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  1. So, I am in the hospital for an asthma attack. I am using phone to access the site. And don’t know how to use it to get pms. Also it’s a pita to use it on phone. So, won’t be posting a lot. My mind drifted. I am asking how to get pms on the phone? Please!
  2. Congratulations Lava!!! Great choice. Will post your pressie when I get to my computer.
  3. Yes, please....Like maybe a day or two before you rand if possible....IF not a few hours.....???? Oh and what will the SOD and EOD be??? IF you know now??
  4. *looks at dicey quizzically* UHM..... WHAT'S AN ASHANDAREI ??????????? Just wondering....... ❤️❤️❤️ OH and I hope that didn't hurt TOO much.... *bats eyes at dicey*
  5. *ducks just in time* hee hee 🤣 *grabs another chair and heads after dicey with it* HEY DICEY......COME HERE..... snicker...snicker.... *whaps dicey across the side with chair...* Love ya, dicey.... ❤️❤️❤️
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