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  1. The problem is, there are a lot of and i mean a lot of recurring Characters in these Books, could even hit the three figure mark, as well as a steadily growing Main cast, most of who will be in the final series, the Producers are going to have to cut out or amalgamate Characters or it simply will be to unwieldy. I fully expect to be disappointed that a character has been reduced, amalgamated with another character or cut entirely, it happens with every adaptation i have ever seen, it happened in LOTR it happened in GOT, it will happen in WOT. But i can live with that as long as they get the basic story right.
  2. I can only go on what would happen in a normal situation, i can’t guess for any magical interventions but what will stretch out a bad famine and this would be very bad unless there is the type of intervention you are talking about is the lack of Seed Grain and Breeding Animals, due to fact that all that got consumed.as well. Farmers in olden days would store a percentage of there Crop each year for planting the following year, and of course they keep there Breeding Stock and send the Offspring to market. In this situation its the entire World, huge numbers of people are now refugees, a lot of farms are deserted, there is nowhere to turn to for the food needed, the only reliable Food source left is in the Oceans. So unless the Aes Sedai are hiding a Ter’Angreal that can produce tons and tons of Wheat Grains a day, another one that can produce 100s of Livestock a day and are, along with the Ashaman, Wise Ones, Kin, Seafolk and Seanchan prepared to provide 100s of Gateways a day first up to feed the multitude of Refugees and then return Farmers to there Farms and fill up there storage sheds with Grain and there Fields with Livestock and then help move all this produce to markets and keep it up for several years or Rand clicks his fingers and fixes the whole problem in a second, we have a major famine on our hands.
  3. I don’t think you can look at what is and isn’t possible with Channeling using what is described in the books. It is very skewed towards the Aes Sedai way of channeling and thinking. For 3000 years no one channeled in the Westlands without permission from Tar Valon. And the Aes Sedai judge you solely on how strong you are, you may get a Novice who is weak in the power but has a strong talent but when they are not even allowed to channel without at least an Accepted present they may simply not get the opportunities to develop their talent. It is a way of trg that does not support a weak Channeler. Compare that to how Androl was trained, as a new Soldier, he was expected to do everything using Saidin, as Taim once told Rand, the Soldiers eat cold until they can heat the food themselves. The Westlands has gone from having one Base of power for Channeling to now having 5 including one that has both Men and Women. All using different Trg methods and look at Channelers and Channeling differently from outright Slavery(Seanchan) to great respect and deference(Aiel). As i said above to have a much better idea of what is truly possible with Channeling you need to come back in a hundred years or so or go back 4000 years.
  4. Sorry mods, please disregard my reporting a post, completely accidental. using a touch screen
  5. There is a YouTube Channel run by a guy named Daniel Green, i’m sure many here know of him. Several weeks ago he done a Video on this exact subject, highly recommend you go and watch it.
  6. Androl is probably the only Channeler in the books that has been set up to be so strong in just one discipline and so week in all others, so hard to really know but we do have some very strong Channelers who are very week in some area’s, You could possibly have a point about the Block, one thing that is never explained is why are some people stronger Channelers than others? Is this a mental block? Is it a case that some people simply can’t open themselves enough to fully utilise Channeling? I think the Books only really scratch the surface in regards to what is possible with the Channeling, and i think a visit to the Black Tower 100.years into the future would be a fascinating tour to begin to see whats possible. You mentioned how large a Gateway Androl could create, but what i found even more incredible was his ability to create minute ones at will and the speed he created them. He freed Logain by using Gatewys to open his chains and then another to get him to safety in a matter of a few seconds.
  7. The other thing they could do is actually expand Egeanin’s role, have her rise even higher than in the Books, to maybe one of the leading General’s, then show the fall at the hands of Tuon. Egeanin is one of the very few Seanchan we see until the attack on the White Cloak HQ, and then Abu Dar, she serves as a reminder that the Seanchan threat is still out there. You could go one of 2 ways with the Seanchan, the way the books went, with an occasional reminder that they are still out there, or you can completely ignore them and make the attack on Abu Dar a complete surprise.
  8. I would like to see them keep Egeanin, I think her rise to the blood then her fall to become leilwin Shipless is at the very heart of the Seanchan Society in a way you could never do with Tuon. But it all depends on how deep they go with the Seanchan. You could cut the Seanchan, other than Falme and still tell a brilliant story, they are more about life post Tarmon Gai’don, not that i would want them to.
