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  1. Sanderson has stated that Jordan's widow has shut down any talks about spinoff series.
  2. Best case it get's picked up by netflix, or showtime. This series is pure fantasy and beyond GoT the cool new thing the past few years is a mix of dystopian sci-fi (Hunger Games, Maze Runner, the 100, etc.). If it winds up on a network they're going to gut the series in order to make it more palatable for the masses; I can't see them going this way. The only shows that make it on network tv are bland shows like NCIS and Big Bang Theory. I don't want another Legend of the Seeker debacle, that show strayed so far from the source material that it was unrecognizable. Worst case this turns into something with poor production value like all the SyFy shows currently on the air. I really hope they get it right.
  3. That's really great Cindy. Congrats to both of you!
  4. We are talking about a non-exclusive egalitarian brotherhood.
  5. That may have been difficult if I hadn't watched the movie last night. The answer is Willow and I don't understand why so many people hate it, GRRM chief amongst them. Actually I find him to be kind of a douche, so I shouldn't find it that surprising.
  6. ???!!!! Incorrect. Sean Connery is the only correct answer.
  7. BTW Suttree, don't always be so sure you're the only one with google INTERVIEW: 2013 Twitter 2013 (WoT) (Verbatim) KEITH PISHNERY (13 JANUARY 2013)Did RJ say that Nakomi should be included? You said she was "deep in RJ's notes" but wondering if it was up in the air? BRANDON SANDERSON (13 JANUARY 2013)I said something deep in the notes made me include her. I have not said if she herself was in the notes or not. You can't assert RJ didn't write her because it's ambiguous. My next theory- "Earth-Mother, aka Nookomis - "Algonquin legend says that "beneath the clouds lives the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men" She is known as Nokomis, the Grandmother." aka mother nature.
  8. Olver sought out adventures. Mat's goal is to live a responsibility free life. It's better for Mat not to be the sounder.
  9. I tend to think what makes more sense it whatever the author intended. They have more information than we do.
  10. No clue. Sounds like a teen type movie or a body swap thing.
  11. Oh! In that case... of course I don't know it
  12. DIdn't see the forum Dagon, my bad. That makes sense wombat, I thought it could be either time, but I guess he actually only really died with the Rahvin one.
  13. Mat died and was brought back to life via CPR when he was hung at Rhudean- Spoiler notice might be nice in the title
  14. RJ didn't write women all that well. And how is it Rand gets to end up with 3 of them?
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