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  1. Oh, the ankle thing was weird. I didn't tear anything I don't believe, just messed it up somehow. I ended up having to stretch it pretty seriously for months. It had seized up and become very immobile. Took a while for it to feel better and then a few years later - last year - I suffered an unrelated high ankle sprain on it. It's my unlucky ankle! I played several years of Ultimate in Korea and now that I'm back in the States and transitioning back to Vibram trail running I think my body is still unused to Vibrams and I'm having to go slow again. Which is fine. Half of the reason I want to run is to be in the woods and be doing something active, even if I'm not setting personal speed records 🙂
  2. As far as I'm aware I never developed oedema. Before I started running with Vibrams for a few years I played a lot of pickup sports on grass fields and almost always played barefoot. I always noticed how sore my feet were the next day (obviously the more I did it the less sore I was) bc I was using muscles shoes don't let you use. Once I started running with Vibrams I ran almost entirely on trails (sometimes tracks or fields) because running on concrete gives me shin splints and is very uncomfortable for me - regardless of shoe. I've never run a marathon and the most I've run in one go was 8 miles. Straight jogging isn't, from what I have read, good for you. Walking and sprinting are, however. So these days (maybe 10 years after starting to use Vibrams (and I'm 29 yrs old)) I often will run walk and spring occasionally, just like athletes do in soccer and ultimate frisbee, on trails. I like wearing Vibrams bc I like feeling the trail - although occasionally that results in stepping on a sharp rock (I wear the very minimalist style of Vibram). I definitely land on the balls of the my feet more and I think my running is better with them on compared to shoes. I'm more aware of my movement and the trail. Running is a high impact activity, so idk about how to continue it w/out unacceptable pain unless you run on very soft surfaces? Maybe you could mix in sprints and walking on a grass field? Also exercises on grass that cause you to move laterally to build up your resistor muscles. Then maybe after doing that for a while you could transition to running in Vibrams or another minimalist shoe. Have you ever tried swimming or rock climbing? Both are incredible exercises that are low impact and great for you. Rock climbing develops all sorts of esoteric muscles and it's fun too.
  3. lol Cass going for the deep cuts. Yeah I've run with Vibram Five Finger. It's my preferred style and I love them. There are various styles so some models have thicker soles and are heavier duty. I will say if you want to transition to a more minimalist style then you need to be sure to start slowly and make sure to stretch you ankles thoroughly beforehand. Also I never had problems transitioning to barefoot style but after I wore my second pair out I had about 3 weeks I spent running with tennis shoes while I was ordering my next pair and running with tennis shoes's support really messed up my ankles. I like the minimalist style.
  4. cubarey@outlook.com and I accept

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      idk man, maybe check your spam folder? 

  5. Living in South Korea I've had to adjust to a lot colder climate. I don't love it.
  6. Any plans I had to read x amount of books is being seriously hampered by the length of this Malazan Book of the Fallen series. I didn't think it was possible but it feels even longer than WoT.
  7. this is a good example of why commas are important
  8. Anyone interested in a DM league?
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