  9. Warning huge spoiler All the actors are only hired on a season by season basis and her character provides the “Red Wedding moment” for WOT that will leave non Book readers gasping “OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED“ i’m pretty sure Rosamund is aware of Morraine’s fate and has signed on with that in mind, getting her her to come back anything up to 6 seasons later might be more of a worry. Hopefully by the time Rosamund leaves, the rest of the main cast will be household names anyway. It’s a very similar situation to Sean Bean in GOT, get a big name actor, and surround them with unknowns, worked spectacularly well.
  10. The only problem with cutting Bayle’s story is how do Rand, Thom and Mat get to Whitebridge? Egeanin is also central to the storyline about Sul’dam being able to learn to Channel and she would be a good way to introduce Seanchan culture and the way they do things. I’m going to have to agree with @Ascended on this, they need to be careful who they cut, a seemingly minor-ish character can be far more important than the amount of screen time and lines they get. Egeanin/Lealwin is very much a window into Seanchan society, and her rise and fall. Do we need her relationship with Bayle Domon, probably not, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it did go that way.
  11. Its a changed world, the first problem all the leaders are going to have is a very serious famine, there is very little food, farming is a fraction of what it was, it could take anything up tp 10 years to recover. The White Tower is no longer the totally dominant power it was, my guess is they have lost at least 1/2 their numbers, killed, or captured by the Seanchan, or were Black Ajah as well as they have dozens of Aes Sedai bonded to Ashaman whose loyalty would now be questionable. The Aiel Wise Ones have lost a lot of respect and fear of Aes Sedai, the Sea Folk Channelers are now out of hiding and then they have the problem of both the Seanchan who want to collar them as slaves and the Ashaman who are not going to forgive 3000 years of men being hunted down anytime soon. Lets not forget that the situation in the Tower itself, the bad blood between the Red and the Blue will take decades to fully heal. Cadsuane has all that to deal with as well as about 1000 Novices and the Kin that Egwene has dumped her with and i would have my doubts that Cadsuane agreed with Egwenes decision concerning over age Novices and the Kin, she didn’t think much of many of the Aes SedaiI let alone old Novices and 400 year old Wilders. I doubt she will overturn those decisions but she will instruct the Mistress of Novices to winnow through the Novices to get rid of those who aren’t up to scratch very quickly. Cadsuane will go through the Tower like a Thunderstorm and those Sitters that asked her to be Amyrlin will very quickly regret it
  12. I think its a bit hard to predict and it will depend on how Rafe likes to finish a series. Does he complete a story each season or leave it on a Cliffhanger. I think we will definitely get into Book 2 in the first season, lets have a look at some natural moments on where to end the first season. 1/ Fal Dara after Fains escape and the party splits up. 2/ Boys leaving Cairhien and Girls leaving Tar Valon 3/ After the battle of Falme I really don’t think we will get as far as Falme in Season 1, to many important things happen.in the first 2 books to condense them into one season, it will be to rushed, Rafe needs to properly flesh out the characters especially for non book readers.
  13. Update to the $ per episode, the $10m per episode was based on the fact that the Czech Republic Government has a policy of a 20% pay back on all money spent in the Czech by foreign TV and Movie productions. The WOT producers have applied for just over $14m from the Czech Government, that means they will spend around $75m in country alone. So all the wages of the Cast and a large proportion of the crew, a fair bit of post production work will not be included in that $75m, so we may be looking at $12-13m per episode, Rosamund Pikes salary is $350,000 per episode alone.
  14. Yes Feist was an early one for me to, preferred the early books to the later, loved the idea of the Hallway to other worlds and the Dragon Lords.
  15. I definitely think they should open with the Prologue, with Lews Therin and Ishamael, before the opening credits, its just to good a way to start, introduces the main Protagonist(sort of) and Antagonist without actually telling you they are, but what it also does is, introduce Channeling, and immediately shows you the depth of its power, but then you don’t see that level of power until Rand at Tarwins Gap. Immediately shows you that Magic is at the very heart of this story. They could also follow that with a figure walking through snow on a slope, suddenly hear a baby cry and walk over to see a baby lying next to its dead mother. But not showing the figures face or hearing its voice. Then follow it with the opening Credits showing a slowly turning Wheel with 7 points on it each numbered 1-7, ending on number 3. Then cut to a Mountain scene and a wind rise, and as you follow the wind east, a voice cuts in, either Rosamund’s or Alexandre’s* say the immortal opening line. The Wheel of Time Turns, and Ages come and Pass...... and finishing with But it was a beginning as it reaches 2 figures walking with a Horse and Cart down a Road. *I think using either Moraine or Thom has merit, but i do like the thought of Thom doing it in Plain Chant. I would have to admit i would be a jibering wreck by the time that wind reached Rand.
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