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  1. My top 5 is WOT LOTR Stormlight Archive Riftwar Cycle Deverry Cycle
  2. Geeeez Whitebridge is a bit small though😂
  3. It looks like we are going to see the capture of Logain, probably as the E1 prologue and this is where they may show the AS in a very different light to how they show Morraine, especially when we first see her in EF. We see the ruthlessness, and commanding arrogance of the AS first up then introduce Morraine as some gentle Noble Woman visiting EF. The viewer then gets hit with the shock that Morraine is of the same organisation as the Woman in the prologue.
  4. B****r that ruins a perfectly good theory. The Pendant is quite plausible though.
  5. Considering the possible theme we are talking about here and the fact that the first 2 are actually created items, i reckon I’ve got it. Its Morraine’s Staff. While the Staff has got no power of its own, Morraine used it as a focussing Tool for creating light, and i think she used it when throwing Fire Balls.
  6. I must be a bit slow, didn’t even click about the Iron and Music and then fire. Having now gone through the choices above, I’ve gone with Promotional.
  7. We are all a bit anxious about the Show, we all want it to succeed and everything i have seen so far has me optimistic. The big one that really gives me hope about the production quality is the comments by a couple of people who worked on GOT saying that this is another level entirely and you can say whatever you like about how the GOT story ended, the production quality S8 was absolutely phenomenal and i have some sympathy for the crew who worked on S8 and have copped abuse for things far beyond there control. @Elessar unfortunately there are people out there who will expect a word for w
  8. Personally i would say I’m in Category 2. Category 3 is where you are going to get most of the hate from unfortunately. Spot on with both the LOTR and Shannara, always though they got the look to LOTR spot on, GOT is another i would put in that same category. Shannara not even close, the characters looked wrong, looked and felt like Actors in costume, LOTR on the other hand, the characters looked and felt like real citizens of Middle Earth. Get the look and feel right, don’t deviate to far from the basic story, decent acting, quality directing and editing and they should have a hit sh
  9. Spot on my Brother(sorry couldn’t help that) That is the problem with adapting any book series to film. You have to play the long game and the entire Royal Court in Caemlyn sees not only the 3 Trakands, but Galad, Elaida and Brynne have 1 Chapter Cameos, there is no way you could do all 6 in S1 and expect those 6 actors to come back, still think we may get Elayne and Elaida but thats all, they are the only 2 that really do anything of long term importance in the Royal Palace
  10. WOT doesn’t need to do something a certain way, just because GOT or LOTR or Star Wars or any other franchise did it that way. The story is more then epic enough to be told the way it is in the Books. It doesn’t need Sexing up or true swearing. One area i think they will increase compared to EOTW is the amount of Channeling, there isn’t actually a lot of Channeling in the first book and thats why it looks like we are going to see Logain’s capture.
  11. We could even see a combined trailer for all 3 first, certainly a sales pitch around selling the Epicness of the 3 series could be the way to go. Something along the lines of. “Amazon Prime goes truly epic in 2021, return to the Row for an even bigger 2nd season of Carnival Row and go back to Middle Earth for never before seen adventures in “add title they are using here*” and for the first time ever Robert Jordans massive work comes to life in Wheel of Time”. Of course accompanied by some footage. *We don’t actually have the title for the TV series yet, doubt it will be called simp
  12. Do you seriously believe that is all it will take to make WOT successful?, LOTR and GOT are hugely successful because they have drawn huge numbers of people who are not normally inclined to like or dislike Fantasy. At $100m+ a season WOT has to draw those type of Viewers in. Another thing we need to remember to is Amazon Prime is a Streaming Service and it makes its money back by selling new subscriptions and that will be another factor in its strategic thinking. They may decide to run both at the same time or they may decide to run one straight after the other finishes or they may have a
  13. Just remembered, its not only LOTR and WOT on Amazon this year but yet another big Budget reasonably similar Fantasy Series, Carnival Row S2 is also due. So its not going to come down to if its all finished up ready to go, its all about Amazon Prime selling its product and if they think a Nov-Dec 21 or even a early 22 release will work best for WOT then that is what will happen.
  14. Perrins Hammer!!! We are still talking about Season 1, bit early to talk about.S6 or S7 isn’t it For the Power wrought Hammer or S2 or S3 for the one he was given in Tear? Actually at this stage it would be more likely the Axe he left EF with.
  15. Any release date will have to work in with the LOTR TV Series, i would suspect that Amazon Prime will be very strategic in their thinking about release dates on these 2 and S1 of both appear to be finished roughly the same time. We may even see a joint Trailer for both. LOTR will get what Amazon Prime believes to be the better release date due to the fact it is far better known to the general public at large, all you have to say is “Lord of the Rings” and everybody and his dog will know immediately what your talking about. Say “Wheel of Time” and non Fantasy Fans will say UH!!! whats that.
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