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  1. OR Since it's quite a ways from the 1st, if we get a couple more people we can run this one now and I'll re-sign up and I think the basic queue is p much empty, I could run another (I have so many basic theme ideas it is ridiculous)
  2. Wooo! @Cass - I honestly didn't expect it to fill as fast as it did, I'll be on vacation from the 4th of July - 8th, do you all want to wait and start it then so we can also has a Cass? (and also it'll be hopefully easier on Zander?) @Nynaeve - You wanna Hydra with Liza? (I'm so glad you're playing!) @The Crusher
  3. Set-Up Matrix6 is a 9-player Semi-open setup designed by Cogito Ergo Sum of MafiaScum, where this is used as their newbie setup. No one is able to know which setup the game has from the beginning, which can make producing lies and fake claims interesting. This setup has been randomly selected using a row or column from the following table: The setup is determined by randomly selecting one row or one column from the table, then adding in 5 Vanilla Townies and 1 Mafia Goon to create a 7-town, 2-mafia setup. For example, if Row 1 (Town Jailkeeper, Vanilla Townie, and Mafia Goon) was chosen, the full setup will be 1 Town Jailkeeper, 6 Vanilla Townies, and 2 Mafia Goons. Several of the setups resemble others here, e.g. Column B means the setup is a Cop 9'er without a Night 0 peek. PLAYER CONDUCT GUIDELINES 1) Treating others as you would like to be treated, is sometimes not enough. Do more. Lowering your own standards will not grant you the right to mistreat others. Treat others as they wish to be treated: If someone makes a reasonable request to you, please comply. If someone makes an absurd request, please decline politely. 2) Forum mafia is a game between friends. Not all players wish to be competitive, and no one is required to be excellent at the game; that is an individual's right. Do not degrade your fellow guests and fellow players by calling them stupid or bad. In particular, there is a zero tolerance policy for flaming players that are new to the game. 3) Remember that while you are playing for fun, others take the game seriously. Please do not play against your win condition or play in a manner which is deliberately harmful to your side. 4) Treat each other with civility even if you are frustrated. You have every right to get irritated or upset with someone, but it is better to let them know that in a civil manner, use the report button, alert the mod, or put them on ignore, than to flame and bait. 5) Play with a sportsmanlike attitude. It is unsportsmanlike to mock another person's win/loss record, their performance within a game, or to attempt to circumvent the rules and cheat. Refer to the forum rules and each individual game's rules for definitions of what constitutes cheating. 6) You may roll/flavor claim - Mafia has fake claims so LOLGL Sample Vanilla Town Role PM: Hi Hallia! You are {Insert Little Miss Shy}, Vanilla Town! Abilities: You have no abilities other than your voice and your vote, and that's not crumby at all! Win Conditions: You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive. Voting Instructions Because the vote tag is broken, going to resume voting as ##:Name Player List: 1. Sooh 2. Nyn/Liz - SexyHydra 3. Notbob 4. Zander 5. Cass 6. Dice 7. Katiora 8. Crushlove 9. Key is my lovely Co-Moddess!
  4. OH GOSH 😞 I just saw AJ's notification on his game, I'm so sorry AJ 😞
  5. @BFG Am I? I thought there were people, maybe they declined? I'll get some signups going ASAP lemme get a theme 😄
  6. Hi all! ❤️ I'm excited for a weekend off next weekend for Memorial Day 😄
  7. You can buy them at the door, pre-reg is over but yes, it is still possible.
  8. yeah this is how far back i am I just don't have time, sorry all I really should've outted, completely forgot this was a thing. I didn't even know what you were on about @dicetosser1 - use your words better you never mentioned Q T before that q.t. is what I use to call people cuties - literally ask anyone that I talk to in discord, I call people q.t. patooties, sorry to burst your hyped up bubble
  9. Zander andddddddddddddddd likely Wifi
  10. If it was someone else I'd be more suspect, but I just don't know how to read Wifi at all ❤️ @Nynaeve quoted AGAIN WOMAN That does make sense though. Ty for clarifying
  11. This was in response to I think Wifi's vote on her, which I am in agreement, it made no sense. It's against the grain for me, lead wagon of what...one person?? Maybe two? Not exactly a gigantic wagon, you seem to be over exaggerating a lot of stuff this game. Yes.
  12. Fair point - There was a period of time when when I couldn't even get online, so it's most likely not alignment indicative
  13. Who says it is ficticious? I could see any number of people being your partners Illian for example, chance of bfg, aj could be scum and upset that he rolled scum so never posted, the list goes on I don't think you'll be confirmed
  14. You're entitled to your opinion
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