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  1. That does sound pretty awesome. The cool thing about having a world that developed is you can stand back and pick any number of characters to write your story about. Because I had already built the world in my story I was able to just step back in time and pick a character and create their origin story.
  2. I love world building too! With my current story there is the King and then there are like 29 other Lords/Houses that make up the country. Without those 29 there are powerful ones which rule their own regions pretty strongly and have the loyalty of the Houses around them. For each of the 30 Houses I've had fun determining who is married to who, who the brothers/sisters and children are. Fleshing out the houses has quickly given me hundreds of characters I would say. I've also got a list of who the most renown warriors are. I've got the map of the country but haven't created maps of the individual cities. I think that may be one of the projects I work on next. The tricky thing for me is to not get so wrapped up in the world building that I forget to write, lol
  3. I am happy to share with you too Cass. I've been developing in my head a main story for a long time and I've put some effort into building the world. I found I was having a hard time picking up where I left off in the story though so for my Nano project its a prequel of sorts about a character in the world. Its kind of like an origin story. I also don't edit until I finish writing. I find it really slows down my progress. I am able to write more if I just get it out. Even if it needs editing its still better than being stuck and having little or no progress.
  4. Hang in there Cass! Being exhausted and having no time has been on of the things that has really held me back too so I completely understand. The only way I'm getting any done now is that I just had to resolve to make the time to do it. I would just suggest writing something fun. Don't take it too seriously. If you are enjoying the story that you are writing it is easy to get started, and to keep going. :-)
  5. *dusts hands* Another 1100 words. Not too shabby. Things are about to get interesting
  6. That could be fun BB! Glad to hear you are writing too. Well I'm off to get my goal in for the day before bed.
  7. Anyone else here working on a writing project of their own outside of the WoT world? I'd love to hear about it. I've worked on my own stories for years now but haven't written much in awhile because of school and work and family. However, I sat down tonight and hammered out 1k words for a new story. It felt good to write my own stuff after being so long away from it. I just wanted to say that and celebrate it along with the work anyone else may be doing too.
  8. Arinth couldn't help but giggle when he saw Arkin tuck his flask back into a hidden pocket. The words still echoed in his head of how he had just said that Arkin wasn't drunk. Somehow the contradiction just got funnier and funnier and he laughed and laughed, barely able to breath. The man frowned at them. He was used to drunk soldiers coming to him of course, but that didn't mean he had to like him. "If you are wasting my time get out now. If you are serious, tell me what you want and we can get down to business." Arinth swallowed back a final giggle and tried to look at the man seriously. He found it to be a difficult task as the man seemed to swim back and forth across his vision. "Um, can you do a sword and shield? A fist? A, um wolf, or bull?" Arinth had never really thought about what he would get. It was suppose to mean something right? It was suppose to honor those he had lost? It also had to be awesome though right? He couldn't have like a prancing pony after all. "I can do any of those if that is what you want." The man answered. "You'll have to decide on which one though. Arinth scratched his beard and looked over at his friend. Arkin looked back him but otherwise no help. Why don't you start with the dragon fang on his arse and come back to me?" Arinth suggested. The man did not look amused. "Alright, alright." Arinth held up his hands. "What about a fierce bear rearing up? That would be pretty impressive and fierce right?" The Bears had been one of the nicknames assigned to his unit at some point in the past and he had also connected it to the infantry. Arinth grinned. He was going to get a tattoo.
  9. Arinth laughed at his friend's question. He straightened up and tried to take a step. He found it more difficult than he had imagined. He was tilting to the side despite his best efforts to correct himself. He found that he was leaning against Arkin and relaxed. Arkin would help. It was already too late when Arinth realized the error of his judgement. The ground rushed up to greet him and he met it with a painful thud. He sat up. "I know a man. I don't know how he does it but a few of the men have mentioned him." Arinth said. It wasn't necessarily common for the soldiers to have tattoos but there were a few. Arkin offered a hand and Arinth made it back to his feet on the third attempt. He slapped Arkin's back with a laugh. "And this time of night is the best time to find him. Its when he does the majority of his business. Drink and tattoos seem to go together." The two began walking. Arinth took the lead because he was suppose to know where they were going. Even if he had been sober he wouldn't have been completely positive where it was. Luck was on his side though and they found the man they were looking for. He was a grizzled veteran that had a hard look to him. The room was surprisingly well lit. It looked like a system of candles and mirrors but Arinth wasn't positive. "What do you want?" The man asked. "A tattoo." Arinth answered. "You are drunk." The man observed with a frown. "A little. But he isn't." Arinth said turning to Arkin. "That much." He added with a laugh after looking at Arkin.
