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    Music. Cello and vocal cords are my weapons of choice and therefore my main interests in life. Apart from Wheel of Time, of course. ;)

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  1. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Oooh that sounds so fun!! There is a slim chance I am going to be having a jaunt to somewhere overseas in the next few months but that is super up in the air at the moment. For now, I just went to my brother's house to have fun! He's the one who got me to read WoT, and he's a total nerd who basically gave me all of my taste in everything XD Except girls, haha So that was fun! We ate curry and ice cream and watched RWBY, and I watched him play his new game, and then we watched a whoooole lot of Sword Art Online. And now I really want a gaming console of some description. I have a PS2! XD But I really want something so I can actually play with my brother rather than watch him haha
  2. Ye Olden Inn

    Done and done my friend! *glances down at self* I think that's doable! Hit me up with your special!
  3. I spent the day at my brother's house watching Sword Art Online and drinking excellent tea and cuddling his dogs and cats *sigh* Perfect.
  4. Ooh it's Ravenclaw day today! Yayyy
  5. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    The more the merrier? XD
  6. Just popping by to say HI!

    Ahahaha oh dear XD
  7. Just popping by to say HI!

    Ragnarok was hilarious! Can recommend
  8. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Whaaaaaaat?! XD
  9. If you don't want booze then you came to the right thread!
  10. Welcome to TheSociopath !

    Ewwwww hahahha
  11. Huh, weird. I scored some excellent vanilla chai when one of my housemates moved out and left a bunch of random foodstuffs for us to have. Very excited to go drink that.
  12. Sooo is it like, iced tea, but without...something? What are they cutting out for the diet bit?
  13. Just popping by to say HI!

    Well I would like to try some noooow. Maybe it tastes like blueberry ooooor ahm
  14. Welcome to TheSociopath !

    Ahahaha now that is audience participation