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  1. Love the Poster but 10 or so mins of Rafe telling us about how much he loves the Books was not worth dragging myself out of bed at 3.30am on a Saturday Morning. Would that Poster get me fired if i was a non WOT Fan, not really
  2. Robert Jordan didn’t hand the series over to Brandon Sanderson Harriet McDougall did.
  3. Not sure we will see Caemlyn in S2 either, its only appearance in books 2 and 3 are when Mat drops off Elayne’s letter to Morgase and with Tar Valon a certainty, Falme a probable, Carhien a fair chance and Tear a possibility, they are are not short for Cities.
  4. Who said 4 Kings and Whitebridge have been dropped? Caemlyn almost certainly has, disappointing but i understand and agree with the reasons, Baerlyn probably has been but there is no certainty.
  5. They need to be tied into the show or we will end up having different Actors playing LTT and the Forsaken and to much contradictory stuff and it could quickly turn into a mess. But its still a very long journey and a lot of things have to happen first.
  6. Judy is adopted in the new show, so not the Biological Daughter of either of them. And Taylor Russell has a Black Father and White Mother so yes Judy could have been the Biological Daughter of Maureen. It took me about 2 minutes of research on the net to get the above information. Maybe before attacking a casting some research might be in order. Personally I don’t mind the new Lost in Space, loved the original as a kid but cringe when i think about it now.
  7. I see the chances of casting as. Younger Trakands 99%, Lanfear,Faile 80-90%, Be’lal*, Ishamael 70-80%, Aviendha, Rahvin* 20-30%, Morgase, Bryn, Barelain 5-10% *One or the other but not both, either Be’lal will be killed as per the Books or it will be Rahvin ruling both Tear and Andor and defeated in Tear, retreats to Andor. I really like this Plotline, with Travelling a Forsaken could pull it off easily. Aviendha has only a short Cameo in TDR and i think Barelain is only about a 70% chance of being in the series full stop
  8. Thanks for that, the only problem now is i will have to drag myself out of bed at 4.00am in the morning. Oh well thats what they invented Coffee for.
  9. Whats the best way to watch the SD Comic Con on the Net?
  10. 1/Mat : for all the grief he gives Nynaeve,Egwene and Elayne 2/Loail : probably the only truly universally loved character 3/Rand : for his overall story Arc 4/Nynaeve : best character development in WOT 5/Aviendha : for being Aviendha 6/Siuan : will feed me to the Fish if i leave her off 7/Egwene : for the way she stood up to Elaida and her Cronies 8/Birgitte : for being Birgitte 9/Padan Fain : easily the best written baddy 10/Cenn Biue : couldn’t stand the complaining if i left him off special mentions Bela, Verin, Lan.... and the other 2769 named characters There is not a single character in WOT i dislike, it takes all sorts to create a story this big even the Trakands.
  11. I want to see Someone going to a 2022 Hallowe’en Party dressed as a Trolloc or an Ogier.
  12. Na sorry guys, he is only there to talk about his time on Survivor and Directing episodes of Chuck🤣
  13. Personally i want people who can act there Backside off in the role far more, then, that they fit the description perfectly compared to the Books.
  14. I’ve only been here about a year but we have definitely seen an influx of new members and returnees but there have been a few turn up and attack the show especially the casting early on, I’m very confident about the show myself.
  15. Until the day Harriet McDougall says they are not Canon, then they should be treated as Canon full stop. She owns Wheel of Time afterall.
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