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  1. Yes, please....Like maybe a day or two before you rand if possible....IF not a few hours.....???? Oh and what will the SOD and EOD be??? IF you know now??
  2. *looks at dicey quizzically* UHM..... WHAT'S AN ASHANDAREI ??????????? Just wondering....... ❤️❤️❤️ OH and I hope that didn't hurt TOO much.... *bats eyes at dicey*
  3. *ducks just in time* hee hee 🤣 *grabs another chair and heads after dicey with it* HEY DICEY......COME HERE..... snicker...snicker.... *whaps dicey across the side with chair...* Love ya, dicey.... ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Just send me a pm when we are about ready to start, please...thank you.... 👼 ❤️
  5. *peeks in behind lava* oooooohhhhh what a wonderful cake. Thank you, Lava......uhm, why am I getting such a special cake???? Is it for my move....I just saw the post with you setting a wolfy to guard it and the rainbow string and something else to hold fridge closed (which I forgot..sorry)....and that it was for me.....but couldn't figure out why....????? ❤️ 👼
  6. *hears all this noise coming from the Dragoon Inn to which she was summoned....opens door* Hey...HOooooo...*ducks really fast as shot glass flies by her head* Hey *......watches as it hits dicey in the tummy...but bounces right off* LOL.... 🤣 *Grabs random chair.....heads over to bar...grabs a slammin jammin,,,notices Jea hiding behind bar....Looks from chair to Jea and back to chair* Why Not?? 👼 *swings chair at Jea as she is imbibing in some brew* 😉
  7. *Walks in...sniffs the air.....* I smell CAKE *goes to fridge but there's this big ole wolf there, growling at me*
  8. ERAGON FOR ME......I love sapphira..and blue is my favorite color....though moirain is from the blue ajah if I remember correctly....hmmm.........................nah sticking with the underdog: ERAGON
  9. A / J - A - C - __ / O ' L - A - __ - __ - E - R - __ NO: S, M
  10. What does being a Gray mean to me... It means people who have my back, sisters and a brother (I think Cairos is the only Gray Brother , that I know of ) who I can confide in and they UNDERSTAND. They don't put me down even when I make no sense what-so-ever in my "rants." We have a lot of commonalities: poetry, art, crocheting, knitting, cooking, baking, etc. What drew me to the Grays... When I was an aspie I was drawn to the Grays by Cairo's cooking 👼 (He always had some brownies or chocolate chip cookies and milk for us aspies ) , Mirsh's calming presence, and the array of hobbies that the Grays did.
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