmoving on religion. Or how I view you and the Wall. I will take the backhanded compliment though