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  1. Hello everyone. Been a long time, and I don't know how many are still around that would remember me. I was the BT leader up until about 5 years ago when I stepped away. Been toying with the idea of returning and writing a little more, finishing up the story of Storm Leader Arath. So who's still around, and what are you up to?
  2. Because the BT absconded with the Warders leader and has hidden her in an undisclosed location. We demand the recipe for the WT quiche, or we shall be forced to do unspeakable things! With alcohol. And feathers. >_> Boopsy is creative with that sort of thing. In all seriousness, Warder staff is a little understaffed at the moment. Hard to get ahold of someone when there's nobody to get ahold of.
  3. Both of them accessing the sa'angreal may have had something to do with the fact that the male CK was being accessed remotely through a ter'angreal. Such a setup might have introduced a flaw which allowed multiple people to draw on it at once. Now that I think about it, that might actually have been by design, since there were multiple keys to begin with.
  4. Though it should be noted that Asha'man characters are the most fun. *nods* I said it on the internet. It can't go on the internet if it's not true.
  5. I believe RJ said that the Horn was known in the AoL, but it was more of a novelty museum piece. They had the legends, but nobody really believed it. It wasn't until after the war and foretellings made specific mention of it that it was given any importance. Sort of like if say Exacalibur was placed in a museum. At the outbreak of WW3, who would go running for it? It would probably be the last thing on peoples minds.
  6. I think the point of all this is that the educational default shouldn't be "America = Bad, Anything/Everything else = Good", which seems to be the the increasingly popular trend. Nor should the default be "Liberal = Good, Conservative = Bad", or vice versa. I've noticed though that the big pushes to create modern curricula, teaching methods, and 'free thinking' generally translate to Liberal indoctrination. Having gone to high school in Oregon, I've seen some of the worst that that 'enlightening' system has to offer. Some of the very worst education in the country.
  7. As someone who works in military intelligence, I've long since given up on trying to make sense of anything the Arab's do. Dropping a rocket on Jerusalem doesn't even make it on to the list of top ten stupid things they've done. This week.
  8. — adj 1. deviating, as from what is considered acceptable behaviour — n 2. a person whose behaviour, esp sexual behaviour, deviates from what is considered to be acceptable Not applicable to writing left handed. Or reading fantasy novels (with the exception of the Sword of Truth ... you deviant weirdos). If the behavior makes the majority of society uncomfortable, it is considered deviant. Most people don't consider having only one partner for life to be a strange behavior. It may not be the regular practice for a lot of people now, but the idea doesn't make them uncomfortable. Being tied up, gagged, and struck with a whip for kicks? That's going to make a majority of people uncomfortable, therefore it is 'deviant'. What you personally think of the practice is irrelevant. It's the generally accepted 'societal norm' that determines what is 'deviant'.
  9. Long story short? He didn't promise nearly as much 'free' stuff to the masses.
  10. The tinkers show up singing the song and they win the last battle. And it turns out the song was the Macarena. Or the Hokey Pokey.
  11. True, not all Wise One's can channel, but all female channelers are Wise Ones.
  12. Siuan's warder I believe. Right after she was arrested by Elaida she saw him dead on the floor with the knife in his back.
  13. I'm not exactly versed in law matters, but doesn't being ruled as a tax make it easier for congress to repeal it? It's pretty easy to campaign against a half a trillion dollar tax, so it's very possible that Republican's could take control of both houses and then simply repeal it. Don't tax votes only require a simple majority?
  14. Hey there. It sounds like your character could be a borderlander. Saldean maybe? When it comes to small villages, you can pretty much invent one that suits you. If you have other questions, feel free to ask me. I'm the BT division leader, so I'll have the final say on the bio anyway.
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