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  1. Nah just up the coast to the Evergreen state. I got a new job (still pending) but my house is set to be sold by March 6 and I would like to be packed up and heading north by then. I would need the game to either be done before I move or start after I’m settled to play.
  2. Andrej

    NFL Discussion

    First big move of the offseason, QB carousel already spinning. Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens being traded to the Denver Broncos for what projects to be a mid-round draft pick. The Brocs have two 2019 fourth rounders.
  3. Andrej

    NFL Discussion

    https://es.pn/2WHCNFk Some info on the new AAF. I watched a bit of the San Diego v San Antonio game and I wasn’t thrilled. It’s essentially back up level players (and below) playing against each other so the game itself isn’t the most entertaining. Lots of bad throws, poor blocking, dropped catches, etc.
  4. Add Kat and chop this to a 9er without the Wolf Vig to make 7/2 and let's GOOOOOO I'm gonna have to drop if this doesn't run soon. Gonna be relocating.
  5. Andrej

    NFL Discussion

    https://aaf.com/ Im not sure as to what the functionality is supposed to be. Most of the rosters seem to be filled with guys from the region for the most part. I thought it was perhaps a developmental league but there are guys on teams who have been out of the college ranks for a few years or who flopped in the NFL so maybe it’s a mix of both. I do think having their season during the off season of the NFL is pretty smart. I guess the on-field product will determine the success though. If the games stink because the players are B-league at best then I’m not sure how well it’ll do.
  6. Oh ok. I thought the wolf vig was the only shot. My b
  7. Andrej

    NFL Discussion

    CBS has the rights apparently First game is this Saturday
  8. Andrej

    NFL Discussion

    AAF kicks off this month.
  9. Andrej

    NFL Discussion

    6 rings
  10. Wulves gunna need more than one shot imo
  11. I’m assuming the Night you pass that you are BP, and that your target doesn’t become God until Night ends (and therefore can still die before being confirmed)
  12. Keeps passing until you hit scum. Then scum dies and ability is gone. so it’s like a public cop check/1x vig I guess
  13. Andrej

    NFL Discussion

    Souper Bowl Sunday who u got
  14. Just extra vowels in general gyros still wanted tho