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  1. That does sound pretty awesome. The cool thing about having a world that developed is you can stand back and pick any number of characters to write your story about. Because I had already built the world in my story I was able to just step back in time and pick a character and create their origin story.
  2. I love world building too! With my current story there is the King and then there are like 29 other Lords/Houses that make up the country. Without those 29 there are powerful ones which rule their own regions pretty strongly and have the loyalty of the Houses around them. For each of the 30 Houses I've had fun determining who is married to who, who the brothers/sisters and children are. Fleshing out the houses has quickly given me hundreds of characters I would say. I've also got a list of who the most renown warriors are. I've got the map of the country but haven't created maps of the individual cities. I think that may be one of the projects I work on next. The tricky thing for me is to not get so wrapped up in the world building that I forget to write, lol
  3. I am happy to share with you too Cass. I've been developing in my head a main story for a long time and I've put some effort into building the world. I found I was having a hard time picking up where I left off in the story though so for my Nano project its a prequel of sorts about a character in the world. Its kind of like an origin story. I also don't edit until I finish writing. I find it really slows down my progress. I am able to write more if I just get it out. Even if it needs editing its still better than being stuck and having little or no progress.
  4. Hang in there Cass! Being exhausted and having no time has been on of the things that has really held me back too so I completely understand. The only way I'm getting any done now is that I just had to resolve to make the time to do it. I would just suggest writing something fun. Don't take it too seriously. If you are enjoying the story that you are writing it is easy to get started, and to keep going. :-)
  5. *dusts hands* Another 1100 words. Not too shabby. Things are about to get interesting
  6. That could be fun BB! Glad to hear you are writing too. Well I'm off to get my goal in for the day before bed.
  7. Anyone else here working on a writing project of their own outside of the WoT world? I'd love to hear about it. I've worked on my own stories for years now but haven't written much in awhile because of school and work and family. However, I sat down tonight and hammered out 1k words for a new story. It felt good to write my own stuff after being so long away from it. I just wanted to say that and celebrate it along with the work anyone else may be doing too.
  8. I'm here too. Thanks for poking me BB
  9. Hello hello Arath. I remember seeing you around. Welcome back!
  10. Id love to do prompts from the books, count me in
  11. Id still like to do this. Sorry, I kinda got thrown off when the boards were down. Let me see if I can find Key
  12. Welcome welcome *offers mug of ale*
  13. Well damn, I feel like I remember you too but I was hoping you'd be able to tell me how.
  14. Thank you Lavinya, did we get a chance to RP together? My memory is a little hazy at times.
  15. ) Your Handle: 2) Your Character's full name: Grey Drinalt 3) Your Character's Type and Level (New or Returning: Trainee/Warder; Novice/Accepted/Aes Sedai - Traditional or Salidar): Returning Tower Guard Trainee 4) Do you have see/have access to post on the RP IC boards? Yes 5) Do you see/have access to post on the Tar Valon OOC sub boards? Yes
  16. Mostly like a circus. Acrobats, fireworks, strong man. Keyholder's character is a lion tamer too so some exotic animals.
  17. Hello everyone, So Keyholder and I have a pair of freelanders that own a menagerie (BB has a freelander character too if she wants to bring her back) We were thinking we could bring our menagerie around to your neck of the woods. Would anyone be interested in that?
  18. Hello hello, New or Returning: Returning Character Name (if bio written): Viktor Remein Freelander Guild: Freebooter
  19. Ill try to post tonight. Arinth is good for grunt work though he might not like it
  20. Is this the RP you mentioned in the other thread Tay? I may be able to make an appearance. It will be good to meet some people outside the band.
  21. BB shhh we still call that "training" ;-) And I think it was your turn to post on getting tattoos :-p
  22. I think those multiple crash tackles gave me a concussion. I couldn't find my way out of here if I tried.
  23. Keyholder21 nudged me into coming back in too. I also originally was from around 2005/2006 and off and on over the years since.
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