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  1. I’ve got a solution. Ditch the boyfriend 😏 so you’re saying if I were to accidentally send you a role PM that you’d ignore it?
  2. I’m aiming for thirteen but I could do something with as little as nine. Biggest would probably be fifteen but I don’t really see that happening tbh. I might have to look into some 7-10 player setups just so we don’t sit in signups for weeks.
  3. You’re a tough man to reach. The competition is what you see so far on the roster. Activity seems to have dipped a bit, games take longer to fill, but that may be due to people just being busy. I would love to have @Leelou play but she hasn’t in a while, not here at least. As for the others well they can tell you themselves 😏 Theres a spot for you if you want it.
  4. It’s another wrinkle for end game scenarios. Basically it encourages slow play (better for town, harder on the scum) and punishes hasty votes (bad for town, better for scum). Raises the stakes a little more, but if people have issues with it I can remove it and votes will be normal. Of course. If it happens, there will be an announcement when Day starts but I’m pretty sure the players will already be aware before it happens.
  5. In the event where the game has reached a state where the Mafia will win if another mislynch is achieved, the votes will be locked - meaning you cannot change them.
  6. Lets hope this goes well 😆
  7. If nobody objects I’ll rep DM for us @Thingyman
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