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  1. i really can't tell if he has a mustache or if it is a play of the shadow in the image. if it is not a mustache, perhaps they thought the image would not fit with a younger thom. from the material I've seen so far, I got the impression that they put enough care into details, and that when they changed stuff they generally had good reasons. I'll wait and see the overall effect
  2. i always imagined thom as between 50 and 60. older than that, he would be much less believable. aside from that, making a character 10 years younger is not a big deal, not as much as 20 years younger. I don't see what was wrong with the patched cloak, though. it was just a mark of trade.
  3. the new image of the whitecloacks has the sunburn on the shoulder visible. i also like that the hem of their cloth is dirty, there's no way you can keep that pristine white on the field. in the other shot we get of them, they were clean; perhaps they just rested in a city and they had a chance to do laundry, while here they've been on the move for a while. we also get the scene of rand arriving to emond field with his wounded father, and this pairs with one scene on the bts showing a door bursting which is most likely the attack of winternight. this time rand put his father on bela instead of making a litter and carrying it himself, but it's not an important change; i assume they've done it because it's faster to show this way. all in all, the size of the show and the attention to details is very reassuring. the only fear i have is that game of thrones was equally well funded and staffed, and it still turned bad in the later seasons.
  4. they ARE wearing armor. If you see underneath the tabard, it is bulging with the shape of armor. the second guy from the left, look at his shoulders, if that's not a breastplate underneath the tabard I don't know what it is. And the guy in the front, his left arm with all the laminar segments. Either they are wearing armor under the clothes, or they have a very good imitation. Now, armor is hot, and wearing cloth over the armor will be impractical, will make you tire faster during combat. that white must also be a nightmare to keep clean on the field. But the children of the ligth are known for being impractical, so I see nothing wrong there. the only thing missing is the golden sunburst on the chest, aside from that i can't think of any description they contradict
  5. i was going to mention it, but alsbeth luhhan is said to be even bigger than her husband. and a pot with a long handle is a pretty effective bludgeoning weapon. A solid blow on the head with one is going to take down any men, and probably even a horse. If they show that scene right, it won't cheaper the trollocs. Same goes for other examples of the villagers resisting; for example they could show someone skewering a trolloc on a pitchfork, or bringing out a longbow and pincushion a few. Even stabbing one with a kitchen knife would not make them harmless, as long as the trollocs still get to kill plenty of people. If they want to keep the focus on all three ta'veren, i expec they will add scenes of both perrin and mat fighting for their lives, in addition to rand on his farm. The main problem with trollocs not being seen as a legitimate threat is that all the main characters grow ridiculously powerful, fast
  6. the last poster released has a full view of a trolloc face. when i say they look good, that's my main reference. if we want to withold judgment about them moving, i can agree we haven't seen them move much except for small, split-second clips. if we want to talk about the feeling they evoke, that's highly subjective. I don't find them fearsome, but neither I did the lotr orcs. But fear is built more by reputation and deeds than by aspects. I wouldn't find a nazi brigade fearsome either, if I didn't knew what it represent and what it stands for.
  7. the big question is, why this site doesn't have a big news announcement about this clip, and the shadowspawn one? i was thinking the black is saidin, because saidin is black. the aes sedai symbol has saidar in white and saidin in black, after all. the taint is not supposed to be channeled, the taint is absorbed by the channeler but it does not come out in the flows, the flows wielded are pure. but then, this is a fine distinction to explain in a tv show. First reaction was "omg this is an unacceptable warping of the narrative", second reaction was "what does this actually change about the story?", and after a minute I couldn't find any definitive answer for why it's so bad, so I assume it's ok.
  8. yes, they are. that's how meetings in the hall went. well, normal meeting. there are the odd ones where something very unsettling is proposed and some aes sedai start vomiting...
  9. then again, they don't have to film stuff in the same order as they show it in the film. while it makes sense to focus on shooting specific episodes because you can use the sets and some of the actors will only be present for that part, they can still take 5 minutes of the clips filmed with logain and show them in episode 1. winternight is, like, chapter 6. you can't spend a whole episode without getting even this far, not unless you include significant stuff that in books comes later. Also, I don't think the public would want to spend a whole hour watching a bunch of farmer living their normal farming lives
  10. yes, that's why i liked the new design even though some are criticizing it. it conveys the right feelings. well, those trollocs look wonderful. even if the show was a complete failure, it would still give me a good, clear picture of how to imagine trollocs for the next reread
  11. I consider the poster a canonical source. And i don't see what else those weaves could be
  12. I had the same thought about the arrows flying in formation, but I accept it as the kind of stuff movies do. an acceptable break from reality, if you will. having the arrows fly more separately, and still all hitting the air shield and stopping or bouncing when they got there, would have worked equally well. but it's the kind of stuff fiction does to try and appear more spectacular. if i let that bother me, i would stop looking at fiction entirely I have also a similar beef with how we saw the power used in the teaser trailer; but it's a problem of how the power is represented, it doesn't have anything to do with the arrow scene. but there are posters where we see what look like threads, and they have different colors. this give me hope that we will get to see the power in its full glory from the eyes of channelers, in a few scenes at least.
