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  1. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Mmmm D2 wagon builds are juicy
  2. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Yeah. And if you think it’s one over the other to give examples or whatever.
  3. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    I don’t think Cory has a TR on Zander. could you summarize why you think it’s him vs Dice? @dicetosser1 @Zanatron I’d like you both to this as well. Doesn’t need to be super long but a few bullet points as to why you think whoever is the last scum.
  4. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    If there was a survivor the game should’ve ended with Hallia’s lynch - so that’s unlikely. Could be SK or something that’s been holstering all game, but then I need to decide whether Hallia was saving her own bacon with the Doc claim or trying to draw out a counter for her buddy to shoot at.
  5. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    I’m trying not to NK spec too much here but it worked pretty well for Nini. Me being targeted means 1) I’m right on Darthe and seeing as how Cory was leaning the other direction he gets to ride the Zander/Dice violence to the W. 2) I’m wrong on Darthe and Zander/Dice want to frame him since the game is turning that direction. 3) My reads don’t matter as much as the fact I’m objectively scum’s biggest threat PR wise still alive.
  6. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Thanks and HFD to the other dads out there!
  7. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    The other two quotes were from Dice and Darthe this game irt Hallia. Your read was better.
  8. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Ok. It’s Father’s Day and soon we’l be going down to the in-laws for brunch and watching the Brazil-Switzerland match so prob won’t be around much. Still unsure of where to go here. The claims didn’t help
  9. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    When is DL?
  10. Glad you’re sticking around!
  11. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Idk what just happened with that. I tried to put the lengthier stuff in spoilers so only the POE was showing. There’s responses inside, plz read.
  12. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Dice GOAT or keeping up the distancing? Another ~subtle Darthe defense here. This is the post that I want to say more or less eliminates Zander as teammates with Hallia. This is very nuanced compared to “she’s not answering my questions” and “woof”
  13. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia]

    Ok Final count 1. I know at least 4 Town lynched Town!Kat. Both scum are voting Dice along with town!Socio. I’m hesitant to give Dice too much credit here cause he wasn’t around to switch for self pres one way or another. On it’s face this would look good for Dice being Town but I agree with what Cory said earlier and that with this roster scum was gonna have a hard time getting MLs so maybe bussing hard and early was the better play to throw out anti-align tells. This also goes back to the old “scum don’t all vote together” so Darthe/Z both voting Kat pretty close to one another makes it hard to discern.