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  1. Back in the day, I played Ms. Pacman a lot. My boyfriend managed an arcade, so it didn't cost me a thing.
  2. I love visiting the other Ajahs and the Warders! With my limited time, I tend to be a reactive poster. I post on topics where there has been recent activity if they interest me or look fun. I dearly wish I had more DM time. As you probably know, I love it here! I would like to see a central place for events, like the Tar Valon board we had on the forums.
  3. I have over 300 songs that I sing, so it's hard to narrow it down. I sing a lot of Pat Benatar and the Carpenters (I'm very much an alto). Also a lot of assorted country. What do you sing? EDIT - I forgot Foreigner and Chicago. I like to do them, too. My naughty side comes out when I sing Hot Blooded.
  4. That first one made me smile, Phaedra. That's my job title - Family Support Partner.
  5. My only video game is Sims. I've been playing since Sims 2. I used to create a lot of CC in Sims 2, but I haven't gotten into it in Sims 4. Not enough time.
  6. I think I'd better update my bio.... EDITED- Done! I KNEW we were soul sisters. I used to host karaoke shows.
  7. My very first bond was with my sister. She's not actually my blood sister, more like BFFs, but we have called one another sisters for over 20 years. She's the one who introduced me to DM. While I was an aspie (and things were very different then) I flirted a LOT with another aspie and nobody was surprised when I asked him to be my Warder. He's married, and there was nothing between us except the flirting and friendship. He's been long gone from DM. There were a few bonds with close friends, most of whom aren't around anymore. One of those close friends was originally a Souvra bond (brother/sister or sister/sister or brother/brother) but is now an AS/Warder bond. He's not around much anymore, either. It saddens me to not have my friends here to play. And I really miss having an active Warder. But I am one two count my blessings and two of my biggest blessings are Ryrin and Dar'Jen.
  8. Like DJ said, we don't really have expectations. We are all very different from one another, but we all have battles we face or have faced and that's our common bond. We can relate to one another, usually, and we are extremely supportive. We are definitely a family.
  9. Hi Phaedra! Welcome to the Green Ajah! We're pretty much open books around here, so ask whatever you'd like to know. Thank you for the congrats! I just hope my daughter can get through the next 6 months. Pregnancy is rough on her. It was on me, too. She had blood drawn yesterday for genetic testing and we'll also find out the baby's gender, so that's cool. I think it's really cool that you dance so many styles. Personally, I have two left feet, but I can sing, so that kind of makes up for it. Rhea of the whites also sells Mary Kay, I think. You might want to chat with her.
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