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  1. Turbo: sign ups

  2. political meme's & lolz

    This is funny
  3. political meme's & lolz

    I guess that’s one way to end school shootings
  4. political meme's & lolz

    My man, we should probably focus more on paying teachers before thinking about training/arming them.
  5. I grew up in places where it snowed once every few decades, so football was my sport. Wish I could relate on the hockey :( Today I watched the Men’s Aerials skiing finals. What an absolutely insane sport, seriously. It’s like the vault in gymnastics but instead you’re strapped to skis and getting launched off a half pipe instead of a spring board. Ridiculous.
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean sign up

    I could be a back up if you need any?
  7. political meme's & lolz

    pretty sure every time this convo comes around (frequently) this is essentially what I keep repeating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. political meme's & lolz

    I shouldn't have, but I laughed a little.
  9. More mass shootings...

    I don’t think it’s very relevant to the overall point, no. The only thing that really matters to me was that, again, someone with a rifle that was purchased legally has gone out and killed a bunch of people. Pointing fingers about their personal beliefs as if it somehow changes anything is just deflection. I don’t want to make sense of it, I want it to not happen. We can talk about warning signs that were missed and failed follow up with the FBI investigation but there is still no counter to the argument that if this gun hadn’t been so readily available then perhaps this tragedy wouldn’t have happened, or at the least not to this extent. I agree with Ty in that we are beyond a personal rights issue. This is a public safety problem and should be addressed as such.
  10. More mass shootings...

    I think that those country's policies are for those countries to worry about. In America we raised the TSA to prevent any further airliner attacks. There's also the 'extreme vetting' that this administration came up with. I fail to see how those are relevant to the discussion here. Probably the most disturbing thing I have seen in all the discussions about this latest shooting is right wingers trying to prop this kid up as a Communist and Antifa sympathizer as if makes any difference that he walked into his former high school with a rifle that was purchased legally and laid waste to 17 people.