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  1. Haha I hope you don't have my tumblr. Bad things are posted there. Bad things. Check your PMs....
  2. I dont think i could live up to your tumblr though but i have started to try be healthier as i feel as im loosing my tone
  3. It's still going strong lol And I was rocky in this show (little gold undie guy Yup yours truely)
  4. I did another rocky horror show A little NSFW so spoiler tag nothing bad though
  5. Well we saved all our tips again and are heading out to the same bar tonight Hopefully the pics will be less awful this time lol
  6. It's my photo smile lol Chick with the hair is the chick I'm dating And I've never seen the resemblance before but now I don't think I can unsee lol
  7. @nyn I stole a top hat from that booth later that night. Then took it to a bar where I lost it and it was being passed round. Eventually some drunk girl put it on my head and tried to dance with me. Then I mannered to get it home (the hat lol) Panchi...!? You aren't three? But we should get you some sunglasses
  8. Tbh I'm suprised how well we didI was dancing my arse off to the last minute
  9. That was about hour 3 or 4 into a 14 hour drinking spree (almost entirely for free lol)
  10. Won tickets to a festival with some people from work (I'm in the black hat)
  11. Im planning on a party thay people get a tie invite or have to wear them the rest will become like a bunting for my wall butvi keep buyinh.more...
  12. I need that many but we sorted them to wearable and never wears half of them are in use atm
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