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  1. Anyone else basically losing their mind over this upcoming epic?
  2. Yeah it's been a nice break after...14 years of posting.
  3. Since 1933, teams with a 39 point lead and 0 turnovers have gone 440-0. Today the Falcons broke that streak. SMDH.
  4. Yeah idk about it but I might figure it out. The Jags just did Fournette dirty.
  5. I'm running a "creative" league - a vampire league - and I'm trying to think how I could run a mafia fantasy football league next year.
  6. I ran one 3 years ago but I've struck out the past 2 years.
  7. This guy! Falcons are gonna take it as Gurley returns to his 2015 form.
  8. Oh Darthe. Oh sweet, sweet Darthe. Could it be that I've missed you?
  9. It seems like the revamped website did the opposite of what it was supposed to
  10. Has anyone else read this? I just finished and find myself wishing for someone with whom to talk about it.
  11. Basically my take as well, but far better and more mature than MitHC which I had to give up after episode 2 or 3 bc it was so poorly executed.
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