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  1. I got some bad news today so I won’t be able to run this after all. I am flying back to Texas tomorrow to be with my brother and help arrange the funeral for my mom. Sorry for those who were looking forward to this game and worked hard to get the roster filled out but right now my head and heart aren’t in it. I’m sure you understand.
  2. We’re running with 10. Multi ball.
  3. Nothing I do is good enough for you is it? 😘
  4. I’m gonna rename this Crusher’s game Monday it is.
  5. For the sake of not having to start the game on the weekend I will wait for Monday morning. Role PMs will go out Sunday night. Any objections?
  6. I’m not in a rush. I may wait to start Monday morning but send out PMs Sunday. Is anyone else joining us? @Nolder
  7. I have to punish you somehow for always thinking I’m scum.
  8. If we’re getting to 11 I would like to have 12 then. @Kaylee would you be able to play?
  9. Anyone with a preference for start date or phase length? I am thinking of a 48/24 cycle. Starting Wednesday evening or Thursday morning? Signups are provisionally closed unless we have any other last minute joins. Welcome to DM hosting JN Mafia.
  10. I’ve got everyone up to here. We’ll give it another day or two
  11. I’ve got everyone up to here. We’ll give it another day or two
  12. I’ve got a solution. Ditch the boyfriend 😏 so you’re saying if I were to accidentally send you a role PM that you’d ignore it?
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