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  1. DPR Mafia Game Library

    You need to update your list with your alien game.
  2. Mid-terms 2018

    It'll hold.
  3. Mid-terms 2018

    Irrelevant, it's not his base. And you think they wont vote Trump again? I very much doubt, despite what the media says, that there are many people who regret their vote for Trump. Looks like a landslide to me but hey it's not a defined term so whatever. He won and that's all that matters. There is no such thing. Sure, but we're not actually a Democracy because Democracies are bad ideas for various reasons. We are a Republic. Actually, yeah they do. 8 million people voting for a Dem in California isn't going to win a Dem candidate an electoral victory. You can moan about the electoral college and the "popular vote" all you want but the fact was turn out was low across the board. We're talking about a Presidential campaign not a California campaign. He would have to make a tremendous mistake to lose imo. If he just sits and does nothing from this point on it's almost assured he'll win.
  4. That doesn't happen in the United States.
  5. It wouldn't work here. I was just admiring their ingenuity.
  6. I read that under pressure the Judge decided to lift the order as long as media did not report on any ongoing case. So they can talk about the incident which happened outside the court the other day but not much else.
  7. Robinson is not just a reporter. He was acting as a reporter in the incident which got him arrested but he is more of an activist.
  8. Mid-terms 2018

    I don't get this fascination with the approval ratings tbh. Did Trump win or lose the election? He won. Does his base, the same base that elected him, still support him? They do. Therefore he will win again if the election were held now. I don't care if people outside his base decide they dislike him more now than they did before or whatever. All he needs is the people who elected him to turn out again and he'll win again. Unless you think Dems can pull up their turn out? I doubt that myself but if that's what you're banking on then say so don't fiddle with approval ratings.
  9. How come there are no games in signups?

    Yeah I thought about it and I'm gonna drop. Already got a game going on elsewhere and no idea what I'd do here. @Clovdyx you're up.
  10. How come there are no games in signups?

    I forgot I was even on a queue here. If I run one it will probably be the last game I mod on DM. It's not really fun joining a queue and then... *checks* 8 months later it's my turn. Whatever idea I had I've 100% forgotten and even if I remembered there's a good chance I wouldn't care anymore. I guess maybe some people just join and figure it out when it's their turn but I usually only join when I have a game in mind. Anyway not your fault or necessarily anyone's, just kind of annoyed that it works out that way here.
  11. political meme's & lolz

  12. Mid-terms 2018

    More relevant to 2020 but still...
  13. It says "I accept what Mr. Kovalesky tells me about the dangers that you might face were you to be sent into immediate custody. I have to say it is on a knife edge so far as I'm concerned because a very large part of me thinks so what?"