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  1. Michael McHelhatton will of course be immediately recognisable to many Fantasy Fans due to his portrayal as Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones. Am very interested to see him playing what is in many ways a very different role. Has a huge body of work including several dozen Movies and TV Shows. Kae Alexander is another GOT veteran but won’t be recognisable from her GOT role. While a very minor character in GOT(only 3 Episodes) she was involved in 2 pivotal scenes.
  2. You can’t merge Liandrin and Alviarin, they are 2 of the 3 most important Black Ajahs in the books with very different storylines that could not be merged with any credibility. One has a death sentence on her head as a known BA and the other one is an unknown BA in a very important role within the Tower.
  3. We have heard from Perrin, Egwene, Mat and Morraine so far, so i think we will hear something from Nynaeve next and the Rand last. Nynaeve will be saying something about being along to protect the Emonds Fielders, Rand, I’m not sure what he will be saying.
  4. Narg breaking through the door and saying. My Brother, my Captain, my King or will he say Winter is coming 😂 I want to see Sean Bean as Artur Hawkwing in a Cameo, and they don’t even have to come up with a way to kill him off.🤣 Yes i think we will see EF attacked on Winternight
  5. The scene i would like to see that is not in the Books is the attack on EF on Winternight
  6. Now rides alongside RJ as a honorary Hero of the Horn. Farewell 😭
  7. I first heard that saying some months back just can’t remember where. WOT sets up so that everything has to be treated as Canon and can be written of as another turning of the Wheel
  8. I like the idea of thinking about the show as a new turning of the Wheel compared to the books. Opens up a fresh perspective for us book fans and you don’t lose all your hair worrying about castings.
  9. Agree on giving Logain more book time, would like to have read about him being captured by Taim and his attempts at breaking him. Treating the TV Show as a different turning is definitely a good way to look at it and a good way to shoot down some of the more vocal critics, because there is no real comeback, you could make massive changes and still call it the Wheel of Time as there is no true Canon, just another turning of the Wheel.
  10. Andy Greene, any relation to Daniel Greene😁? Both Daniel and Naeblis have great Discord sites as well. Not hard to get distracted in WH right in the middle of the slog. Anyway welcome to Dragonmount.
  11. Sister one : definitely Liandrin, we know she is in S1
  12. Ok i can agree with that, definitely a better choice.
  13. And we all know the truth is Rand and all 3 of his lovers drove off in a 1967 Mustang not sailed off on a boat, after being given a huge farewell party 🤣🤣🤣 people should get this right.
  14. Don’t know if i would call Logain a “major”character in S1, i think we will see his capture as the prologue to E1 and i think we will see some sort of scene between him and Rand, maybe him in the Cage in Caemlyn and him noticing Rand as he does in the Book as a glowing nimbus of light in the distance. Not quite sure how they would fit him in S2 unless he was to go to Falme with Liandrin and the girls. The other possibility for Logain is they combine him with Mazrim Taim(i certainly hope they don’t) but anything is possible and there is a change that Sanderson doesn’t think the Fans w
  15. I think you may need to re-read the ending, going into the Sunset on a boat? It finishes on the Slopes of Shayul Gul in the blasted Lands, about 3000 years since any form of Boat has been seen there. Rand was last seen by himself and with the exception of his 3 loves and maybe Cadsuane, everyone thinks his dead due to the fact they had just burnt his body. Min does not go with him at this time. As for how powerful he is, Lighting his pipe ring any bells? By the way Robert Jordan wrote the Epilogue to AMOL before he died, it was in the notes given Sanderson.
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