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  1. 1) It's not a sex scene. You don't see anything. I mean, I admit I'm a huge prude overall, but you did not see them having sex at all. Camera cut away. 2) You can in no way prove it was done 'for the sake of having a lesbian sex scene'. If it was done for titillation, you'd see a whole lot more...just like you did in GOT. 3) It adds to the complexity of the characters. The relationship is there in the books, but they only think about it. You can't show thoughts in a show, so if they showed just what was in the books, we would not know there was a close relationship between them anyway. What they showed is not only them talking about a relationship, but also seeing/empathaizing with the depth of their relationship, so we know not only that they are sacrificing everything for the Dragon, but what that 'everything' truly means tot hem. It scales the sacrifice up incredibly in a way the audience can see and empathize with. Only very hard-hearted people could not feel that sacrifice after what they showed. 4) You are assuming it's to check a box because it didn't 'land' with you. But it landed with many many other people. That means, even if you thought it was useless, it moved and proved the point to others, others likely more numerous than you.
  2. I didn't read all the articles, but it looks like they focused only on the movies that Pike has made, because Paltrow also primarily does movies. (Paltrow has no notable TV Series, just guest appearances). Therefore the framework of these articles is setting up 'movie star' vs. 'movie star'. As such, TV series are moot in the discussion....the TV series Pike has been in aren't relevant for setting the framework up they want to set up (movie actress cat fight). It's like comparing Hugh Jackman to Robert Downing Jr in relationship to their thoughts on action movies and failing to mention Jackman's background in musical theater. Trying to examine this stuff for how important or 'known' Wheel of Time isn't really helpful...and kind of crazy making.
  3. We already have the answer to this from a clip shown last year at NYCC. He is not a channeler. However, if you remember Elyas's story, the Reds are not kind to a man who they suspect might be able to channel, even if he cannot. They tortured Elyas before he killed a number of people to escape.
  4. As Skipp said. I wrote the captions (not the altText)
  5. Perrin, Aviendha, and Masema dressed as a Seanchen soldier:
  6. Nynaeve getting ready for her Accepted test:
  7. A mysterious assortment of Seanchen, with Loial and the Dark One?:
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