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  1. Has anyone else read this? I just finished and find myself wishing for someone with whom to talk about it.
  2. Basically my take as well, but far better and more mature than MitHC which I had to give up after episode 2 or 3 bc it was so poorly executed.
  3. If you still have hbo I just watched the 6-part Plot Against America and really enjoyed it
  4. Krak admits he was wrong. As pennance he will offer his 3 players a virtual smooch or a lovely handwritten letter. Their choice.
  5. Krak is frozen and apologizes. He figures the corona virus is gonna be a good time for mafia (maybe)
  6. Yeah that's about right. Give me another day or two.
  7. Alright I'll get this started tomorrow or Monday
  8. IMO it might be the worst spot in a 12 person league I'd rather be front-loaded or back-loaded.
  9. Dune and New Bond for sure can't effing wait but also Bloodshot bc Vin Diesel
  10. It reminds me of the idea behind old man Wolverine I'm intrigued but I don't know about CBS All Access. Yo Sin, hmu with that login bro!
  11. Looking for 3 players for a quick daywalker game. Sign-ups: 1. IT 2. Cory 3. AJ
  12. I went back and rewatched the Prequel Trilogy for the first real time as an adult - trying to completely ignore any nostalgic feelings. They hold up so poorly. It's the writing. Okay, 95% is the writing. It's atrocious. Jar-Jar still doesn't annoy me anymore than any other characters. The biggest surprise was finding that Hayden Christensen really wasn't that bad. I think my order of mediocrity would be: 1) Phantom Menace 2) Attack of the Clones 3) Revenge of the Sith Next up: The OG Trilogy
  13. If anyone, I have Fallout 76 (like a dumbass) and idk that I'll ever play it unless someone else wants to play with me.
  14. My roommate plays fortnite a ton and it seems like he never has any fun
  15. This is meant to be more of a question on how we can move forward (or if we can't) and find common ground between Christians and non-Christians - specifically Christians that believe in original sin. So recently, through conversations with my father, I've come to the realization that his belief in original sin puts him at direct odds with any belief system that doesn't believe in original sin. We touched on politics, economics, social norms, and some other things, but where we kept getting hung up was the tension between his belief that everyone is flawed and imperfect (therefore the world is flawed and imperfect which I find a ludicrous assumption) and my belief that humanity has the capability to do good and evolve. The reason this matters is because when issues arise he can just fall back upon the argument that "well no one is perfect and we're all sinners and so it doesn't really matter - the world is doomed anyway" as a way to explain away him not voting for so n so or not supporting such and such law. Honestly this and evangelicalism are my biggest and perhaps my only real problems with Christianity. I'm currently at a loss, and I'm also scarcely awake, but maybe someone else has thought about this too and can offer some advice or thoughts on how it might be possible to reach a better understanding or accord?
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