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  1. Well let’s see; I’m a big dork so I enjoy gaming, reading and creating random characters (Star Wars, WoT, D&D) that I would love to play if I had the time to do so. I also love tracking! As a matter of fact I just got back from Disney World (Florida), drove the majority of the way both ways! Can’t believe how big Texas is, driving from El Paso to the La state line takes an entire day! Lately work and family has been taking most of my free time so any chance I can get to squeeze my dorkdom you better believe I’m all over it! I also belong to a Star Wars fan club where I challenge myself in a bit of co-op fan fiction. Once again I haven’t been able to get much accomplished there either ;(
  2. Just got back from my trip to Batuu and I find this warm welcome, thanks to everyone. I’m looking forward to see what new adventures await me down the road.
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