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  1. Literally the only reason it might go Republican is because he sued and put intense pressure on the supervisor who kept mysteriously finding votes and refused to tell anyone how many votes were left to count which she is required to do by Florida state law 30 minutes after polls close. I don't know if Arizona has a similar law but they at least reported how many ballots there are left to count. For some reason it's taking them an incredibly long time to count them compared to literally the rest of the country and coincidentally in one of the reddest states the Democrat candidate has pulled ahead for US Senator? Isn't there a famous quote by...I think Lenin? That goes something about how it's not who casts the votes but who counts the votes that matters? I think that lesson is being applied by Democrats and probably has been for many years. How about you don't support election fraud?
  2. It's bread and circus. I thought that was pretty obvious.
  3. Inb4 both Arizona and Florida races are called for Dems and the "Why are you so mad? You need to respect the results!" narrative begins.
  4. Rome had Emperors in its latter days. Really? An empire that lasts a thousand years really isn't that bad of a record.
  5. Well in that you're sort of right. I want a Republic in the classic sense. Like Rome.
  6. I don't understand how you think any of that makes me wrong. I see it as proving my point.
  7. Nolder

    More mass shootings...

    It's clear from what Ty said that he doesn't care from a uhhh humanitarian? standpoint. It's more academic for him. And again I'm not faulting him or saying he's somehow bad or less for it which is clearly what you think since you're defending him. He doesn't need defending.
  8. Nolder

    More mass shootings...

    It is if you go with the intention of harming anyone and/or inciting or participating in a riot. A shield is considered a weapon by most LEAs and they will confiscate them and probably arrest you if they see you with one.
  9. Nolder

    More mass shootings...

    What you're saying is illegal.
  10. Not really. I recall the constitution being amended at least 3 times to open up voting rights to different groups of people.
  11. Nolder

    More mass shootings...

    I would never admit to being interested in participating in a riot of any other illegal activity.
  12. How does it go against the entire idea of the United States when it's more or less what we founded with? If anything what we do now is against the idea of the United States.
  13. It's just how I view democracy it has nothing to do with how they vote. I think voting rights should be very limited.