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  1. Its from that superhero film superhigh? I think best line of the film sadly "at last peace reigns in the heart of man. At last war is but a word whose meaning fades from our understandinf"
  2. I googled i saw it once as a kid i think, never would of got it
  3. Me? I've had so many names. Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am...
  4. I wasnt sure if i was right, hence no quote Brb
  5. Isn't that from How to train your Dragon?
  6. Yup And it's brilliant, most old kids films are (this is one of the limited modern good ones)
  7. gone with the wind is old and RANDOM??? why do you think the line is homaged so often? there's nothing random about gone with the wind. good lord. I call everything pre 90s old and random (movie wise) doesn't mean I don't like the film.Haven't seen gone with the wind yet though
  8. Well he is lol That line is copied in corpse bride and several other things Isn't the original from gone with the wind or something old and random like that
  9. Big hannd to nica guys. I think she did really well i swear i had nothing to do with her making those awesome cases btw. All her
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