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  1. Yea the built up stuff like hobbit on is pay to enter. Most of the other stuff is just random mountains and farms tho
  2. Yea but not many Haven't been to hobbitin or anything. Too expensive Omg really? My driveway is like 1:2 Basically a cliff :p
  3. You should play regardless, you were always fun in a game
  4. I'm hardly around as well. Like just this thread actually I don't play mafia, sadly I just can't find the time to really commit to a game so I just had to stop
  5. Well look who decided to grace us with their appearance ;) How's you?
  6. Well look who decided to grace us with their appearance ;) How's you?
  7. Locke my man Not much, just chilling at home (actually weirdly cold in NZ at the moment, even busted out the onesie)
  8. Snapchatting is one of my main forms of communication now I have conversations over it rather than text lol I can't afford the bad marks. Need a B in everything lol
  9. Snapchat is awesome and they can't send you requests unless they have your number, then that's already an issue lol Wombat, don't doubt my methods!
  10. Either?! I struggle with just school Who has snapchat??
  11. I feel weird about that I literally do not know where you find the time
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