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  1. Ive lost my old Jay Lenlo avi and I am now sad

  2. Mhmm. And there went 2 deaths N2 cause all NAS were shut down. So if there are 2 tonight, probable SK. Based on who they shoot we should try to find them or the last wolf. Eliminate one of the kills
  3. Aj, it's the vanilla of this game that are the real PRs, don't ya think?
  4. You only by Modclear. Zander is more town then AJ, but I dont believe any of us is the last conspirator. Cult maybe, but not conspirator. Not since D1
  5. Considering we resolved it peacefully to end the day on lunching Lili6? Yes
  6. Darthe your naming like half the game at this point. Yes, everyone needs looking into. It's a game with recruitment. We get it.
  7. Third one doooooown. Darthe are you saying I'm not town or what? Cause I've been on every single one of the wolf lynches, so there's no way I'm with them, which means your probably calling me cult. I would lynch Hally >> wifi >> Kat
  8. Aye captain my captain? As for giant, we talking like what... 5'4"? 5'5"?
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