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  1. RAGNAROK Sign-Ups

    Count me in!
  2. Welcome

    i have an encyclopedic memory of anything ive ever read in a mafia game :P i keep it all in the space where im supposed to remember my mom's birthday Gotcha. For me, that's where random Star Wars facts live. Does that include Star Wars Mafia Games, the best mafia game of all time that you participated in?
  3. Mafia Appreciation Thread

    <3 We love you too muffin
  4. Did I hear sexual fantasies? :o
  5. Suicide Squad

    glgl town
  6. Suicide Squad

    I've gone over and over it, I don't see his vote as coming from a scummy place at alllll And the scum team would totally want him dead over Darthe. If they'd already pulled the trigger on their kill yeah, I get it. But they hadn't.
  7. Suicide Squad

    Go ahead for me I guess? When I do flip town, please please be willing to listen to me here when I say that gun to head I am 99.9% sure that Rand is town.
  8. Suicide Squad

    So you think Rand would have voted his teammate, who had their day kill still to use?
  9. Suicide Squad

    Yes, but he didn't even use the ability. That seems important.
  10. Suicide Squad

    But Rand's vote on Darthe, I mean *their day vig* That was a big thing.
  11. Suicide Squad

    Well then shall we? Unvote Vote: Dice
  12. Suicide Squad

    wavering even
  13. Suicide Squad

    You nailed it good. Glad i did. :D unvote Why did you ** that and what do you mean by "Read in and of itself"? Thats just ambiguous enough to mean literally anything. If later on you claim something like "I suspected Hally from page 5" and reference this, im gonna have a bone to pick with you. got len as town it doesnt counbt if its the same girl and she just dyes her hair a lot. Or is this all a ruse, luring us into a false sense of security?! HMM? WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF THE 14th! Also, hi, im Len and I dont think ive played with you before. It's nice to meet you. I read your impressive sig. How do you win consistently as both town and wolf? Most people seem to play differently depending on whether they are town or wolf, or at least, everyone says they do. So far, when I play town, people pounce on me as a wolf right away, but when I am a wolf, I somehow sneak by, even when they keep saying, "Ben is probably a deep wolf." I want to fix that so that I win as town too, but if I have to choose, I'd rather win as a wolf because I think wolf is more fun. Town is full of anxiety because I don't know who to trust, while wolf is just sheer thrill and excitement. thats less then half the games hes played i think Oh ok. So lets just sit here and do nothing. Cause it's just too early to determine anything. My bad. Lynch him if you want to. If he's town, he's a stump, and if he's scum, he's one down and two to go. I HATE this attitude. hate it. its just blind. Conversly nyns post about being a stump i liked cause it had a valid thought to it. yes nyn ? NO, actually I don't know what you mean. IS ANYONE ever going to claim anything other than town? I'm not playing semantics I'm saying what you said makes no sense, and the way you're getting all defensive reads super wolfy to mean. Speed catch up and @Nyn - This is the town game that I know and love from you. Engaging, posting that is clearly giving your reads. I like it. Derf being Derf, but the engaging kind. I'm happy with him so far. Not lynching Dice atm either. Vote: Lenlo Woah this is an unexpected reaction. Lets dig in. First, I never mentioned claiming. Of course no one is going to claim anything other than town. However, I was talking about Ben reading people as town, not claiming he was town. There is a very important difference there that you either A) Forgot about or B) Purposely left out to attack me on. As far as defensive goes, I could more accurately apply that to you right now. I responded with a snippish, 2 sentence post, clarifying what I said. Your response to that is to claim clarification is super wolfy, yelling I dont make any sense, and voting me. Doesnt look good, when all I did was correct you. The rest is fine though. I agree on Nyn, I liked the exchange with Ben. Dug in and hitem. Was nice. Dont understand the not lynching Dice yet, since he has 3 posts. you DO realise she declared me the towniest mofo here in her first post right ? Dont think its about my post count. Yes. If you read the long exchange between Nyn and me, you will see it referenced somewhere before my bad attitude post. so he has ? tbh my eyes glazed over goin over the stuff between you and nyn actually halli and marsh came in after me actually that self vote has me thinking nyn is town Why are you asking him? cause he dropped an S bomb and this isnt JN. I assume he is smart enuff to ask the mod himself as its his bad. no idea at this point im a bit sus on Rand but its weak. Up through page 20, these posts have me waving on a very nullish Dice. Things he can do as either alignment such as suspecting Rand, who I think could very well be town because of his position on the Darthe lynch, and saying that Nyn is town b/c that's an easy stance to take there, and if she'd been lynched he could've been like "I was town reading her etc" Before that there's some fluff. All in all I could probably vote him.
  14. Suicide Squad

    No? O.o I'm here atm I think I will go through and look more at dice since I really haven't