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  1. 100% I hope Morgase is represented fully and with the attention to detail needed for the later narrative. Especially in light of Perrin's future trial.... Nice comment! I forgot about how important she is to the plot of so many characters.
  2. I agree that this is being taken WAY too seriously outside the narrative. Just because Rand is male, and the protagonists of the scene are women doesn't make it an allegory in misogyny. Women in tWoT are predominantly intelligent and powerful characters from beginning to end. I would actually challenge anyone to give me a better example of gender diversity and powerful female characters in a sci fi or fantasy saga ever. And a story written by a man and edited by his wife. Even if it does come across that way.. So what? I for one appreciate stories that accurately reflect the human condition, i
  3. Words of wisdom here for sure. A big budget doesn't mean quality... by any stretch! Example..? Well. any Micheal Bay movie. And ya, the Witcher had so much potential and resources... Fail!! Ya, enough said. Money alone wont buy ground floor story building and source dedicated production. And even with both, the production can still shit the bed at the end (Game of Thrones )
  4. While I agree with a few of your opinions, I must ask you this: Give me 2 examples of why Dumais Wells will never work in the TV series.
  5. #1. Totally agree. This show will be nothing without a passionate commitment to SFX, set design and wardrobe. #2. This is a great point! The book faithful, who will be the initial foundation of any series fan-base, will go postal without Kurosawa quality battles and tactics. #3. Just FYI from a archery nerd, Don't let a Welshman hear you say 'English longbow' lol. But seriously; I think just a classic Welsh longbow as portrayed fairly well in Game of Thrones and Braveheart is all we need. The idea of a composite longbow to me would be too much of a stretch realistically speaking
  6. Good call on the Shaido. The hammer will be epic too.
  7. Amazing list. All I would add is Egwene and Verin, a chapter written by the master himself.
  8. Above any character, this story is about Robert Jordan's, vision!!! This fan knows what they're talking about! Couldn't have said it better myself. I truly hope they don't sidestep the incredible opening RJ wrote. The the whole story begins and ends with Less T/Rand A. Re-read the first and last chapters of the series... It's undeniable.
  9. https://screenrant.com/the-wheel-of-time-amazon-series-important-aspects-from-robert-jordan-novels/
  10. If that low budget stunt got one thing right, it was the scene it chose. Dragonmount is the only choice..
  11. Dum Yup!! The ride of the Malkiri at the Gap. The gateways opening. "and ten thousand became a hundred thousand... " Wow. Has to be there.
  12. I didn't suggest anyone aught to appear as a bodybuilder, that would look ridiculous. What I said was "Perrin should be a beast!" My reference to Perrin and Rand hitting the gym was the fact, that of the entire cast so far, Perrin and Rand are the furthest (physically) from the source material. Perrin is constantly described as not just strong, but a big man, bigger than most. With huge shoulders and arms; traits you would develop in a forge. In fact the books describe Perrin as being bigger than most from a young age. What I'm getting at is that his big stature is a natural feature, cross tha
  13. Regarding "The Power" and it's visual presentation, I like allot of the comments so far; How it is sensed (Highlander route [Nice one agreddon]). Seen or unseen ( Totally with you that Saidin and Saidar should appear as opposing forces). There are just so many more overlapping aspects of "Channeling" I just can't see it coming out without needing alteration. I agree with you in wanting what most reflects the narrative, I would prefer all channeling portrayed as written and described. I just think, with so many variants, it will become a storyboarding quagmire. World, history, Aes Seda
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