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  1. Mat is always a good choice but I'll admit Elayne is...not one of my favorites. I like the Shanara books too although I haven't read them all. Did you read the Jerle Shanara trilogy? The one with the Airship? Those ones are my favorite. I also really like the Landover series by Brooks as well. Never heard of the Sea of Trolls. Kind of sounds like a YA series? I'd have to say my favorite YA series is the Edge Chronicles.
  2. I actually have yet to read WoT all the way through. Rereading it every time a new book came out burned me out so by the time the last book came out I read it and never looked back. One day I would like to read the series cover to cover though. What other fantasy series do you enjoy? Also, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy it here.
  3. fite me china i'll wrek u irl punk
  4. Hey, being a table top gamer you might be interested in checking out the mafia forum. We can always use a fresh face! :)
  5. Hello Michael, welcome to the forums. How much of the Wheel of Time have you read?
  6. Hello, what songs can you play on piano? I learned some of Fur Elise and The Entertainer from a piano I had but I never had a formal teacher.
  8. Yeah. I experienced it the worst after having read the count of Monte cristo but WoT's fallout was pretty bad too. I didn't read anything for awhile afterwards. If you haven't read it yet maybe try the Shannara series? I haven't read all of them but the first three are solid and mostly self contained even though it wasn't technically intended as a trilogy you can read them that way.
  9. Nolder


    Hey there, welcome. I liked the first three books a lot but book 4 is where things really took off for me. Which character is your favorite so far?
  10. Dude... I feel like What I want to say is spoilers. I will say this: Rand goes through several phases throughout the series. Some of them are annoying and some of them are awesome. There was definitely a point where I dearly missed farmboy Rand. Stick with the series through book 4. It widens dramatically from there.
  11. That shawl is actually pretty cool. I like art (a lot) but I also like to see when people make actual stuff like the shawl or that iPhone case. Thanks for posting Hallia!
  12. Donuts I think, although I probably have cookies more often.
  13. Guys I'm really sorry I have to pull out of this game I've already informed Lily. I severely overestimated my free time and thought I could do this but all I did was waste everyone's time. I'm sorry.
  14. Hey guys I don't want to bore you with excuses but I want to apologize for not catching up quicker. Going to make an effort to power through at least half the thread later tonight.
  15. I have to disagree with my predecessor here as well as Zander and Lenlo and maybe a couple others? with regards to Hallia. Over the years I have probably been one of Hallia's harshest critics during games. She often jokes too much (imo), can be flakey, and when she's scum she's always saying she'll catch up but it never happens. I'm not seeing these things from her so far. Flakey absolutely not, she's been here and hasn't needed to catch up. Joking too much or being fluffy...it can be a hard call to make sometimes but if she's guilty of that in the first 10 pages so was Zander and Nyn. Saying her comment felt "forced" is meaningless to me. First of all I don't see any reason why Hallia would need to force anything in the first 10 pages of a game, that is senseless. If there's one thing she isn't it's stiff. She is good with the bantz. Secondly I don't have enough faith in any mafia player I know to consistently be able to tell whether something is forced or not. I've seen many a townie lynched for having a "forced" reaction to someone else's death. IMHO someone in this crowd (probably Zander since he started it) is scum and just looking for an early attack route on a townie. That's my impression on the first 10 pages.
  16. That's kind of funny because I think wolf/village is the traditional terms for this game on the internet because most knew it as the game Werewolf which was played IRL in churches and college campuses. IIRC Mafia is the original term for the informed minority team though, as coined by the games creator.
  17. Ok reading AJ's posts isn't helping me much. I think I'm going to have to actually read this entire game which is something I really don't want to do. I think I'll do 10 pages at a time and give thoughts as I go. I am not promising to do the entire 70+ thread in one day so don't expect it.
  18. Hi everyone. I was doing yard work all day and I just finished dinner so I'm probably going to crash soon. Since there's almost 70 pages and there will likely be another 5-20 by tomorrow my plan is to read all of AJ's posts while also skimming for context to see if I can get a grip on the game. My plan is to do this tomorrow when I wake up but it might not be until Friday when I get to comment on the game in real time. I hope that's acceptable for everyone. If there's a deadline before Saturday I suggest asking Lily to extend it. If you care about my participation that is.
  19. If you like it so far you will continue to like it. It never stops being interesting (although I could do without most of the Aiel storyline).
  20. Oh man you're right in the middle of the good stuff, keep going! Advice? Well the best advice might be to stay away from the fandom until you're done if you care about spoilers. It'll still be here when you get back.
  21. Oh...yeah I guess I can. I remember it went private awhile back and haven't checked since. When did that change again?
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