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  1. The Bard Babe

    Which makes me think of...

  2. The Bard Babe

    Life Lessons

    Do more, expect less, and see more, look less, are the two that really jump out at me. The first is just a bit of a boot in the pants for a chronic coaster like myself. Coasted through school. Coasted through uni. Now when I actually work for something, I expect so much more than I'm due. See more, look less is really just resonating with me because of my interest in attention and how it influences what you perceive. But I'll be pondering this one.
  3. YES I am so bad at plot just very very bad. The story I'm writing for NaNo is very new, but it's also a combination of a couple of ideas that have been floating around for a while. As always, I have no idea what the main conflict actually is, or how it ends though at least I have a couple of ideas this time. Also absolutely no idea how to get there. But I have a new technique to make sure I don't flop, which is to add a fun character I like to a later plot point. That way I don't have a huge cast right from the start, and I have motivation to go find those characters so I can start using them haha.
  4. The Bard Babe

    The Beers of the Red Hand

    Oh nooo, but beer! Yeah, I've gotten worse at drinking beer in the last year or so. It's the only fizzy thing I ever drink and I don't think my stomach can handle it in large quantities anymore. Well. In vast, speedy student qualities. That's ok though, I'm just gonna drink yummy beers and good summer beers because it's disgustingly warm here.
  5. The Bard Babe

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    HORN! *crashtackles and ties to a chair*
  6. Yuuup, I feel you there. Ahahaha, I love that intense detail. I have one story that I've been writing on and off for years with this ridiculous web of alliances between the three Nations and the military power and and a crazy magic system and cultures and stuff, and every time I re-visit it, it just gets bigger haha. It's getting a little bit hectic, but I've still never gotten anywhere with that story. I need to completely re-vamp the plot, I think. I've never really figured out what's going on, but damn the world is cool by this point haha
  7. Woooow no wonder we like writing together Arinth, we sound like we have very similar processes. I always get bogged down by worldbuilding. I adore it, but it takes me too long and I get stuck and want to include all of it in my story at once and then I lose interest in the story because I already know what's happening haha. I also do exactly that with moving backwards, finding what happened to my characters before the main story to be super interesting, often moreso than the story. I like being avle to sort of flit to wherever without the constraints of ya know, a plot XD Unfortunately, that means I run out of plot very quickly, hence never finishing stories.
  8. Of course of course! I have no problems getting words down but I've always sucked at finishing stories, and until I've finished, I don't tend to edit, which means I never share any of my writing. But I'm really going to try and do that this time! If you need writing inspo or advice you should losten to writing excuses! 15 minute podcast episodes and the whole of season 10 is a big masterclass - and Brandon Sanderson is one of the hosts. Highly recommend if you're a bit stuck!
  9. Yes Arinth!! I'm doing NaNo and powering through my story. Wanna do some story swaps at some point?
  10. The Bard Babe

    The Blade's End Tavern

    I will try it on my America holiday this month! I'll come back and review it :p
  11. The Bard Babe

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Yuuuum craft beer. What is root beer? I hear people say the words a lot but I've never actually seen it anywhere/drank it
  12. The Bard Babe


    Dangit, that's a line from a musical and now the song is stuck in my head
  13. The Bard Babe

    Word Association

    Griffin (any McElroy fans out there?)
  14. The Bard Babe

    Word Association