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  1. SO the ER cleared me early. I was suppose to be on training for 12 weeks but they cut it to 8 weeks since i was doing really well. All my preceptors like me a lot and said good things to my manager and supervisor. Tuesday will be my first day on the job by myself. So excited and nervous at the same time.
  2. Cairos - Gray Sitter and Brother as a nurse in the hospital and especially in the ER in California, we aren’t getting many people coming in. They are staying away which is good. Those in NYC have it worse off. They don’t have enough equipment. I’m okay with talking about it lol
  3. Hey everybody! It’s that time again! Let me know that you’re still here. Sorry that things have been slow. I’ve been busy at work and with online schooling! What has everybody been up to with the whole Corona? 1. Cairos ~ MG
  4. *snuggles his bonded* hello lovely! It’s nice to be off work from this craziness! How are you? *hugs Lava* hello aspie! How are you?
  5. Rhea I didn’t know you were an NP. 🙂 *hugs Rhea* also we have a patient who has corona at my hospital. She came in with abdominal pain and no other symptoms. They took a CT of her stomach and saw the bottom of her lungs and it looked like corona. She got tested and was positive. I was working in the ER that night but didn’t interact with her. Things are going a little crazy in the ER. I’m surviving though.
  6. Cairos ~ Gray Brother and Sitter Just cant wait for the series to start
  7. ive been busy working at the hospital and getting used to the work flow. I just started nights on monday so its hard for me to be on here.
  8. Sorry for the late post. Band Roll Call for March 2020. Please post name and regiment. 1. Cairos ~ MG
  9. My feet hurts from all the walking and standing! Another crazy day yesterday haha. Love it!
  10. Hi! Training has been great! I love it. I like the fast pace and my preceptor is amazing. It’s been crazy this past week lol
  11. So i finished my orientation with the hospital and how to use the computer system in the hospital. Tons of information. I start my first day in the ER with a preceptor on monday morning 7am. Bright and early.
  12. Hey Helike! Yes today was my first day. We had hospital orientation. The next 3 days are all nursing orientation but i dont know what that entails lol.
  13. woot woot. i've never seen a paprika plant before.
  14. Cairos ~ Gray Sitter/Brother I love it and also love candy lol
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