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  1. UK in EU referendum (Brexit)

    The judge apparently thinks it's not just a dog or a joke but some sort of recruitment tool meant to "mobilize" far right extremists.
  2. UK in EU referendum (Brexit)

    Good luck to Count Dankula as the UK continues to make a very sad joke of itself.
  3. The "I Just Watched..." Thread

    Was ok despite being about Commie revolution.
  4. Big Tech Monopolies

    Oh come on. That's it? It was mildly funny and the people there even got a couple laughs out of it and were willing to play along for awhile. I get that it wasn't what they were there for but honestly how long can they stand around talking about how gay they all are? It certainly doesn't warrant being taken down by Youtube. If it does then pretty much every prank video ever should be pulled down as well.
  5. Really? I can't say I experienced that myself with AC. I think the only problem I had with the show really was the romance between Takeshi and Quell. It seemed kind of forced to me and their relationship felt very unnatural. But it wasn't at the forefront except for maybe one episode so it's easy to overlook that.