  13. it's the first time we get to see a trolloc up close, i always reserved judgment on those because a few blurred pixels are not enough to judge anything, now i say: wow! I never could properly picture trollocs in my head, too complex to mix up so much stuff and get a coherent image. also, those multicolored threads give me hope that we can see the power in full color with the different elements. it was somewhat of a let down from the teaser trailer the scene clearly represents the burning of the trolloc bodies after the attack on emond field. It doesn't make too much sense for moiraine to drag bodies personally, we know she exhausted herself healing people. but they needed to stick her in the poster, she's the most famous actor in the cast
  14. what's wrong with the frozen arrows? the flying ax-man, I'm all for it, i already expressed criticism about it. but frozing the arrows mid-air? it's a perfectly established use of the power, and i saw nothing wrong with it. what am i missing?
  15. in the context of the first episode, when will that scene come? is it even a scene taken exactly? We've been told, more than one year ago, that the show would open with lan and moiraine along the road. This scene looks very much like an introduction to them, though, which brought me to think maybe this was the first scene in the episode. But this clearly makes no sense. rand and perrin talks about egwene's ceremony, and we see it on the teaser trailer. it would make little sense to show it in flashback, so we get the ceremony before this. And probably more scenes. But then, this scene makes no sense if they weren't introducing lan and moiraine as characters here. which makes me think they either changed their mind about the first scene, and will instead introduce them later. Or they added a bit more of extra emphasis on their reveal in the scene that got released.
  16. +1 here. I don't have an amazon subscription, i normally don't watch tv. now i will because i have a reason for it. If I won't like it, i will cancel
  17. yes, most likely related to logain. logain was ghealdanin, he conquered most of ghealdan. in the books we're not shown, but in the tv show his role will be expanded, and it is likely we'll see a battle with the regular army. and so having a small part for the king of ghealdan makes sense.
  18. that would be one more reason to watch it and get your friends to watch it too. when i saw dune a few weeks ago, and learned they will not make part 2 unless they have enough public, i started recommending it to all my acquaintances. I even took a guy named Leto as an opportunity to recommend it to my students.
  19. why not? yes, that introduction was a bit overdone, we can all agree on that. but besides it, i don't see any single problem with it. Here's a list of small details they got right ANd the list is impressive, i didn't even notice most of it. All those details they got right shows they care about the details, which buys them more leeway when they make changes. as for the rest, i can't judge the "feeling" in two minutes. and if the story is well made and well told, i may not care anyway.
  20. was the nazgul stare supposed to be terrifying? that part wasn't conveyed in the movie. yes, they did a good job of making them scary, but they were boss monster and undead horrors. it's much easier under those premises
  21. Dear old refuge in audacity. Nobody would believe it possible, if it hadn't happened multiple times in reality. The reason reality can be much more weird than fiction is that reality does not need to make sense to us. Mindblown! Could actually work, and be one of those little perks that you can do after changing stuff for other reasons. Not necessary for that scene, though; the kin reasoning for rejecting the claim of aes sedai is based on age, and it is very well believable. I have no problem accepting that scene. Unlike the scene of Moiraine walking in an inn with her ring, lan with his color changing cloak, and supposedly being incognito. that's a scene I'm glad they changed, and if they may overdone a bit the dramatic poses, it's still better than the original.
  22. YA is just a marketing tool. Mistborn is marketed as an adult book, but they decided to make a new edition, with a new cover - focusing more heavily on vin - and a new blurb - focusing more heavily on vin and her inner struggles - and market it as YA. It's literally the same book. Furthermore, it seems everyone has different ideas about it. For some it means "cheap high school romance", or "teenagers are heroes despite having no qualification for the job". For some it means "there's not enough sex and violence". but we debated the stuff about YA weeks ago, at length. I fear we are starting to argue back in circles. We got new material, we said what we had to say about it, now we're running out of arguments...
  23. but those few seconds where they're half naked is from the teaser, it could be from a later episode. do you guys specifically recognize the winespring inn there? i can't be sure.
  24. i don't see why marin would need to be a novice. aes sedai are famous everywhere. Their rings are distinctive. Is it such a stretch to assume that even people living in isolation would recognize the ring from the description? On the other hand, small tangent here, moiraine's ring has a blue stone, i assume after her ajah. If ajah rings are color coded, what about the rings given to accepted? and if accepted rings are different, it will impact the plot when egwene, elayne and nynaeve pass themselves for full aes sedai using their rings.
  25. i like the myrdraal mouth. yes, ok, i understand that it's not like in the book. and yes, i would have liked if they could have kept it the same. but! myrdraal are supposed to preject fear with their stare. how the hell do you convey that through a screen? No, just ominous music won't cut it, and you can only do the creepy atmosphere when the situation allows it. I can easily see the show trying this, and the public complaing it looks cheesy to have this stupid monster with ominous music every time it shows up. It could actually become a meme. Like frau blucher in frankenstein junior. Instead, they made its look more terrifying. I believe it was the right decision.
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