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  1. Also, welcome @keyholder21 to Shayol Ghul! It's fantastic here. You're gonna love it.
  2. We got an announcement at work, because they've had us on 6-7 days a week since April and it seems like the demand is not going to end, they're going to give us shift work. So I'll be working 12 hours a day but only 3 days a week. So I get four days off every week, I'm so excited to have more time to be back here!
  3. Hi all! ❤️ I'm excited for a weekend off next weekend for Memorial Day 😄
  4. @Zanatron - ily muffin Home now. @dicetosser1 - I uh, guess I don't need to talk about Clov as I was clearly mistaken
  5. Happy to see a wolf flip! What about me doesn't seem right? @dicetosser1
  6. I said Chris not Marsh, Marsh was already low, as per my earlier explanation - he's done nothing to change that opinion Noted. I do believe in a possible Marsh Chris scum team
  7. Yeh, Clov has plummeted for me, but Marsh still up there as well Disagree with this. Vote: Ironeyes
  8. I think there is likely a scum on the train, hence what I said that you quoted about Marsh I also said my town reads atm which are You, Dice, Verb, and Clov Marsh is the only real scum read atm, but I feel like anyone really could possibly be the other one
  9. I feel like he was just happy to sheep away on the Tress wagon. I don't see any original thoughts there at all.
  10. The Tress train made no sense whatsoever :/ I don't know if I have stated this here, but with my promotion I literally can't even get online except for like uh, break times, and even then only if I want to walk out to where I can take my phone out :rip: That being said, I'm here. Marsh is currently up on the top of my scumdar.
  11. @Songstress - I like your catch up and breakdown of what's gone on in thread; got some reads from all that?
  12. Adding Dice to town reads, he seems genuinely happy and engaged
  13. o.o 3 and a half hours until deadline!? holy @ClovdyxGonna go back through, but can you elaborate on the Tress vote?
  14. Yeah, actually - I don't see his response to me as being bad, and the stuff during catch up I see that he isn't just immediately tossing you a town read for your involvement, I like it. Well then v.v alas (i still appreciate you) I can see how it might read as defensive. I was tired last night, feeling better today. I'll be here for the next half hour. Town reads mostly lie in Verb, Clov, and Zander. also @Katiora it really isn't my new normal, I'm typically low, though I would say on average my posts have gone up from like two years ago?
  15. I'm allowed to have feelings on people, sorry so /shrug I appreciate you. It was just a light feeling that I got from seeing his couple of posts there. Nothing really to add to it
  16. ZANDOOZLE Verb seeming towny to me tbh
  17. SO what you're saying is, we should vote you? Got it, Chrissypoo.
  18. Result: Mother Nature You are the Mother of all Nature. Which makes you not just one force of nature, but all of them. You are the queen bee. The head honcho. The big cheese. You can also be a control freak at times. But that’s understandable considering you hold domain over all living things and have the power to wipe us all out. So keep doing what you do, and we’ll promise to be nicer to you so we don’t end up like the dinosaurs: extinct. Watch the Nature Is Speaking film, "Mother Nature."
  19. That we are, keeping you and your family in my prayers. <3
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