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  1. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    That's not how rights work.
  2. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    Sometimes yeah. I think we would probably disagree on which groups and what's untrue or true more than we would agree but I won't say it never happens.
  3. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    I'm not sure that it matters? The cause is not the issue the condition is the issue. And look a lot of very good and capable people have been rejected from the military for so many reasons we would consider small or not even a problem. I don't see why this should be any different other than that the left likes to use certain groups of people as political bludgeons.
  4. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    I don't know what Sickle Cell does exactly but if it's either incurable or debilitating I am pretty sure they get kicked out AND get treatment. I don't think having a genetic blood disorder is comparable to having a mental illness though. How high are suicide rates among people with sickle cell?
  5. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    Yeah I've heard similar things. I'd be curious to see some sort of chart/graph showing how much an hour of use costs for various military vehicles. I wonder if some googlefu can get us something....... something like this but better.
  6. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    Oh come on. The number of trans people are very low and the number of those who want to join the military are smaller still. I don't even know why this is an issue on a national scale because tbh we're talking about like probably 10 people in the entire country. Maybe. While I don't agree with paying for their SRS let's not pretend that that's some great sum of money that's going to save our military so much if it doesn't pay for. Turning on a tank and driving it 100 yards probably costs more in fuel.
  7. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    The main issue is the Gender Dysphoria obviously. If nothing else that leads to stress and unhappiness which is the last thing you need when you're training for the military let alone going into combat. And the symptoms could be or get even worse than that. Some people also bring up that they don't want to pay for SRS and while I do agree with that I'm not going to pretend like it's my main or my only concern. The concern is the mental state of these people. I don't want someone who's preoccupied with what sex they are holding a gun just like I don't want someone who's hearing voices holding a gun. I think those types of people can function in regular society for the most part given the right circumstances but I don't think the military life is the best path for them. That's like someone with muscular dystrophy wanting to be a body builder. It's just a bad idea.
  8. Nolder

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    I'm not saying it's a bad idea I just wonder if by doing that she's stolen just a tiny bit of an opponents thunder. Or maybe it doesn't matter in the slightest I dunno.
  9. Pat Buchanan continues to be the most interesting columnist around imo. https://buchanan.org/blog/when-democracy-fails-to-deliver-135759
  10. Nolder

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    https://freebeacon.com/politics/kamala-harris-stacks-presidential-campaign-with-hillary-clinton-alums/ I wonder how this effects the perception that gillibrand was supposed to be the younger less baggage carrying Hillary.
  11. Nolder

    political meme's & lolz

    I try to support what I think is right regardless of my place or status and how it might effect me personally. Putting that aside though, are you referring to anything specific?
  12. Nolder

    Trump Presidency

    I have no fear of people who think they were born the wrong way. Try again. Uhh ok. We're just two strangers on the internet I don't need your care of anything else. Judgement comes to all eventually, if you believe in such a thing. This is a perfect example of the incoherency of the left. You like to talk about gun violence and what we can do to prevent it...and then you turn around and suggest that people with a mental illness (and a very high rate of suicide) be trained and have access to firearms. I would call it lunacy if I didn't think it stemmed from something else entirely. Given that it's probably a good idea anyway I won't argue that those last two aren't motivations as well.
  13. Nolder


    https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/01/ocean-cleanup-project-could-destroy-neuston/580693/ Interesting. Didn't read the whole thing read about half way and then skimmed maybe I'll read it all later.
  14. Nolder

    Conspiracy Theories.

    I have never encountered a flat earther who acted that way. Maybe you were just being trolled? Well you just have to do the work yourself you know? You can't just say see CNN reported on it so it must be true. I learned in school the Earth is round so it must be true. There is a reason they teach that the Earth is round in school but that's because the leg work was already done. To even possibly begin to convince say, a Flat Earther, you must do that philosophical and mathematical leg work. Are there people who will never be convinced? Of course but those people were never skeptical to begin with. They weren't seeking the truth they were looking for something else to believe in which is not the same thing. It's pretty funny and disturbing how many trends/movements came out of 4chan as a joke and then actually became a real thing. I'm neutral on this subject as I've only heard the most basic of arguments on both sides. I know what vaccinations are and what they generally do. To my knowledge Anti Vaxxers claim that vaccinations can have unintended side effects or consequences including causing autism in children I think? Putting aside whether they are right or wrong it goes back to that very interesting question of parental authority vs state authority and this one would be in the name of public health and safety. Do you have a right not to vaccinate your child? Let's just assume Anti Vaxxers are 100% wrong...do they still have the right to do what they do? Again I have to err on the side of yes but that's just me. I think if we are worried about public safety there are a lot of other things we can do instead to improve things like stop giving so much antibiotics to farm animals.