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  1. Sounds like Truth to me, but the bit about fire throws me. Going for truth 🙂 Love a good riddle!
  2. Shoot. gotta work on sizing now...messed mine up somehow, but it is improved! 🙂
  3. What do you get if you leave a skeleton on a sunbed? Skele-Tan Why do vampires avoid Applebees on Tuesdays? It's stake night! What do ghosts give out to trick or treaters? Booberries Why do most monsters have low IQs? They were too ghoul for school Knock, knock - Who's there? Phillip. Phillip who? Phillip my bag with candy! Hey oh! Love the internet for some things haha Like leaving you all with funny, lame jokes 😉
  4. Why don't Mummies take time off? They're afraid to unwind What's an optimistic vampire's favorite drink? B-positive Why didn't the skeleton go to the dance? He had no body to go with Why are ghosts terrible liars? You can see right through them Where does a werewolf sit in the cinema? Anywhere he wants thank you, thank you! im here all night...googling goofy jokes haha
  5. I completely agree, I should be clearer. We can communicate in many ways (through eye contact, noises, scents, grooming, etc). I meant talking/writing/speech, but going a step further, I actually meant understanding. Watched the video, it looks incredible, but (playing devil's advocate here) I don't see two-way communication. I see memorization. The parrot is very intelligent, as I believe most creatures are. It memorizes what it's told. Repeats back the sound its told is associated with the object/question/words and appears to be thinking and communicating in near human speech. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with animals, more so than humans haha I find them incredibly intelligent, and we could learn a world of growth, in character and intelligence, from them. Where i'm coming from is, how do we know? Can we? Shouldn't we try to answer that, to the best of our ability? We certainly don't communicate with them, in their language (as we should). We make them "talk" like us and call them intelligent, but what do they think about that? About us? We can't talk to them or them to us, or more to the point, we can't understand each other's language.
  6. Among Us is hilarious, play it with my sons sometimes, til it ends in heartbreak haha. I play PC/Xbox here and there, but I am open to playing multiplayer stuff with folks. D&D every week or so (tonight included!) and lately, a lot of fun games here 🙂
  7. Yes, its supposed to be a gateway, but I couldn't figure how to change it to an oval. Doesn't need the outline, and I can keep working on it! I just thought I had to get something in quick cos we only have a few more days
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