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  1. And that would be fine if this series was set in the time of the ten nations. It's not. 2000 years has passed since that era and the Two Rivers area is repeatedly described as one of the most backwater areas in world. So isolated that they don't even know that they're technically Andoran. Isolation, and a small population, is going to make for a VERY homogeneous population in just a few generations. Racial diversity most certainly will have a place in this show. MUST have a place in this show. The Two Rivers is the absolute wrong place for it. Caemlyn, yes. Tar Valon, abso
  2. DM Handle: Ash Man Contact Info: aidenking17@gmail.com Character Count: 1 (This is the first.) Character Name: Jeiol Ramureth Nationality: Mayene Age: 27 Physical Characteristic: -Eye color: Emerald green, with a obscure ring of sand-brown around the pupil -Hair color: Black -Weight: 158 lb. -Height: 6'1" Physical Description: Jeiol is of a medium-framed body type, and of a very fit human physical condition. Across the left side of his chest, above his heart, he has a tattoo, of what appears to a crescent half-moon. He has several scars in his abdominal region, along with a arrow wound on h
  3. DM Handle: Zhon Character Count: 0 Character Name: Gevin Dallor Nationality: Lugard Age: 20 Physical Characteristics: Lightly tanned skin, 5’6 tall with a thin build (130lbs); short black hair and brown eyes; always clean-shaven. Personality: Gevin normally comes across as very friendly and social. He’ll talk about any subject given half a chance, and it can be difficult to make him stop when the subject is something he is genuinely interested in or if there’s some kind of debate or story involved. He rarely takes things seriously unless someone’s life is on the line, and even th
  4. DM Handle: Jozan Character Count: 1 Character Name: Jerid Kovar Place of Birth: Tear Age: 37 Eyes: light blue Hair: short dark brown Height: 5’4 Weight: 140 (thick built though) Personality: If you get past the wall he puts up, you’ll meet the charming, intelligent, and witty prankster that he is. He loves singing to himself but will always stop when someone comes. Jerid thinks that his looks would only scare people off. Therefore he puts on his mask and a cool exterior. He has never walked up to a stranger and held a discussion going. Because of his wall people tend to leave him
  5. Name: Kaelin Elan Norinth Gender: Male Class: Channeler Age: Early thirties Origin: Cairhien Occupation: Guardsman in the mining town of Edgehill, Andor. Family: Andoran mother, Cairhienin father, a twin brother, and a Cairhienin wife; all deceased. Appearance: Uncharacteristically tall for a Cairhienin at 5'11 (due to his Andoran blood). Slim and lithe in build, short black hair with white at the temples, pale skin, and dark eyes with an angry red scar running horizontally between them. Personality: A quiet individual, with a serious demeanour, a clipped Cairhienin ac
  6. "No." The simple response seemed to stun the Soldier. Before he could muster a response, likely an angry one, Daevis continued. "I will show you how to be a weapon, rest assured of that. You will learn how to deal death with Saidin every day. Your ears will ring and your body will tremble from the force of the explosions you will unleash. You will learn to tame fires so hot they will melt the rocks your enemies stand on. But that is not your purpose. "Killing and destruction ... they are tools you will use, not what you will be. Death and madness ... those are the price we pay,
  7. Daevis nodded his understanding. "There is no easy way to cope with your situation. Almost every man who comes to this place has the same dilemna, but each also has his own solution. In the end, you have to accept the lot you've been given; accept what you are." He paused, frowning down at the Soldier in thought. "That's a lot easier for some than for others. I flaming leapt at the chance to come here, though in my case I had nothing left to lose." His voice took on a harder note as memories welled up inside him. "Soulblighter took everything from me, and this was my chance to punch him
  8. "That's a shame," said Daevis, rubbing his chin. "As I recall, sleep was a rare and precious thing as a Soldier." He leaned against the tree, looking out at the slowly brightening sky over the tree line. "I've trained a lot of Soldiers during my time here. Usually we manage to work them so hard that they don't have the time or energy to think about anything at all. Sometimes though, a Soldier just can't help but dwell on things no matter how hard we distract him." He paused, giving the other man an appraising look. He looked to be about the same age as Daevis himself, and had a sort of
  9. Daevis Thelandran enjoyed the quiet times of the early morning. Before the daily training began and the sounds of power wrought explosions filled the air, the Farm had a downright peaceful air to it. Not at all what you would expect for a place filled with hundreds of potential madmen. Wandering the outskirts of the Farm, the Asha'man took note of those few others who found themselves out and about. A couple of dedicated reaching the end of their night watch, and a handful of Asha'man preparing for the days lessons. The usual people he encountered on his morning walks. This morning, howe
  10. "Very well." Arath motioned the other man forward to the edge of the desk. "This test will awaken your ability if you can indeed learn to channel. Once you begin, there is no going back." A barely perceptible nod signaled agreement with those terms. "To channel requires singular focus. You will learn that in time, but for now concentrate on this flame. There is nothing but the flame. Feed all your doubts and fears into the flame and leave nothing to distract you." The test didn't take as long as many did. After ten minutes Arath felt the echo in the flame, Baren's latent abilities
  11. Arath listened to Baren's short introduction, then waited silently for more. It didn't appear that more would be coming at the moment though, which was understandable. Many of the men who came here were trying to escape a painful past. Especially those who started channeling on their own. Still, Arath would need a little more to work with. "Generally speaking, there are two kinds of men who come looking for this place. There are those who, through no fault of their own, have begun to channel. They see this place as their only hope. The other is the man who, Light only knows why, chooses t
  12. Arath stewed over the stack of papers that had grown on his desk over the last few weeks. Bloody Aes Sedai, demanding all his time ... he'd never catch up at this rate. He didn't know which was worse, the incessant attentions of every Aes Sedai with a spark of curiosity, or the endless paperwork. For the hundredth time he wondered why he hadn't passed some of his duties off to an Attack Leader. Light knew he could use a little relief. Then again, if he had less to tie him down at the Farm, he may never get away from Zarinen or her sisters. He tested the knot of emotions in his mind, but
  13. DM Handle: Andrej Character Count: 0 currently Character Name: Baren Katse Nationality: Amadacian Age: 31 Physical Characteristics: 6’0”, 190lbs, straw colored blonde hair and gray eyes. Physical Appearance: Baren is of average height and broad across the shoulders. He is heavy set both with age and years toiling as a farmer. Baren’s hair is the color most commonly associated with hay or straw, unruly and thick although he keeps it cut short which helps make it more manageable. His face is broad, with creases at the corners of his uncommonly ocean gray eyes from years of squinting und
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