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    Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA
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    WoT of course ;), knitting, crocheting, painting, crafts, jewelery making and reading

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  1. Wildfire Sedai

    Brown Ajah Chocolate Week—Chocolate Limericks

    pick one of your 'ilk,
  2. Wildfire Sedai

    The Gwampy Thread

    thank you for informing me. I am really interested in reading it. Just on a tight budget right now: I live in a nursing home so only get 72.80 a month out of my check for living expenses. I am slated to go to group home where I will get more. So, maybe when that comes around: may or june, I could buy your book?
  3. Wildfire Sedai

    Brown Ajah Chocolate Week—Chocolate Limericks

    Makes you wonder which is dearest?
  4. Wildfire Sedai

    January Hangman: New Year's Resolutions/Traditions

    better as can be expected....still weak..but on the mend.
  5. Wildfire Sedai

    The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    *bows* Yep, I take full credit.... LOL HE is Iced TEA.....then I have my own brew of slammin jammin iced tea. That I created with the urging of BB (the creative name which, I stole from my second cousin....but shhh don't tell anyone.
  6. Wildfire Sedai

    The Gwampy Thread

    how long is it?
  7. Wildfire Sedai

    The Gwampy Thread

    sounds interesting. Is it a stand alone or will there be a sequel?
  8. Wildfire Sedai

    Brown Ajah Chocolate Week—Chocolate Limericks

    Chocolate week is the greatest,
  9. Wildfire Sedai

    February 2019 Roll Call

    Valentines day sucks....I have hated it since I was a kid in elementary school....since I was the only one who never got any valentines... And I've never dated so never had any romance to think of...so, whatever...
  10. Wildfire Sedai

    [GAME] EXECUTIONER mod Wildfire

    thank you, lily. *stabs back*
  11. Wildfire Sedai

    February Game: Post the Time & Time Zone!

    01:30 Eastern
  12. Wildfire Sedai

    Word Association

  13. Wildfire Sedai

    February Roll Call (2019)

    *Runs down stream, plops on back, rolls in water, and shakes self off all over everybody* there....
  14. I am out of hospital now. However, will have pt and ot for awhile so might not be on as often as usual. However, I am ready and able.....