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  1. Hi and welcome, what didn’t you like about the end?
  2. I think we are going to have to put this in the same place as, how did Morraine learn that the Dragon Reborn was living in the 2 Rivers. Remembering that she did not know which of the 3 Boys was the DR? It is just something there is no ready explanation for.
  3. If they show the opening prologue from EOTW as written it will certainly be some start, dozens of bodies burnt, melted into the stone including Children, looks of sheer horror on there faces and then you find out that the person who done this was a good guy who went insane and is actually the Husband, Brother, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather life time friend of the dead. And then commits the most spectacular suicide ever in Fiction. If they go that way it will probably draw a strong rating from the word go.
  4. A bit if trivia for you. There is actually a character in ASOIAF named Trebor Jordayne of house Jordayne, Martin and Jordan were actually good friends, so a pretty fair chance there is some influences from WOT in ASOIAF, mind you that won’t stop some of the Show viewers claim that some stuff like Daes Da’mar has been stolen from GOT.
  5. I don’t think they will drift to far from the Books with the graphic scenes, the sex scenes will be fairly light, doesn’t need to get heavy. The strongest WOT theme that will drive the rating will be Horror and Graphic violence, throw strong Sex scenes in as well and you may end up with to strong a rating. I don’t think Amazon will want anything stronger then a not recommended for anyone under 15(MA15+), certainly won’t want a R rating(18+)*. *those ratings are for my home country Australia.
  6. I know its supposed to be pronounced Mwah-rain but gawds i hate it, what the b****y heck is wrong with More-rain, i hope that is one change we see for TV.
  7. You do realise that Hammed Animashaun is not 10 foot tall, don’t you? You do realise that John Rhys Davis isn’t 4’6, that Astin, Boyd, Holm, Monaghan and Wood are not all actually 3’6 don’t you? It doesn’t matter how tall Pike is, there are a number of ways to make a Actress/Actor look shorter or taller then they are or do you think they should have found actors that are at least 9 ft tall to play the Ogier, good luck with that. Where in the Books does it actually say the Emonds Fielders are all Caucassion? Rand is the only one and how the heck could the population of the Westlands all be one race per area, given the history going back to the 2nd Age, why would it be? The races have been interbreeding for many thousands of years except for the Aiel. For Gawds sake lets all just settle down and wait and see how it comes together before making judgements about casting, i would rather watch a good actor who doesn’t fit my head cannon looks wise then a poor actor who does. PS Also add every Tom Cruise Movie ever made spoiler he is 5’7 not 6’2😂
  8. Don’t forget the Middle Earth 2nd Age(LOTR) series which they have basically contracted for a 5 season, $750m run. I am very optimistic about the wide appeal of the WOT, people love magic and this show is going to be built on it, full of great characters, some Horror themes, some epic battles, whats not to love. GOT had no trouble holding on to there main cast for 8 seasons and they still had time to do some other projects, Maisie Williams doing several Dr Who episodes is a good example.
  9. Dumai Wells and Cairhien are fairly epic and hopefully we will see Mat v Couladin on screen.
  10. I cannot for the life of me work out how anyone who has read EOTW thinks anyone but Rand is the main Protagonist and once they start talking about the Dragon Reborn it took me about 5 secs to work out it was Rand. Every chapter in EOTW where Rand is present is told from his POV. He is the first character we see once the story proper starts and that is normally a pretty big sign in storytelling.
  11. Looks like we are getting casting announcements every Wednesday(western Hemisphere time). Perhaps the Trakands are being set up as some kind of big casting announcement finale. Next week Bayle Domon?
  12. Lets not forget the other big (and i mean big!!!) character that is tied into Basel Gill, that is of course everyone’s favourite Ogier, Loail who is staying at the Queen’s Blessing when we first meet him. That is a scene I’m really looking forward to seeing. Rands reaction is priceless.
  13. We have Basil Gill, to be played by Darren Clarke, i take that to mean an actor by that name and not the well known Golfer🏌️‍♀️
  14. Hi Everyone Currently listening to the 5th Season by NK Jemisin, 4 hours to go, enjoying it. Very much has magic at the heart of it, set in a land that has a lot of Volcanic activity.
  15. The Royal Crest has a Lion with a Mane and a Unicorn on it, the Crest of England has 3 Lions with Manes on them. No there are no native Lions in England and has not been for about 10,000 years but that has not stopped the English from using them and considering that the English have known about Asian/African Lions since the days of the Roman occupation and have only known of Cougars since the early days of the Colonisation of the America’s, my money is firmly on the former. Jordan may have been referring to Mountain Lions but that would go against the norm in Fantasy Fiction as well as history.
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