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  1. Word word Just the fake war between the children of the College and the Gyptian children where they throw mud balls or something. So far for me it's pretty good and I like the production value. I'm enjoying it far more than The Mandalorian and far less than Watchmen (to name two current series). I'm not in love with the Gyptians (John Faa looks kinda like a pimp which is weird) and I felt like they were pretty integral to the first book, but it's notba deal breaker. I also don't remember adults (especially Ms. Coulter) treating their daemons with such callous disregard all the time. But yeah, so far I'm still watching it.
  2. Yeah I just finished the same episode. It's been too long since I've read the books to remember the exact order, but I remember that Lyra meets the Gyptians early on (I think that "war" scene could have been dope) and mayyybe they don't know about what the gobblers are doing in the arctic yet?
  3. The world doesn't need baby yoda. The world needs a Sith Lord force-ripping someone's trachea Roadhouse-style.
  4. The whole "save the ____" schtick was driven into the ground years ago. I can likely list dozens of tv shows that have already done it. Beyond the the boredom it induced in my imagination, I just don't understand how it benefitted the story. Again, I don't understand what this show is trying to become. So far episodes 1 3 and 5 propel the story forward in a narrative arc clearly leading to a climax (and are generally good - although I wasn't crazy about 5), while episodes 2 and 4 are more episodic than narrative, and could be easily cut out of the overarching story. Also I guess I'm just bitter bc I'm tired of Star Wars being PG. I'm ready to see an R-rated show/movie looks like.
  5. Lol Imlad and I are at odds again. Episode 4 pretty much turned me off to the show. Episodes 2 & 4 struck out big, Episode 3 was pretty good, and Episode 1 was fine. I don't think Jon Favreau has a firm grip on what he wants this show to be and I think we really saw that in Ep4.
  6. Ahh I thought you were in on it. I would have been pretty mad and I was gonna say one the other players could have broken it up, but he built it almost perfectly.
  7. Lol what a road! Playing a little undiscovered islands with the seafarers expansion, eh? Who ended up winning?
  8. Yeah it took me a while to get over the whole moon thing but while it sucks, it eventually works. There are books you could check out in the pre war time period - the Han Solo trilogy or the Adventures of Han Solo and Lando. I read most of the Jedi Apprentice series when I was in middle school, the ones all about Qui Gon and Obi Wan. They're pretty young though and I'm not very familiar with most of the books in that era. At least not these days. If you don't want to slog through the entirety of NJO (and trust me, there are some bad books), you could read Traitor and rely on the wiki for quick background context on any bits you're not familiar with. As for the prequels, I've decided to go back through and rewatch all the movies, but I always quite liked tPM and while JJ Binkies is one of my least favorite characters, I don't have a problem with him. I just felt your comment "I'm not some young whippersnapper..." and maybe one other denigrated other fans younger than you while positioning yourself as an authority, but I was drunk and probably misunderstood. Also oversold how bad tFA is due to said drunkenness and disappointment. Indeed, I really dislike the new trilogy so far and think that they messed up in so many easily-fixed ways, but I don't poopoo on others who like it. Also, KOTOR is awesome.
  9. Really? I thought the New Jedi Order had flashes of brilliance and was overall very compelling. Traitor is one of the best Star Wars books imo. And that's a pretty presumptuous thing for you to say btw.
  10. Just rewatched The Force Awakens. I had apparently convinced myself that it wasn't that bad. But now I remember that it is. It's awful. Truly awful. I hate this movie and everything it stands for. Abrams did a sh** job as did Disney.
  11. @Quibby now that you've had a few more days, any further thoughts on the game? I finally finished Witcher 3 and I've been playing Outer Worlds. It's pretty fun; far more tight in narrative and ordered in scope. There's not much reward for exploring the world beyond finding ammo or bits and while it's pretty it's not revolutionary graphics-wise. It has a few new gameplay quirks that are cool like flaws, and I like the dialogue options and skill tree. I do enjoy that it doesn't make me feel like I'm missing out by not exploring and there aren't a cosmic shit ton of sidequests to explore.
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