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  1. Inclusion and works of fiction

    So? Recognizing that you need a different strategy to defeat a different enemy and recognizing that different enemies are different are not mutually exclusive.
  2. Inclusion and works of fiction

    In the context of world history you might be correct, but for hundreds of years and generations there is no noticeable migration for many nations. A farming village somewhere in Europe could go several generations without seeing outsiders let alone foreign peoples. If the argument you are making is that migrations of the past are just the same as people hopping on a boat or plane by the thousands and shipping themselves across the world, no it's not the same at all. Of course they had different strategies to defeat them, they had different ways of fighting. But you're either avoiding or missing the point by taking tangent after tangent. They were different peoples and the Romans recognized them as different.
  3. Inclusion and works of fiction

    These great migrations are few and far between. Or at least slow moving as you put it. I'm not an ancient Roman, are you? We colloquially know the Barbarian Tribes to be Gauls, Goths, Vandals, etc when discussing the history of the ancient Roman Empire. To the Roman's they were all enemies (or Barbarians) but we today recognize the difference between an army of Goths and an army from Carthage.
  4. Inclusion and works of fiction

    It sounds like you tried to argue my point but ended up corroborating it instead?
  5. Inclusion and works of fiction

    I don't think that's true. The further back you go the harder it was for a person to travel let alone a group of people. IIRC there are statistics that said more or less that your average person a hundred years ago used to live and die within like a 50 mile radius or whatever. Something like that. We are more connected and mixed now than we've ever been before, periods of great war or migration being the exception. We're not talking about Barbarian peoples we are talking primarily about Arabs and Africans which were not in fact as white as it gets. Oh no, I agree completely. Greeks and Italians are clearly white, they just used to be whiter in the distant past. Like Egyptians.
  6. political meme's & lolz

    Seriously the GOP is such wimps on any other issue but even mention guns and they go ballistic.
  7. More mass shootings...

    Can you tell me what we're supposed to do about Muslim terror attacks? I keep hearing "thoughts and prayers" afterwards but nothing ever seems to be done to prevent the next one. PrayForParis, PrayForLondon, gets old. At least with regards to the gun debate we have a right to own them and have as a society chosen that this is what we want. I don't remember the last time Europe got to vote on their Muslim immigration policies...
  8. Inclusion and works of fiction

    I've read that Italians/Romans were lighter skinned in the past but due to mixing with North Africans and Arabs who've repeatedly conquered the area over time they became what we know today as the "olive skinned" Italians. That would fit with what Cuba's saying although there's really no way to know for sure.
  9. political meme's & lolz actually something I may be interested in. If I sign up I'll do that.
  10. Trump Presidency
  11. political meme's & lolz

    Haven't heard of untapped, have you tried Minds? It's like a merge of FB/YT/TW all in one.
  12. political meme's & lolz

    Gross. I think I've probably tried most of the major social media platforms in the past decade or so and the only one I haven't hated was Twitter. I love making smart ass remarks and putting hashtags on it and having hundreds of strangers retweet them. That momentary feeling of self importance is great.
  13. political meme's & lolz

    For a second I thought you said you were going to post your opinions on your MySpace.