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  1. yeah this is how far back i am I just don't have time, sorry all I really should've outted, completely forgot this was a thing. I didn't even know what you were on about @dicetosser1 - use your words better you never mentioned Q T before that q.t. is what I use to call people cuties - literally ask anyone that I talk to in discord, I call people q.t. patooties, sorry to burst your hyped up bubble
  2. Zander andddddddddddddddd likely Wifi
  3. If it was someone else I'd be more suspect, but I just don't know how to read Wifi at all ❤️ @Nynaeve quoted AGAIN WOMAN That does make sense though. Ty for clarifying
  4. This was in response to I think Wifi's vote on her, which I am in agreement, it made no sense. It's against the grain for me, lead wagon of what...one person?? Maybe two? Not exactly a gigantic wagon, you seem to be over exaggerating a lot of stuff this game. Yes.
  5. Fair point - There was a period of time when when I couldn't even get online, so it's most likely not alignment indicative
  6. Who says it is ficticious? I could see any number of people being your partners Illian for example, chance of bfg, aj could be scum and upset that he rolled scum so never posted, the list goes on I don't think you'll be confirmed
  7. You're entitled to your opinion
  8. Chris's post was in weird font?? I haven't joked/bantered with anyone I LITERALLY SAID A ZILLION TIMES HAVEN'T HAD TIME if it were *specifically* you, you might have a case, but you're not special in this case so your point is moot
  9. it's weird bc you mention me like, ignoring you etc, but I'd literally quoted you and given reads then you did the aforementioned thing that made Chris go hmmmmmmmmmmmm wrt BFG you trying to assign homework on finding a game to compare it to is sketchy when you know that it's something I'm unlikely to do with the small amount of game time I have mentioned a zillion times to have ##Zander for the moment
  10. The above was to Chris
  11. O.O Nice font q.t. Good question to Zander, I feel like he's trying to make these points that aren't really points Zander falling off my list Also I am HECKING glad that Kat is the IC, because I have trouble with her sometimes
  12. I'll be in the ConSuite for the most part, as I am now a shift leader for it! Much excitement, come get your bellies filled for free, all! Omnomnomnom
  13. I am! Also, I'm glad this was created, because I was about to create something. For Saturday, at four pm there is the group trivia, I would like to pool people for the Dragonmount Team, who is interested?
  14. So there then is a separation. It read pretty badly to me.
  15. No separation between us and AJ, who hasn't spoken *at all*? okay.
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