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  1. Oooh thanks Lav! Hey Zan, it has! Trying to make the rounds. How are you going these days?
  2. *picks her way through the wreckage and collapses on the bar* I am ready for the first year of this phd to be over. The next years where I do things will be fun and interesting. This one was too! Just ready for it to be done now. DRINK PLS
  3. Did I hear BRID?! Also lol Dice got spottiiiiiiied. Well. Close enough. Oh are we still in a brawl? *throws table at Dice*
  4. Ooh Victoria, no points for blues or maroons Dicicle haha.
  5. Arkin took a few deep breaths, relaxing back into the feeling as much as he could. It wasn't hard to, all things told. It was hard to get himself riled up. More and more, he didn't enjoy this feeling of helplessness, but the good company he was in made it a lot easier to bear. A drink would help even more, but he couldn't reach his flask from here. That could wait. That had to wait. Instead, he focused on the slight pokes and pains of the needle as it dipped in and out of his skin. He was no stranger to being stitched up, though, and Emrin was good at it. This was no rough job that would
  6. Arkin took the pummelling he deserved while on the floor. Out of habit more than anything else, he checked where his knife had landed. Not one of his best knives. Not one of his best throws, come to think of it. He let his gaze slide to Arinth, looming above him. Everything stank. Arkin stank. Arinth stank. Then again, he always stank. The kitchen staff had vanished - probably for the best, though Arkin didn't doubt they would have solid aim when it came to throwing their food around. Surely that was a highly honed skill developed in the kitchens. Grinning to himself, he felt the pleasant ach
  7. OOOooooOooh! *downs the MG brew* *hugs Cairos back* Thanks buuuuuddy!
  8. Oh no! I hope you've had a better day than your bad night was ? Always drinks and hugs available round these parts For example, I will be requiring some form of beverage to get through the rest of these papers uuugh
  9. Arkin grinned at Arinth's response. He'd thought he'd like it. He only hoped they both still liked it tomorrow. A laugh bubbled out at that thought, though it quickly turned into a belch, which made him laugh again. There was a tingling warmth suffusing him now, one he wasn't sure was from the alcohol. Glancing over at Arinth, he didn't think he was the only one, although he did think that the alcohol was probably helping Arinth along. Grinning, he leaned back in the chair the artist had provided. The artist hadn't seemed overly amused by them, but once they had a confirmed design, he ha
  10. Ooh! New person!! *shoulder checks Dicicle on the way to hug the recruit* Ignore the oaf. Except for the part apart the cavs. We are objectively the bestest. I believe my style of combat has mostly involved aggressive tap dancing so ya know, you're fine on that front. And yes, banbuns are good, but try banTEA. Bandy and tea, the best ever. Also, hi, I'm BB!
  11. Arkin lay in wait. He was behind Arinth now, almost perfectly in position. They had been discovered, but that had only been a matter of time. Arkin had been surprised they'd gotten away with it as long as they had, to be honest. He checked again on Pahl, whose hiding spot was really only adequate enough because Arinth's had been worse. And of course, the big man couldn't stay still for longer than a minute. Arkin, on the other hand...He snuck closer, snaking through the undergrowth, a fruit in each hand until the perfect time aaaaand - Splat. He ducked back
  12. Arkin smiled at the suggestion. A fierce bear, hmm? Well it was certainly accurate. He'd know Arinth would pick something that suited him properly if given a moment. He laughed, clapping Arinth on the shoulder. "I suppose that makes me a fox then." But Arkin couldn't help thinking...he didn't need another piece of himself on his skin. Maybe he did. Just something to remind himself during those little times he forgot. Arkin collected memories, in the silk wrapped around his wrist, the bells in his hair, the cords around his neck. But he had never gone this far before. There was some
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