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  1. Good thing I didnt say to fit them all into one debate. I said to cut down the field
  2. If you cant fit them all into a single debate, you have some problems. Field really needs to be cut down.
  3. To follow up, Alabama I believe it is, their new law would make it possible for a rape victim aborting their child from said rape to receive a longer prison sentence than the rapist. Good times Alabama. And people said Christian Sharia Law wasn't a thing.
  4. I would say if you think any given supreme court justice is ruling purely based on constitutionality, your naive.
  5. No, your right. Each state has their own rules for it (which is stupid for a presidential election imo, but whatever). I dunno what I was reading that made me think that. Im just an idiot I suppose.
  6. A drop from the ocean is a lot to a thirsty man. 3rd parties dont have that much money to start with. It also puts them on all national ballots automatically and makes them eligible for the big debates I believe.
  7. 5% isnt a magic number. Its the minimum required vote to be eligible, under FEC guidelines, for Public Funding in the next election. So calling it a magic number is disingenuous. There is a legitimate reason for it.
  8. Until they get 5% of the vote and get recognized as a full national party, they are useless. Theres is a minimum requirement here that they are not yet meeting.
  9. He cant though. The 12th Amendment says "no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States". Since he ran 2 terms, hes not eligible for presidency, so I think hes out for this one to. I also doubt he would ever want to.
  10. Im aware. I am taking pot shots at the 2016 DNC electoral process
  11. That doesnt have the labels, so a little confusing, but yeah. Everyone not in the green should probably drop out at this point cause the DNC has already proven how important money is to them. Gotta buy those votes!
  12. Considering it was Assanges cat, I doubt it.
  13. Ha! Its true. Personally I dont think age matters, beyond how it effects their policies. Just physical health. Sanders is old but I would wager he is more physically fit and healthy than Trump. He made a big point of pushing his doctors reports during his campaign in 2016.
  14. Its not a vote for Johnson until they actually get above that 5% line and become a viable 3rd party.
  15. Yeah Biden isn't the best option. Def not who I will be voting for.
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