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  1. Good call on the Shaido. The hammer will be epic too.
  2. Amazing list. All I would add is Egwene and Verin, a chapter written by the master himself.
  3. Above any character, this story is about Robert Jordan's, vision!!! This fan knows what they're talking about! Couldn't have said it better myself. I truly hope they don't sidestep the incredible opening RJ wrote. The the whole story begins and ends with Less T/Rand A. Re-read the first and last chapters of the series... It's undeniable.
  4. https://screenrant.com/the-wheel-of-time-amazon-series-important-aspects-from-robert-jordan-novels/
  5. If that low budget stunt got one thing right, it was the scene it chose. Dragonmount is the only choice..
  6. Dum Yup!! The ride of the Malkiri at the Gap. The gateways opening. "and ten thousand became a hundred thousand... " Wow. Has to be there.
  7. I didn't suggest anyone aught to appear as a bodybuilder, that would look ridiculous. What I said was "Perrin should be a beast!" My reference to Perrin and Rand hitting the gym was the fact, that of the entire cast so far, Perrin and Rand are the furthest (physically) from the source material. Perrin is constantly described as not just strong, but a big man, bigger than most. With huge shoulders and arms; traits you would develop in a forge. In fact the books describe Perrin as being bigger than most from a young age. What I'm getting at is that his big stature is a natural feature, cross tha
  8. Regarding "The Power" and it's visual presentation, I like allot of the comments so far; How it is sensed (Highlander route [Nice one agreddon]). Seen or unseen ( Totally with you that Saidin and Saidar should appear as opposing forces). There are just so many more overlapping aspects of "Channeling" I just can't see it coming out without needing alteration. I agree with you in wanting what most reflects the narrative, I would prefer all channeling portrayed as written and described. I just think, with so many variants, it will become a storyboarding quagmire. World, history, Aes Seda
  9. Again, I couldn't agree more. They'll have to scrap the idea that channeling is invisible to normal people and likewise between men and women channellers, but I can live with that.
  10. I agree. I have to say I'm i bit concerned about attention to set and character detail. It seems the cast was finalized very close to the start of filming. If the cast in the group photo from Twitter is up to date with the start of filming... If so, Perrin and Rand needed 12 to 16 weeks in the gym at least. I understand that the actor comes first, but come on... Perrin should be a beast!
  11. After a friendly debate with my co-host on our own StarWars podcast (www.kyberclub.com). I vehemently supported and defended the new, fan friendly, streaming era of small screen shows. Access to the whole season upon release is the best way to please the fans that can't wait, the ones who prefer to wait 7 days between (whoever they are), and generate interest from casual watchers who may just say to themselves "I'll check out episode 1, see what its like". The latter being more likely to watch episode 2 if it's available right away as opposed to "Ya I watched the first one, kinda lost interes
  12. Allot of commentary so far, hints that the show will open with Moiraine's arrival in the Two Rivers. This is a bad move imo. Whatever you thought about the "Winter Dragon" stunt, the fact remains that the death of Lews Therin, the prologue of the entire series, is essential for setting the tone of what is to come, and why it's coming. Remember the Game of Thrones opener? The "Others" and the rangers... It kicked off the whole story and immediately left you wanting to know more, as the books did. If it had started off with Bran learning his archery skills... You get the point. I be
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