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  1. My goodness. These are gorgeous! My highest respect for your skill and patience. I recently rebound my copies of the Mistborn trilogy, and while they turned out fairly satisfactory, they didn't reach nearly this level. My consolation prize is that I got to get them signed at Boskone this weekend.
  2. Done. It's kind of a hack job by my standards but eh...
  3. I'm Californian but live in Massachusetts.
  4. What the heck, I'll paint. Any and every excuse to mess around on GIMP
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  6. Yay people remember me! I'm not planning on starting mafia again until I start school, but I'll definitely be getting back in. I gotta regain my old skills!
  7. Hola! I'm Ironeyes, although I frequently go by Marsh. If you don't get that I have some books for you to read... I was an active participant in the forums around four years ago, but I dropped out in favor of hard classes at school, then spent two years on a mission for my church. Now I'm back, hoping some of my friends still remember me. Online I am mostly into the Black Tower and mafia. IRL I'm starting as a freshman at Boston University next month.
  8. I buzz mine every year just before Swim Finals. It's never been longer than a few inches.
  9. Beautiful. (Now please tell us how on earth you got the book already?)
  10. I had to have two tries at Lord of the Rings, but I think that's because I started it too early. I got about three chapters into the sixth Septimus Heap book and stopped. The series was already a little beyond me, and it just got too erratic. My sister digs on me all the time to finish it, but I always counter by telling her to get on with Lord of Chaos (sad, she stopped in the middle of my favorite book in the series).
  11. Ironeyes

    Ajah test

    You belong to the Green Ajah! This is your result in its entirety: Green Ajah: 7 White Ajah: 5 Blue Ajah: 5 Brown Ajah: 3 Yellow Ajah: 2 Red Ajah: 1 Gray Ajah: 1 The White coming in second was a surprise. I thought Blue would be second.
  12. This "close knit community" is always willing to weave new members into our Pattern. Welcome!
  13. Niel beat me to mentioning Poetstorm, but we're glad to have you. Please tell us a little about yourself.
  14. Maybe I could get my twelve-year-old brother to join if he'd actually read the darn books. But he's not a bookworm like me.
  15. Hey, another yung'n. Could you actually be the elusive DM user that's younger than RandA lThor? He was bummed that I'm 16 when he's only 14.
  16. Mistborn=awesome. I just re-read the series for the fourth or fifth time.
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