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  1. Yep all great moments but i think the big one in B5 is on the docks at Cairhien, thats the WOT Red Wedding moment.
  2. Same here enjoyed the Dragon Prince trilogy but never started on the Dragon Star trilogy. I think its just i found other series better and i got into them more, Jordan, Feist, Eddings and Kerr kept me busy enough and i sort of forgot about Rawn
  3. Geeeez what have i set off. Of course there is no such thing as Channeling, just like there is no such thing as the Stargate* its a fictional magic system created by Robert Jordan for a series of books that includes the possibility of a world very similar to ours being one of the 7 Ages, pure Fiction nothing else. *the other Stargate guys as in SG1, Atlantis, Universe.
  4. Lets watch season one and then decide wether they have got the casting and look right. Are there going to be changes to the story? yes, am i going to dislike some changes? Yes, am i going to love some changes? Yes. Are there Book Lovers who are going to hate it? Yes. Nothing i have seen so far has got me worried in any way, i would rather watch a talented Actor who doesn’t fit the book’s physical description perfectly than a Talentless Hack who does.
  5. Ashaman are Channelers. A fair percentage of the Aiel Wise ones are Channelers. Windfinders are Channelers. A fair percentage of Kin Folk are Channelers. The Damane are Channelers. The Sul’Dam have the ability to learn how to Channel. The Ayyad can Channel as can there Male counterparts. A unknown number of People living on the Southern Continent can channel At the start of the 4th Age the number of Aes Sedai and there Trainees probably equates to less than 10% and possibly a lot less of the channelers in the world. So why on Earth would the disappearance of the organisation known as the Aes Sedai equate to no more Channeling in the world? No channeling in our age, says who? The history of the world is full of Legends and Myths of Sorcerers, Demi Gods, Witches, Warlocks etc.
  6. The Wheel of Time Turns and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. That is why i think the Aes Sedai’s days are numbered no matter what they try to do after being a dominate force for so long, i believe the Pattern will decide time is up, it may still be several centuries yet and they may even evolve into something different. This is my opinion and i fully recognise that i may be totally wrong.
  7. Another big one I’m looking forward to is the moment Alviarin and her people go through the Gateway to find Androl just standing there, then suddenly they are seized by Ogier and dragged into the Stedding.
  8. Yes they can but why haven’t they been doing that for the last 3000 years? Why the sudden change? Actually this is probably something you are more likely to see the Kin Folk doing now they are no longer hiding but are part of the Tower. I can see the Ashaman doing this to help fund the BT, but Aes Sedai?
  9. Actually instead of talking about cutting the number of Forsaken we should talk about cutting the number of major named Antagonist, there is several dozen of them, keep your 13 Forsaken but combine several of the Black Ajah into the Forsaken.
  10. To clear something up first, i do not hate the concept of the Aes Sedai, i do not hate in any way any character in the WOT, i am not predicting the fall of the AS because of the way they acted, i think they were brilliantly portrayed and if it turned out i was wrong i would be happy to admit that, in my opinion what is known realistically points towards the eventual fall of both the AS and Aiel in the first few Centuries of the 4th Age. Totally disagree on the Remnant of a remnant of the Aiel remain, I don’t think that has happened yet, like everyone else they lost a lot of the Wise Ones and Warriors yes but their society in the waste still remains intact and would still number in the hundreds of thousands made up of some Warriors left behind, some Wise Ones, old Folk, Children, Mothers, Smiths, Farmers etc. There is no real evidence that the Seanchan have been severely weakened. They joined the battle quite late and we have no idea of the size of the force they sent to Merilor, if they committed everything they have. I suspect not, Tuon is to canny an operator to commit her entire Army to a cause she is not 100% convinced about. Its not about me wanting to see change at all, its about how the entire story is written, Jordan wrote it as a World that changes, that evolves, that Civilisations, Kingdoms, Organisations come and go. I can only go on what is known and don’t forget that Andor-Carhien, the Aes Sedai and the Black Tower where all tricked into allying with the Aiel in Aviendha’s vision and fell the only glimpse we have into the 4th Age and we don’t know if she is successful in changing that or not. You seem to want the Aes Sedai to rise to become the power they were in the 2nd Age again and the world to go back to being a Utopia again. sorry but I don’t think the pattern will allow that to happen only 2 Ages after the last time. I don’t think there can be any doubt that Sanderson believed that the AS will fall, Aviendha’s vision and the death of Egwene being my 2 main reasons. There is no real love for the Aes Sedai in this world, there is plenty of hatred, fear, contempt for them though and a lot less respect then once existed, their number one supporters, the Borderlanders have been reduced to a remnant of what they once where, because unlike the Aiel, their Homelands have been invaded, their Cities Destroyed and the populations killed or driven off. if the Blight and Shadowspawn disappear, which i Regard as a very strong possibility then the Borderland Nations will become nothing but unimportant Backwaters.
