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  1. Ok hear me out. Marin immediately recognises the Ring and without hesitation calls Morraine, Aes Sedai. If someone had just heard descriptions of the Ring, they may think to themselves that's an Aes Sedai Ring but most would not be so quick to name the person wearing it as such.. She probably went to the tower 30 odd years before, signed the Novice Book but either could not Channel or was extremely weak and was sent out of the Tower after a few months. This would make a good way to introduce to the viewers what an Aes Sedai is and where they come from, maybe she addresses the Women's Circle and or the Town Council the next morning, telling them and the Viewers what she knows of the Aes Sedai.
  2. How did Marin al'Vere recognise that ring so quick that she immediately called Morraine, Aes Sedai? I reckon she has seen them before, i wonder if she may in fact be a failed Novice, maybe no stronger in the OP then Morgase.
  3. On that picture Ceara(pronounced as Kie-ra on the panel today) screams Elayne, Natasha nearly has to be Lanfear, Meera I think is Verin(sorry Elder Hamon, no Margo M). Rafe said they are playing major characters and the only other new ones who could be in S2 are Elaida and Aviendha.
  4. As Rand is riding away after lighting his Pipe, a Sho-Wing lands and some people get out and announce that they are from the Continent known as the Land of the Mad Men and announce they had cured the madness shortly after the breaking and the whole Mad Men thing was a hoax to keep people away and they had been living a 2nd Age lifestyle the entire time.
  5. Thanks, currently on a re-read so i will keep an eye out for it.
  6. @Rose mind if i ask where you got the "rising storm" quote from that you put with your posts, i like it, sounds good.
  7. When Mat, Thom and Noal go into the Tower of Ghenjai they actually find Barney Harris's Mat who claims he was kidnapped in Fal Dara and Donel's Mat is an imposter.
  8. Will be interesting to see how they do the changeover, maybe tie it into the Dagger in some way.
  9. Not common knowledge but she had a older Brother who's name was Egwebenedict
  10. I think the Seanchan are RJs reminder that the Wheel Turns, Ages come and Pass, that the 3rd Age is ending and a new Age is coming and that the status quo that has stood in the Westlands of a Continent dominated by Tar Valon and the Aes Sedai for 3000 years is coming to an end. If RJ had lived then maybe we may have got what direction the world is going to go.
  11. Trollocs are probably the most honest characters in WOT, they don't care about politics and scheming, all they want to do is kill everything, you know exactly where you stand with them.
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