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  1. The Bard Babe

    Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Chocolate Delivery Service

    Oh my gosh thank yoooou!! Promise I'll try to get in here more ❤️
  2. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    We aaaaaaalways play nice
  3. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Ahahaha all about that legal stabbing
  4. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Also, I'm about to go learn how to stab people woth swords 🙂 🙂 🙂 Beware
  5. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    *squishes between Cairos and Horn and cuddles both* How is everyone?
  6. The Bard Babe

    Welcome Lethira

    Welcome welcome welcome!! I'm BB, eternal squire of the cavalry. It sounds like you've had a journey getting here, so welcome home 🙂
  7. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Muuuusic. Music psych now for postgrad.
  8. The Bard Babe

    Critical Role

    Dang, I am super into this show now so I'm gonna stamp around until someone comes and talks to me about it. The DM is simply the best.
  9. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Yaaaay so excited to get started. And to get my student card back. XD
  10. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    *comes and chills in the tavern* Celebrating my final hours of pre-PhD freedom. Well. Days. My final days.
  11. The Bard Babe

    Critical Role

    Ok I finally started and I love them XD Started on season 1 because I can't skip. Orion isn't super my jam, but I adore Sam/Scanlan and all of the characters are growing on me as it goes on. Vax also, but I've always been a sucker for a rogue.
  12. So, two things. One, folk festival. Awesome. Reviews incoming. Two, was there a Band member at Woodford (Australia :p) this evening? Someone walked past in a BotRH shirt and we didn't catch them in time to interrogate them!
  13. The Bard Babe

    Which makes me think of...

  14. The Bard Babe

    Life Lessons

    Do more, expect less, and see more, look less, are the two that really jump out at me. The first is just a bit of a boot in the pants for a chronic coaster like myself. Coasted through school. Coasted through uni. Now when I actually work for something, I expect so much more than I'm due. See more, look less is really just resonating with me because of my interest in attention and how it influences what you perceive. But I'll be pondering this one.
  15. YES I am so bad at plot just very very bad. The story I'm writing for NaNo is very new, but it's also a combination of a couple of ideas that have been floating around for a while. As always, I have no idea what the main conflict actually is, or how it ends though at least I have a couple of ideas this time. Also absolutely no idea how to get there. But I have a new technique to make sure I don't flop, which is to add a fun character I like to a later plot point. That way I don't have a huge cast right from the start, and I have motivation to go find those characters so I can start using them haha.