  10. (OOC: I am so sorry I didn't see this sooner!) Arinth muttered to himself as he struggled to balance a large stack of papers in his hands. The infantry sergeant did his best to ignore the bag slung over his shoulder that jolted against his hip with every step. It was bad enough that he had to handle so much paperwork on a regular basis but now it couldn't even be brought to him. He was tempted to accidently "drop it" into the nearest, puddle, or fire, or heap of rubbish. His long dark hair fell in his face. He couldn't brush it back without losing the papers. He kicked a rock grumpily and cursed as his stack of papers shifted precariously. He managed to save the papers from tumbling down, but just barely. He resolved to halt his rock kicking until his papers were safely on his desk. He frowned. Where exactly were they suppose to go on his desk? There were stacks of unfinished paperwork but there were also stacks of finished paper work that had not yet been retrieved. Was he suppose to carry that paper work around too now? He felt his blood pressure rise. Burn him, but it wasn't bloody like that he was going to do that too. He saw a young man standing, watching everyone around him. Man? It looked like a boy, or maybe a woman dressed as a man. He shook his head. It was a boy. Just because there had been an incident with a girl dressing as a boy before, he couldn't go around assuming every girl was doing that now. "You." He said, more harshly than he intended. The boy turned towards him. "Take some of these goat kissing papers and come with me." Before the boy could reply he thrust the papers into his arms. He took the top half back so that they were each holding half of the pile. It was much more manageable. Why had he been so stubborn in trying to carry all the papers at once? Ah yes, two trips. He had made the right decision. Arinth turned to head towards his tent but the boy hesitated. "Well come on now, its not like you were getting any important training done anyways standing there gawking at everyone. Come with me and you can join me in my next training class, which I am already late for. Whats your name?"
  11. Darkness spun around him. Arinth stopped running and struggled to return his heavy breathing to normal. He leaned forward and rested his hands on his knees. He closed his eyes and the world spun faster around him. He realized that he was drunker that he had thought, or meant to be. He heard footsteps and opened his eyes. Arkin had followed him out of the tavern. His friend was looking at him curiously. Arinth grinned at him. He couldn't explain it, but he felt good. He felt like he could jump off the roof. He felt like he could stand on his head. He felt like he could write a song and sing about everything that had happened. He snorted at his own thought. He was starting to get himself mixed up with Arkin. He was one the one that could sing. The only time Arinth should sing was to torture an enemy into talking. He stood, still breathing heavily. "Arkin. I've been in the darkness so long I didn't even recognize it any more. I embraced it. I thought I had to, to honor them. But its not that way, is it? There are other ways to remember them. They wouldn't have wanted it to be like this." His mind raced. How could he honor them? He looked up at Arkin and grinned. He had the answer that he needed. "A tattoo Arkin. We are going to get tattoos!"
  12. Arinth grinned at his friend's words. Arkin was right of course. Expecting an easy day was a sure invitation for things to go completely wrong. Somehow he just couldn't believe that was going to be the case though. The fresh air gave him a boost of energy. He made a note that he would have to get out of the citadel more often. He followed Arkin as they went and introduced themselves to the other leaders in the alliance. He suppressed a shiver at the men in black. The fact that they could kill him without a second thought was not pleasant, especially when they could go mad at any moment. They were on his side though. They were on his side. He repeated the thought a third time and then forced himself to dismiss the thought. He blinked at the sudden appearance of the wolf. The woman might have warned the group of its approach but Arinth had a bad habit of losing his focus and not listening to everything other people said. He felt the wolf's eyes fixed on him and he meet its gaze. Something stirred deep inside him. This was something more than a dog. He felt in the wolf a wisdom that he would never attain and a threat of violence that he knew all too well. He respected the wolf. The group seemed to have mixed reactions to the news of the Stedding. Arinth himself, felt a sense of relief, but he did his best to hid it and keep his face stern. The previous sense of helplessness was gone. He rolled his broad shoulders and glanced over at Arkin. His friend was also keeping his face free of expression. He was sure that his friend was curious to see just what the stedding was like, assuming that he had not seen a stedding before. Arkin had a way of surprising him. For all he knew, even after all the time they had been together, Arkin had visited one before. "My friend, I know there is little chance of you or I creating trouble..." He could be barely keep a straight face at the statement but continued on, "We need to be on our toes to make sure nobody else causes trouble either. Sometimes people get nervous around new friends." He chuckled as he said it. He wasn't really concerned, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Yet in spite of that, he couldn't shake the feeling that this was going to be a good day.
  13. I know I am kinda late but is this something you are still interested in or have already started? I have a pretty inexperienced Tower Guard Trainee named Grey that could join you.
  14. I'm here too. Thanks for poking me BB
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