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  1. *calls for a cleaning crew to prep the Dungeon* 😆
  2. Welcome to DM, Cazzly! Officially, that is, since you've been lurking for so long! I guess you already know about the different groups, in addition to the discussion pages. I hope you will stop by the White Tower and the Band of the Red Hand! Who is your favorite WoT character?
  3. I'm planning to make some beef rouladen some time this month. Mmmmmmm
  4. Dear Reds, I miss you. I miss snugglebites. Moon, I'm sorry for your loss of Kanji . . . Our pets leave such huge holes in our hearts.
  5. Happy birthday to my Talya! *snugglebites the birthday girl*
  6. Uh-oh . . . I have a bad feeling about this . . . *sends a note to housekeeping to prep The Dungeon(TM) . . . just in case*
  7. Welcome to all the newbies! It's great to see new people drop in here at DM. Hi, I'm Daruya and I'm a WoT fan. I'm a member of the White Tower (where Elgee is the Amyrlin and I am the Keeper of the Chronicles) and I'm also a member of the Band, where I'm a Knight in the Cavalry. You'll do fine at either group as long as you ply Elgee with kaf and Dicicle with brew . . .
  8. I was a bit busy . . . but graduated in December! I read a lot the last 2 years, but just not fiction.
  9. I'm with Cross on this one . . . we live the real world so I want to enjoy some fantasy with magic and dragons and talking horses and other fantastical creatures! *says the person who hasn't read a fiction book for nearly 2 years . . . *
  10. Hi Browns! *snags a large mug of hot chocolate, and settles into a comfy chair* Had a lovely Christmas with the family. Much more than the gifts, I treasure the time spent with them! James, how many keyboards are you flailing on?
  11. Welcome, Niblet! And let's be careful, everyone else, for spoilers, especially in her Intro thread. Niblet, if you don't want spoilers, avoid the book discussion board. I do highly recommend the social boards, like the White Tower and Band of the Red Hand. Please do stop in and get to know us all. Now, now, Nyn . . . Egwene has always been one of my favorite characters. Not my absolute favorite, but one of my favorites. Does that mean you don't love me any more? LOL!
  12. Welcome! You're just in time to catch the annual Blue Ajah Harry Potter Week mafia game the end of July! Head over the White Tower & Warders to check it out.
  13. I like broccoli! Never have I ever liked Brussel Sprouts.
  14. I see you're in Florida, Eclipse! As a fellow Floridian, I'm curious what part! I'm in NW Florida (as you can see since it's listed below my avatar).
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