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  1. Things have been pretty crazy. I'm here and would like to be active. RL will dictate how possible that really is though.
  2. Apparently Ely had shared Arinth’s assessment of the situation. Despite the fact that the men of the cavalry were notorious for their inability to hold liquor, something was wrong. Something felt very different. Before he had a chance to think or stop her, she was halfway across the room and crossing the other half confidently in a way that he could not help but admire. He made to rise before remembering that she had told him to wait. He wasn’t sure how long he was supposed to wait but each second felt like an eternity. If something wasn’t right, then there was danger. If there was
  3. They were gaining on their foe. Corik was confident that they would catch them soon. Their unknown enemy moved a casual yet steady pace. It was what he would do when they reached them that the was question. It was a question he had been wrestling with the whole day. The eyes of his men told him the question was also on their mind and they weren’t sure what the answer was supposed to be. The force they pursued was a bigger force than what they had themselves. It was big enough to have defeated the initial clash and it was big enough to have the advantage in any open engagement
  4. Grey walked quietly beside the Aes Sedai in their litter. The minutes that he had waited alone before the arrival of anyone had seemed like an eternity. Every second had dragged as his nervousness grew. Once the Aes Sedai had gathered, things had moved quickly. It felt like he had barely had time to blink before the Sisters had all acknowledged each other and were on the move. He had to give them credit for their efficiency and focus on the task at hand. They seemed to recognize immediately who was in command and where their place was. It seemed much more civilized than the way tha
  5. What had started out as a secluded, quiet conversation had changed. The room was suddenly crowded, and the rising wave of unintelligent noise was irritating. He saw the same feeling flash across Ely’s eyes as she took notice of the room. With gentle yet decisive movements she closed the distance and planted herself on his good leg. Is this love? The thought crossed his mind as she settled into place. Any woman that could do what she had just done without the slightest hint of effort was worthy of it. He pushed the thought away. The echoes of amused laughter filled his head. I do re
  6. The men and women were not happy about having to conceal their armor. Many felt that in concealing themselves they were hiding the Light and that was a dangerous thing, a bad thing, a thing that Children of the Light did not do. He had their lives to consider though. The sun was not destroyed at night. It was there waiting to rise with each morning. That didn’t keep them from throwing dark looks his way when they thought he did not notice though. It was something he would have to suffer through. They were also not happy with how slowly they moved. They knew where they were going, a
  7. The footsteps Grey had heard belong to an Aes Sedai. He felt a mixture of relief and renewed anxiety. He was glad of course that he had not been late. It would have been bad to have missed the meeting time. Especially when it appeared that there were not any other guards coming along. He had assumed he would be one of a handful, but it appeared he was wrong. Just as he was relieved that he had not made a mistake, he felt the nervousness of being in front of an Aes Sedai with her attention focused squarely on him. His eyes widened in surprise when she said his name. He did not know
  8. "Do you need to rest? I can see those ribs are bothering you so don't even deny it." Her words brought him back to reality from watching her stretch. Burn him if she didn’t have impressive legs. They looked amazing. How was anyone supposed to think? Think about what needed to be thought about that was. It was easy to think about how much he would enjoy running his fingers up and down her calves, the back of her knees, her smooth thighs. Intelligent conversation, that is what was hard to focus on. He corrected himself, not hard, difficult. Difficult was the better word to u
  9. Arinth was a mix of emotions, physical pain and hunger. The chair had proven more uncomfortable than he had anticipated. He found it an irritating distraction as he focused on Ely’s words. There was no denying the way he felt about this woman. He had felt an undefined connection with her the moment he had met her and each interaction since then had only confirmed and strengthened that feeling. He knew her more than there was any reasonable, logical explanation for him to. He had taken the jump. Now that he had found her, he had to let her know. And so, he had spoken, he put himself
  10. Grey frowned nervously. Was he at the right spot? His orders, as he had understood them, were to meet here at this time. There were supposed to be other guards, Aes Sedia and possibly even warders that would go out together to investigate things going on within the city. He was the only one here though. Had he been too early? Did he just need to wait longer for the others to appear? Ever moment felt like an hour painfully stretched out. He was definitely starting to feel anxious. Had he been late and the left without him, not knowing to wait for him or carrying whether he joined
  11. It was clear from the expression on the tinker’s face that the bark of the dogs was a warning that things were not right. For a moment Arinth wondered if one of his soldiers had upset the dogs or started trouble. If so, he would need to address it quickly before it disturbed the peace. The tinkers had been very welcoming to the to the wounded and weary soldiers. Everyone that he had seen was getting along. These tinkers were like a salve to their wounds. Before he could investigate Arkin dropped out of the trees and drew his blade. The look in his eyes told Arinth that this wa
  12. This must be some kind of magic fruit Arinth thought as the supply never seemed to end despite the vast amounts that had been smashed. He had thought the fun would be over when the kitchen helper showed up but Arkin's antics had distracted her and Arinth couldn't help himself from taking advantage of the opportunity. Arkin was usually a slippery guy that it was tough to get the best of. This was a fun opportunity to get a chance to tag him once or twice without causing any real harm or hard feelings. Arkin was good though. He used used his knives very skillfully to deflect the frui
  13. Thank you guys for the kind words. I come here to have fun writing and I'm glad when others are able to enjoy it as well. There are soo many great stories that everyone has written I don't know where to begin but I will keep an extra eye out for future shout outs
  14. Arinth flinched at her reaction to his touch. Either it was unwanted, or it had caused pain, neither of which he desired. He felt the burning desire to leave before he embarrassed himself any further. What was he doing? He barely knew the woman. How could he feel so strongly? His head had always kept him out of these situations before. “Arinth” Her voice had an unmatched quality to it. It had a way of resonating deep inside of him. “Thank you.” He lowered his gaze as he tried to shrug off her thank you. It hadn’t seemed like anything
  15. "The golden tree is the symbol of Tarabon, right? Let's get a tree then, maybe a burning tree, and over that, a bear, and a fox." Arinth laughed out loud in pleased triumph at his friend’s genius. It was the perfect suggestion. He nodded happily. “Yes, a turning tree with a bear and a fox. Exactly that.” He meant to say more but his thoughts trailed off in a thick haze. The artist did not reply and Arinth was oblivious to his irritation. When he asked who would be first, Arkin quietly nodded his head towards Arinth. Arinth was surprised then when the man went t
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