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  1. i hope they do a decent job with battles. in all the movies i've seen, the depiction of warefare has been cringeworthy. there is no strategy, no tactics. no battle formations. if there are battle formations, they are used awfully. hollywood tactics all around. those books have a really good rendition of military strategy, and they are a key point of characterization for many, including main characters like mat and elayne. i would be really, really disappointed if they bungle those
  2. actually, sevanna managed to marry the previous two clan chiefs before bullying her way into a wise one. she did that after she got the authority to speak for the chief. mind you, i don't expect her to amount to much. most likely, if she ever manages to succeed in marrying a noblemen, hers will be just one more suppressed uprising in the seanchan empire.
  3. the last we see of sevanna, she had been captured by the seanchan and about to be made da'covale. indeed, the seanchan seem to consider that a punishment worse than death for the (formerly) powerful. this got me thinking. sevanna is young and pretty, so she will likely be made a shea dancer or something like that. pretty da'covale are bought by the blood to be used as eye candy, but sometimes the blood marries them. and sevanna based her whole modus operandi on marrying powerful men and exploiting their power. So, how likely would you rate that, within a few years, she'd be back in a position of power and making troubles again?
  4. just a minor curiosity in KoD 22, when there is the seafolk assembly, they are holding it atop one of the great seanchan ships stolen during the escape from ebou dar. it is described as very big and with balconies. there are also regular chairs, not the usual stuff attached to the ship. those things point to a luxury cruise ship designed for a noble patron. and maybe there are more similarities in the descriptions that i missed. is there any confirmation that the ship is indeed the victory of kidron that tuon used in WH 14?
  5. from the context, i believe elayne=elaida, or perhaps leane. they were talking about the strongest aes seday, and both of them rank at the top tier. i seem to recall that rafe stated that he wanted to address poliamory, but don't ask me for a source. anyway, i doubt she'll be cut as rand's lover. then again, if min is lesbian and elayne is bisexual and elayne takes rand and min together while rand takes elayne and aviendha, it would still be poliamory. and even more complicated. but i don't expect anything big there. i'm surprised nobody mentioned cutting the prologue. personally i think it's a good decision as it confuses first time viewers, but brandon may disagree.
  6. elayne. not for physical appearence, but because most others are disqualified by their personality. nynaeve will yell at you for no reason, sometimes get violent. Aviendha may pull out weapons. Egwene will be bossy and will always treat you as lesser. Any aes sedai will use you for her (generally pointless) schemes. The forsaken, of course, don't even deserve consideration. i don't care how physically attractive lanfear is, if i was to beat her with a baseball bat, i would wear rubber gloves, and would burn the bat and the gloves afterwards. and wash my hands. elayne is one of the very few people (of both gender) in the saga who does not try to take charge of everything, without knowing anything of the situation and without even trying. elayne often takes charge, because she has training and because she has a legal right, but she always listen to people, and she quickly defers to those with more experience - like when she goes adventuring with egwene and nynaeve she's the only one not fighting for control, because she realizes her experience in the palace is no good there. Also, she is sweet and she has a tendency to form strong friendships, to the point that she built herself a sort of family; this give her a lot of cuteness points. The only other women in there whom i do not find unattractive based on personality are min and leane. While leane's genuine liking for attention is sexy, ultimately for me she cannot compete with elayne's cuteness points
  7. Well, there's no way they can afford to make 1 season per book and two books per season would be most realistic. But eye of the world + new spring would indeed count as two books.
  8. i lurked for a while hoping to find timely updates on the tv show production, but i saw this and i must try to clear this misunderstanding. robert jordan used a lot of real world mythology as inspiration for names, among other things. the idea is that the world of the wheel of time is both a distant past and a distant future of our world, and some of our myths are those stories twisted by time and retelling until they were unrecognizable. for example, the dark one's name is shai'tan, which is the name of the devil according to islam - itself derived from the satan of christian/judaic tradition. rand al'thor is meant to evoke both the thor of nordic mythology, and king arthur, while perrin comes from the ancient slavic god perun, that was incorporated in christian tradition as saint elyas; there is an elyas who will be important for perrin. and there are several points of contact between those characters and the mythological characters who influenced their names. the trolloc are troll-orcs. there are long essays showing points of contact between the characters and places of the wheel of time and mythology from all around the world, from the monotheistic religions to ancient nordic mythology, to induism, the cycle of king arthur, and many others. those are intentional. so, if you are afraid that the wheel of time is a book on demonology filled with subliminal messages to worship the devil, that's utterly ridiculous. and by the way, subliminal messages don't work that way. some things, though, are intentionally meant to evoke things from real world mythologym, or hystory. that said, is emond/demon and jehannah/gehenna a relevant connection? the names may be partially inspired, certainly, but there is no further connection. emond field has nothing to do with demons, except maybe the trollocs that come to attack it, and jehannah isn't ever even seen throughout the whole 14 books.
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