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  1. Never said it was YOUR plan....muuuuwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.....
  2. And thank you...I will try the roibios chai tea..or however you spell it....LOL just gotta wait about a month or two till I can get enough money and transportation figured out to go to store to get it....Any suggestions on stores: Walmart, big y, stop and shop, shoprite, ect.
  3. sure you can be mafia together.....and that way when we lynch you while you are sleeping day1.....you can't complain....LOL
  4. Sounds wonderful...and yes I hope to be here more...but getting busy soon what with move and all coming soon. Thanks, Mother. I am glad to be going. 😺 Okay so I figured out that rooibos is a kind of tea....but what makes it so different from other teas? Can you get it in the Northeast USA??
  5. I love SP and pumpkin pie. I will eat apple, it's good and all but my favorite is simple chocolate cream or chocolate mousse, then Pecan Pie. I remember the holidays *Thanksgiving and Christmas* when I was deemed old enough----around 4-6 maybe younger by my mom to actually help with the HOLIDAY BAKING. It started out small of course: just stirring the ingredients to what my mom deemed the worst and most important of the pie/cookie baking adventure......THE DOUGH.... ❤️ My mom hated making and rolling the dough. Everything had to be made by scratch though.....That is until she had my younger sisters....then it was cheating all the way.....ready made pie crusts, ready made apple and pumpkin pie fillings (I hated peeling and coring the apples *probably why I am not so fond of apple pie 😁 * ), then store bought pies. Granted the extended family left for greener pastures and the in-laws died or got really old...uh vise versa that.... and her kids flew the coop, me included and SHE got oldER. Love ya, mom. Anyway, I miss all that cooking. *sigh* So, what I've eaten so far today was: BRKFST: 3 EGGS, OVER MEDIUMISH, 2 EGGS SCRAMBLED (JUST A GUESS), 1 1/2 PIECES OF TOAST WITH PB AND JELLY, OUTDATED CHOBANI STRAWBERRY GREEK YOGURT, CORN FLAKES W/ YELLOW SUGAR AND SOY MILK, BANANA, TEA WITH 2 YELLOW SUGAR. WOW DIDN'T REALIZE HOW MUCH IT IS TILL I WROTE IT DOWN.... LUNCH: 2 HOT DOGS W/ BUN, KETCHUP AND RELISH (1 PK EACH), COTTAGE CHEESE AND FRUIT PLATE, LEMON PUDDING, WATER, TEA W/ 2 YELLOW SUGARS.
  6. Thank you, Dar'Jen. Yes, I have. I very long time: 4 1/2 years (ever since I got put in my first nh) Lava: I lived in 1 nursing home for 2 years, 1 rehab hospital for 1 year, then this nursing home *the worst hell hole* for 1 1/2 years. So, I have basically been stuck inside only going out on appointments and a total of four outings, not including hospitalizations, in those 4 1/2 years. On October 1, I am moving into a group home so I will be able to visit my mom and go on outings and go outside when I want. It's going to be great. Oh and thank you for the cake....chocolate I hope...with cream cheese frosting.....hmmm...??? Thank you, Lily. *big hugs, back* Thank you, my gray brother *tacklehugs back* Thanks Ryrin. Maybe this time I will keep up with the letters.... probably not And Cairo: I agree with ryrin here, there's always next time.
  7. So....I have an announcement....and I find it only fitting that I should say it here..... I AM FINALLY LEAVING THIS HELL HOLE!! I GO TO GROUP HOME ON OCTOBER 1, 2019!!! YIPPEE!! YIYAY!!
  8. Cairos, Don't feel so bad about the first test. Most people have to take those types of tests more than once. They were designed that way. Luv you, bro. Wildfire
  9. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM *munchsmackmmmmunch* Those cinnamon rolls were so good..... *Looks at empty plate* uhm....did I just eat the rest of them.... sorry.... I guess I was hungry...didn't eat lunch today, ice cold. Anyway, I know how to replace them..... LLLLLLLLAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! We need some more cinnamon rolls please....LOL LOL 🙂 👼 Thank You!!!!
  10. /in If game starts before Aug 30. As I have a game I already inned for at another site at Sep 8th and don't want too much overlapping. Please PM me at least a day in advance of rand. Thank You. IF you can. sooner the better. but I understand if you can't.
  11. My condolences to you and yours. Prayers headed your way. ❤️
  12. Hello Wildfire! I missed you 🙂

    1. Wildfire Sedai

      Wildfire Sedai

      Hello Naked~Frog: I have missed you too.  Long time no see.  :wub: 

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