  11. I’m just going to have to agree to disagree.
  12. Rise as a Political Power? They’ve been at the top for somewhere between 7000 and 10,000 years through 2 Ages, survived through the Breaking, Trolloc Wars, Artur Hawkwing and Rand Al Thor. No i think if the pattern is going to bring someone down it will be the Aes Sedai, the time must come for them to become Memory, then Legend then fade to Myth and finally disappear from all knowledge and i think the Aiel will eventually go the same way, become memory during the 4th Age, legend in the 5th, Myth in the 6th and have totally disappeared by the 7th to return in the 1st or 2nd Age. We know about 4 of the 7 Ages and the first days of a 5th, we know all about the 3rd Age, a lot about the 2nd, one unknown Age is our world, another is the Age where men and Wolves live in partnership. All the Ages are very different from each other, at the start of the 4th Age, its still to similar to the 3rd Age. We have one future vision of the 4th Age, forewarned the Aiel will strive to stop it from happening but we can’t be certain they will ultimately succeed they may just change the way it happens. My prediction for the 4th Age is the rise of a great Empire using Channelers to keep the populace under control.
  13. Agree 13 Forsaken is just to many for 70 odd TV episodes Aginor yes that could work Asmodean i think his Arc is fine, personally i would leave his death as is or maybe captured by one of the others and taken back to SG but i would definitely resurrect him in a Female body, the concept of a woman who could channel Saidin i thought was brilliant and would be a fitting way for the DO to punish him. Balthamel who? Seems there to make up the numbers to 13, combine him with Aginor or maybe even Asmodean but is not killed at the Eye. Be’lal/Rahvin i could get with that, have him injured in Tear and then go to Caemlyn Taimandred i have never been able to make up my mind about Taimandred, definitely happy about the way the books done it but the Combo may be better for the show Graendal/Moghedien yes that would work, but definitely retain the name as Moghedien. Ishamael/Morridin have him keep his original name but in a new body, you would not even have to change the actor. Lanfear totally agree have the DO rescue her alive from the Finn but have her controlled far more closely as punishment for her failures. Mesaana i would leave pretty much as is, i would keep her appearance right out of the show until very late, but have her mentioned a few times, mind you combining her with Alviarin could work to. Sammael no i would leave him as is, changes the whole Illian plot line to much, Morraine discovering a Dark Friend rules in Illian just doesn’t work and the plans for the attack on Illian wouldn’t make as much sense for just a Dark Friend. Semirhage yes leave her storyline as is but no I wouldn’t combine her with the Gholam, she is killable the Gholam is not and i loved the solution Mat come up with. One of the great things about the Forsaken in the books is the way they are punished and i want to see the show continue those themes. At the start the Forsaken are seen as virtual Demigods by the populace in general and i would definitely play that up a bit early on and then as the series goes on they are shown not to be but that they are Humans just with superior knowledge of Channeling.
  14. You won’t get any disagreement on those from me, Dumais Wells is the big one though and so central to the whole story, i think you could easily seperate everything into pre DW and post DW.
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