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  1. I've been out for a few months due to school and training for my summer job. Probably gonna be popping in more though, in the boring minutes when I'm waiting for someone to open the door after I knock
  2. I am knocking on doors in the heat of a Texas summer. Please buy my pest control.
  3. Lol Chris wanted to troll Kat <.< >.> <.<
  4. Hey, it means a lot hearing that. I used to get lynched every game, so this means I'm improving
  5. I was trying as hard as I could to link Dice.2 to myself just in case you guys turned on me instead of lynching him first. Then I could guarantee the last mislynch tomorrow
  6. Lol, Chris wanted to openwolf this game and ended up deepwolfing instead
  7. That is a serious mark of honor 😂
  8. Sorry to mislynch you...twice... I feel like we had this game in hand from the moment the Deity role left the game.
  9. That ironic ten-minute difference though
  10. Yeah. I guess your switch to voting Hallia after the deadline could have been a calculated misdirection but that's up against solid town play all game. Meanwhile Nyn hasn't voted like a mafia but hasn't played like town. I'd go with her in a pinch
  11. That's why this is bothering me so much. I thought I had this game figured out last phase and it blew up in my face
  12. It's irrelevant. It could be literally any player left besides me and this strategy works.
  13. We're 4-2 right now. Dice gets lynched, we go to 4-1. Town gets night killed, 3-1. I get lynched due to association with Dice, we go to 2-1. The final scum kills town at night, going to parity at 1-1 and they win. Scum only need one mislynch to win, and it doesn't have to be today. All he has to do is make sure I'm inextricably tied to him and they can't lose.
  14. Ok now I'm convinced HalliaDice is scum trying to convince everyone I'm his partner. The last three posts he made were all about how I'm scum with AJ, but then he votes AJ instead of trying to get people to switch to me. He knows he's going down, and needs to protect his teammate by ensuring that I follow quickly thereafter. That lets his hidden partner shoot two town in the intervening night phases to win the game.
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