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  1. All those pics are amazing! Thank you my dear bonded! *snugglebites*
  2. I mean Feb 2nd lol! *tacklesnuggle Cass*
  3. Soooo lol. I went to sign paper work for HR at the hospital yesterday! It’s official! My start date is 2/3.
  4. Mysti! My dear red bonded and sis! Thank you for your devotion and hard work for the Red Ajah. You’ve been a cornerstone for them for so long and have done great things! Thank you for everything and for being a awesome red head lol! *snugglebiteshuggle the red*
  5. Thanks everybody! Now I’m waiting to hear back from Human Resources. Ugh such a waiting game.
  6. Happy New Year Banders! Hope you all had a good start to the new year! Sign in for roll call! Also answer this questions: any New Years resolution? State name and regiment! 1. Cairos ~ MG my New Years resolution is to lose some weight and also get my BSN online.
  7. Cairos ~ Gray Sitter i don’t like the clubs that much. The forums were easier to navigate around.
  8. Thanks ladies! Yeah I’m excited to start!
  9. Hey grays! Got some good news! I finally got a job as a RN in a ER that is near my house! I’m super excited! The training is 12 weeks long and Monday through Friday! I’m stoked about this job! Yay!
  10. Hey banders! I got some good news. I finally got a nurse position in a ER that is near my house and at a hospital that I like. I talked to a few people today when I went to the hospital and told me that I got the job! I’m super excited about it! The manager told me that I have a 12 week training that’s Monday through Friday. Woot woot!
  11. Yeah I wrote that in the weeeeeee early in the morning at work lol
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