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  1. That was fun! Also, I swear that in every game of Mafia (not just here), everyone thinks I'm Mafia when I'm town.
  2. Sorry, sometimes I just have to go against the grain.
  3. Yeah, you were just quick on the draw. This is more my gut feeling than anything. I don't have a lot on you, but I currently have less on everyone else. For what it's worth, Darthe was way before you on list of suspected cereal killers. Man, I was bread for this.
  4. Nyn had been really quiet, but I wouldn't necessarily vote her yet without further evidence.
  5. You know, I've only played with IT once before, and his attitude this game is reminding me of that one. He was Mafia in that previous game. It's just the really aggressive playstyle and willingness to accuse so many people. I'd be willing to jump on an IT wagon. The only problem is that I haven't seen his villager game, so I have no point of reference.
  6. Why, thank you! I was rather proud of it myself.
  7. Crusher the Mafia Goon, So wolfie he howled at the moon. He tried to shift blame To cover his shame. Now he's singing an alternate tune. My limerick in honor of Crusher. I had to write a limerick one way or another (irresistible urge), so I figured it was as good a subject as any.
  8. I just have one question: What is town Queenie?
  9. I chief for Crusher because it made sense to lynch someone rather than no one, Crush hadn't been very active, and (I can't remember who) someone made some good points about why crush looked suspicious. Just so everyone knows that.
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