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  1. NFL Discussion Another XFL type football league looking to get in on the action. Is this viable?
  2. NFL Discussion

    I thought maybe trading for those extra picks was to move up but perhaps they are just stock piling to draft kids McDermott wants in his system?
  3. NFL Discussion

    I guess if I had to pick an AFC team, it’d be the Chargers? I've lived in San Diego since 2009 and while the team was still here, watching the games in a packed Charger bar was always a good time. I also have tremendous respect for Rivers.
  4. NFL Discussion

    You think the Bills are gonna trade up? I had a thought that perhaps the Jets pulled the trigger so soon to get a leg up on a division rival.

    Not at all. Scheduled C-section, which was... one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had.
  6. NFL Discussion

    The Jets have got to be thinking franchise QB with that move but man, they’re giving up the farm to do it. Hope it works out lol I figured the Colts would be the team to trade back. Maybe the Browns might sell their #4 to the Bills for their three (?) firsts.

    Mom and baby are doing good btw <3
  8. NFL Discussion

    Rosen is the most NFL ready imo. It all depends on what teams they go to and what sort of supporting cast/coaching they get, etc etc but just arm talent and experience wise I think Rosen is the most prepared. Suh will get a League minimum contract somewhere I’m sure. Kaep is finished. Eric Reid (as in Ed Reid’s lil bro) can’t even get a job after taking a knee with Kaep and he’s a way better football player.
  9. NFL Discussion

    Buffalo signed McCarron to a two year deal yesterday so that maybe puts QB as a ~lower priority or he’s play the bridge guy for the next one or two years similar to Taylor in Cleveland. If someone wants to trade up, the Bills have the capital. Fitzpatrick and Chubb and the CB Ward from Ohio State are the consensus top defenders from everything I’ve heard or read. There’s a few other guys with high first round grades at LB, DT and S. All of those are needs for Dallas so I am keeping my fingers crossed someone falls. Cleveland could take Nelson at #4 if the Giants don’t grab him first. He’s a beast and apparently could slide outside if really needed. I think Orlando Bloom from OU was the consensus top tackle going into the combine before he blew it, so now I don’t think there’s really any for sure franchise OT like most years. Cleveland has the #33 pick so they might wait to grab a guy in the second when the value is better.
  10. NFL Discussion

    I would think it makes it less of a priority for teams like the Broncos who will now have 4 QBs on the roster after signing Keenum. I’d think maybe the Jets are happy with Bridgewater as well for now since they resigned McCown for insurance. I think the Bills aiming to trade up into the top 3-4 is definitely a thing. The Colts probably don’t want a QB and sliding back to get more picks in the first might be the better option. They’ve got a lot of spots to fill. I still think Cleveland takes a QB to learn behind Taylor this year and then take over in 2019. The interesting part comes from which teams with aging QBs maybe pull the trigger this year to grab their replacement guy? Namely the Pats, Cards (Bradford isn’t the long term solution), Chargers and Saints. With several of the top 10 teams getting their QBs it makes me wonder what’ll be left at 19 when my Cowboys pick. I was hoping there’d be a spree of QBs coming off the board early and maybe some talented defenders would slide but that seems less likely now.
  11. NFL Discussion

    Tons of moves today. Haven’t been able to keep up tbh lol
  12. Tipping is horrible

    That sounds a lot like commission. Here they’re paid $11.50 plus whatever tips they make, which depending on the restaurant/shift/business could be several hundred dollars a night. Even better if they don’t have to claim or share those tips. My opinion on servers is probably less savory because I know they can abuse the system, at least here where I live. I’d rather see increased menu prices to pay them all the same and cut tipping out completely. Let’s make them have to claim their full pay and maybe they’ll complain less.
  13. Tipping is horrible

    Depends on what state you live in. Some states like New York allow for below minimum wage for food service positions because of tipping. In places like California servers get minimum wage + tips. This allows them to claim what’s on their W2 to put them in a low bracket while pocketing cash nightly. The bar should be set that all employees make at least minimum wage and tips should no longer be a thing. I wouldn’t mind an increase in menu costs knowing the price that I see is what is expected when the bill is paid.

    I’d rejoin for that and thanks bro