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  1. Ful chuckled and nodded. It made sense she wanted to see a class. “Yes Aes Sedai,” said Ful. “This way please.” Ful found Merdyn ten minutes later in one of the individual training rooms. The noble had signed the practice room out on the board outside, and added “NOT TO BE DISTURBED”. Ful went in anyway. Just inside the door there were racks of training dummies: multi-legged metal machines with lashing weapon limbs. They circled Merdyn, jabbing and striking. Four. Four at once. That seemed excessive to Ful. He’d always admired the Asha’man’s blade skill
  2. Hey @Taymist cheers for the welcome. Hope everything's good. 🙂
  3. Her tower guards stayed with the gate guards. Viviane didn’t seem to mind that leaving these two behind. Then again, she also didn’t mind his lateness. Viviane chattered to herself, noting the elements of the black tower, her hunger for accumulating knowledge unstinted. Ful watched her for a while, her eager moves, girlish glee at new details, the chop of the breeze fluttering her red shawl. He smiled. When asked about the walls, he said quietly, “yes, Viviane Sedai. It’s a never ending work in progress. Everybody pitches in at the quarries and buildings… as
  4. The traveling grounds of the black tower is wide. The size of a small city itself, it’s the chief hub for the army of the dragon, maintaining a large number of operational staff at all hours. Ful made no excuses for the design of the grounds itself, with its darkened windows at the guard areas, its protective spines of iron spikes around an open area. Critics of the Asha’aman may regard its architecture as comically overdone, playing directly into the stereotypes of the public. That, Ful would say, is precisely the point. Fear keeps the people in line, fear of an institution so terrible, it do
  5. Hi, happy new year. I've missed RP. Please let me know if there's any open threads I can join. And any new rules I should be reading up on. So many delicious changes to catch up!
  6. OOC: I know it's stupid late and this thread is prob closed. Just posting a response. Thank you Taymist for taking care of Tris this whole time. Italics are dreams. “Ely!” Tris shrilled in dismay. Screaming Ely’s name the girl was sprawled under the plank, but far from dead. Blood was running from the gash in her arm. She saw Ely’s face was pinched with worry, before Ely grabbed Tris and pulled her down to shield her. Ely embraced Tris and held her tight for a moment. “Glad you made it,” she said into her hair. “I thought I’d be left
  7. Soldier Ful joined Nox at his makeshift gateway. He walked down the line of people and clambered deftly up onto stone terrace of the wolf territory where the volunteers were drawn up, adjusting his cap and sword. Wind carried ash washed back across the dozens of men and women of the Band of red hand pattern, with cavalry, infantry and support scouts. Nearby, a tall bander with bells in his hair laughed into the sooty air. The notion of working together seemed to please him and his friends. Ful saw the scout, infantry and private grinning up at him from the lower spaces of the tree
  8. It was a long while before Ful had recovered enough to get back on his feet and help Merdyn move the ladies. ~~ Adrim was exhausted. And Merdyn left for the farm. The platform wavered, then began to glide away, out of sight behind the shell of the broken wagon. As soon as it was gone, Ful sank onto his hands and dry-heaved violently into the burned grass. He closed his eyes, resting them . . . after some time, he heard their voices. Merdyn. And Nox! He had hoped for this . . . Unsteady, he looked up, rose to his feet, succumbed to a spell of gidd
  9. Ful nodded, amused by Tal’sin twirling his moustache. He wondered how long Merdyn could keep the illusion going. They walked west, down through the fractured arches of the city’s old streets past the bookshops and forges. Markets thrived there— the daily cheap food, grain, livestock, instruments— and the licensed merchant houses that raised lavish silk tents and displayed the trinkets of their trade. Ful had always loved the markets for its flavor of the faraway. He’d once bought from a tinker a small metal pendant with an engraving of an ogier on the Stedding just beca
  10. There was a long break, a long pause, in their conversation as the men practiced. Lillian was almost impressed as Merdyn played with the fireballs. The dedicated was not only skilled, but he was strong in the element. Then it was Nox’s turn. He seemed unsure if he was able to draw on saidar. She was silent for a moment, considering. The power they had in common, the one power, was not native to any of them, but perhaps Lillian’s grasp of it was better than the asha’amen at this time due to experience. Culturally, their worlds could not have bee
  11. Evening fell. The hike, and their lessons, continued as the light faded. Ashley believed he understood the bulk of Aiden’s lessons as their party descended. Aiden waved two of his students forward on either flank, one taking right and the other taking left. Aiden led the front prong himself. Following their instructor, the young man with the golden goblet and Ashley spread into a defensive position, as the others slipped down the steep slope and joined them. By necessity, they quickly became more concerned with keeping upright and descending than raising their weapons defensively.
  12. There was something in Nox’s face that made Lillian pause. She tipped her head up and glanced in contemplation at the Asha’aman. Something was awry. She could tell from the look on his face that he was disconcerted, but Nox managed to follow them outside. She moved away, turned then called back. “This area is good.” She slowly turned in a circle to take in the scene. It was not a pretty place, and didn’t look at all special, but it had a sort of cold beauty, Lillian conceded. She spun on one of the higher places and looked down over the sprawl across the green slopes.
  13. Ful grinned. Seemed “Tal’sin” had these big, heavy brutes in line by trapping them with his weave. “Yeah, let’s just tie them up and let the real queen’s guards find them. City laws, only the real guards are allowed to wear this. That’ll be punishment enough." The people in the streets cleared and gave them a courteous wide berth. Violence and use of the one power made them imposing figures. He looked down at their opponents, the men who wore the ceremonial battle gear of her majesty’s regiment: gleaming brown leather embossed with gold detailing, arms and chests covered with polis
  14. All the “big, handsome, hulking men” turned and stared at Merdyn. There was something about his tone that made them look again at him. The men were wearing full kit, including the crimson cloak and conical helms of the queens guard. But it seemed they weren’t the real thing. Ful was about to respond to being called Merdyn’s "butt-boy" when the blonde dedicated set off the fire display. Well, fifteen fireballs did the trick. He weighed the pros and cons of joining in, or wheeling the cart through their opened passage. The men seemed to ignore him. They were intent on Me
  15. Lillian caught the excited look, and grinned. There was no use to explain in words the remarkable difference in one power unless the other was willing to try it first hand. She remarked, sipping tea from the little, heavy-bottomed porcelain cup. “Yes, you can actually see saidar, study and feel my flows of saidar once we link. It’s as different as night and day with saidin. How saidar and saidin are handled. There aren’t many weaves that form the same way, so being linked or in a circle is a precious time to learn how to do things the other way, as well as give you inv
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