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  1. My bad, you're right. One idea I had was that the portal could appear to open from within itself. Starting at a singularity... and then the vines would start rushing out and encrusting the structure, widening the rift until it reached the pillars.
  2. Oh thank God... ...and thank you @Elder_Haman!
  3. Imagine this... the Waygate gets changed into an instant portal. No more Ways. Can you be 100% sure that it won't happen? I'm not.
  4. I'm surprised more people aren't concerned about the sword-fighting in the show. It was such a huge part of the books and important for the development of multiple characters (especially Rand). Per Rafe, there is a weapons expert developing styles for the different cultures, which to me does not match the books at all. In WoT, the sword forms basically constitute an extremely widespread martial art, with very little variation from culture to culture, a relic of the Age of Legends. Even across the ocean in Seanchan, they use the same sword forms, just with minor variations and different names. I'm concerned that we're going to lose this really interesting and unique part of the books in favor of generic Hollywood slashing/twirling. I was so excited to see the sword forms of the books come to life (by developing moves that make sense but are also inspired by the names/descriptions in the books) and see this as a major missed opportunity.
  5. Just stepping in here to say that I really appreciate that we can all discuss things like this respectfully and freely (and let's keep it that way!). Most criticism on Reddit gets downvoted to oblivion and brings out the pitchforks.
  6. His outfit takes away from the description of his character in the books. He may be a buff guy in real-life, but he completely disappears into that baggy costume and it makes him look tiny.
  7. I do know one thing, he was never described as wearing pajamas.
  8. LotR was overall, incredibly faithful to the descriptions of the visuals in the books. The production even hired the two major book illustrators as concept artists for the movies. I really don't see that here, and it bothers me immensely because it would be so easy to get right!
  9. I pictured the aspect ratio of the tower as more like Orthanc from LotR.
  10. To me, the city shot shows that they have at least a decent budget for CGI, which is good. However, it's very different from how it is described in the books, which is disappointing and part of an overall trend of not hewing too closely to the book descriptions of the visuals. It almost seems intentional at this point, and I have to wonder why.
  11. Don't count on many scenes with the Sea Folk, ship CGI is way more expensive than shirtless extras 🤣
  12. The only casting that really bothers me is Min. As i've said elsewhere, unless they change her character dramatically, the age gap between Kae and Josha is quite large for a show that might run for almost a decade. Reddit internet sleuthing found her to be 35-37 years old. Josha is 25-26. That 10 year gap is going to look like 20 by the end of the show. I just don't see it working very well over time, which leads me to believe that they might have nixed the romantic relationship with Rand or made it more of a fling for the early seasons. Also, I don't have as much of an issue with Lan as others, because I think the problem comes down to his costume, not as much his body type. His baggy warder pajamas hide everything and make him look tiny. I don't think it does him any favors.
  13. I think an "ageless look" could easily be achieved by casting older actresses and then cleverly applying makeup. Exhibit A: Most major Hollywood actresses over 40 lol
  14. Harry Potter is one of the most popular series of all time, and it's your typical Chosen One story.
  15. I was never surprised by Rand being the Dragon Reborn and it didn't come across to me as something that Robert Jordan was trying to convey in his writing. It was very obvious who the Dragon Reborn was, and the interesting part was seeing *Rand* discover it as a reader. Furthermore, I found Rand's chapters in the EotW the most riveting. Would I choose to lose all the interesting POV chapters in service of a "surprise twist" that Jordan never intended? No.
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