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  1. Thank you both so much. Lava: the walking policy was to determine how far I should walk before I was pushed/if I should get pushed, etc. Helike: You don't even know me and you are being so kind to me. 😢You are too kind. Thank you. I should spend more time on here, but I don't have a "quiet" place to use my puter. I been going on through phone.
  2. A W K W A R D NO: E, N, T, O, L, S, C, M. G, I , Y, U, C, J, F, B Niniel got it!!!
  3. My psych doctor said that meds don't help me.....that I need to find a reason to live.....I've lost the will to live....nothing to live for....though the med changes made my symptoms worse.... I am only on puter now cause I was told I had to find a church to go to and rewrite a "walking policy."
  4. lava: no I didn't spend holidays in hospital. Just went in right after ny's. They messed with my meds and now I am worse than ever.....got told I might be sent back to nursing home cause of my behavior....been pretty bad. Cairos: How's work going? what department are you in? congratulations!!!
  5. A __ K __ A R D NO: E, N, T, O, L, S, C, M. G, I , Y, U, C, J sorry again 😞 for long time away. Almost there!!!
  6. A __ K __ A R __ NO: E, N, T, O, L, S, C, M. G, I , Y, U sorry Lava, no U 15 letters guessed, only 3 right. This has to be the longest hangman game, ever!!
  7. @dicetosser1 and @Cass how are you doing? In regards to the wildfires? I just found out about them the other night and am very concerned for you both! I don’t watch the news at home. However, I am back in the hospital and saw it in passing (changing the channels) and immediately thought of you two. I just didn’t have a chance to post until now. All my love and concern are headed both your ways and to everyone else in Australia.
  8. A __ K __ A R __ NO: E, N, T, O, L, S, C, M. G, I , Y Niniel: It's nothing really....just really busy ❤️ Oh and no Y.... ❤️
  9. A __ K __ A R __ NO: E, N, T, O, L, S, C, M. G, I Sorry, so late. I have been busy with ANOTHER move and doctor’s appointments. this is a hard one for sure. You will all laugh when it is revealed.
  10. Thank you and merry Christmas to you too!! ❤️
  11. So, I am in the hospital for an asthma attack. I am using phone to access the site. And don’t know how to use it to get pms. Also it’s a pita to use it on phone. So, won’t be posting a lot. My mind drifted. I am asking how to get pms on the phone? Please!
  12. Congratulations Lava!!! Great choice. Will post your pressie when I get to my computer.
  13. Yes, please....Like maybe a day or two before you rand if possible....IF not a few hours.....???? Oh and what will the SOD and EOD be??? IF you know now??
  14. *looks at dicey quizzically* UHM..... WHAT'S AN ASHANDAREI ??????????? Just wondering....... ❤️❤️❤️ OH and I hope that didn't hurt TOO much.... *bats eyes at dicey*
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