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  1. I want you to rethink that question a bit and I’m pretty sure you’ll find your answer. Why would I look at a low impact Nyn differently than a low impact Kat? You like talking about meta so I’m sure you can figure that out for yourself. I’m not saying it’s a good sign, but really. also If you go back to that post you’re talking about and read it from the POV of someone not in your head, I think you’ll see why I asked. The language is almost ~positive about Kat. You talked about her being consistent and how her progression on some reads were “~ok”. So yeah, I assumed and was cutting to the chase with what you were getting at when I asked my question.
  2. This phase it feels like it, but that’s maybe cause I’ve been talking to Lenlo for ~48 hours. And no, I don’t need you to update me. You’re not the only one with a work/home life. You made a point about meta, and I corrected you. If I saw you doing things that I’ve nailed you for as scum, don’t you think I would call you on it? Aside from you being too lenient with Nyn here, I don’t think you’re scum.
  3. Dice getting spooked doesn’t make you Town. If he’d stayed the course we wouldn’t even be having this convo right now.
  4. Also doesn’t shock me you’d come in to drive a wedge between two of the more active posters when your name is getting tossed around as the lynch.
  5. Then how are you going to say my activity has fallen off? Aside from the last weekend while I was out of town, this game has devolved into me/Len talking at each other constantly.
  6. Tbf you’ve been more quiet as of late. And more accurately, the times (I have two in mind) I called you out as scum was because you were trying to always fall back on wanting to ISO/reread instead of attacking current events. It wasn’t so much about volume but where you were focused.
  7. It would be pretty overt if they are teammates, but that’s the more obvious answer. I would think if Nyn is scum, cutting ties with her today would be the better move but if scum can ML today tmrw is Lylo so meh.
  8. To be more specific about it, I don’t really think Town!Cass believes that in itself is a clearing action, especially for a player who is as readable as Nyn. Kat voted Clov when he was thinking about putting her up, but she’s still bottom of the POE? I also agree with Len, for all the fuss about wanting to review others she is sticking hard to one point to bolster a read that atp isn’t justified imo.
  9. NGL I think Cass’s reaction to the idea of lynching Nyn is ~concerning. I think you’re assigning way too much weight into something like that when she’s had next to nothing anywhere else. There is never a time I want to compromise today and carry her into F5.
  10. If Cass agrees that we are going to lynch Nyn, I’m on board Len. but I swear if you pull some fancy play I’m gonna be mad lol
  11. It seems you’re in a position to think Nyn is scum. Am I correct in that?
  12. 🤔 ngl I’m tempted but it also feels like a setup. you go from 100% sure I’m scum to wanting to make deals with me, so I don’t really know how to take that.
  13. Also @Lenlo since you’re the only one playing rn, who is my partner?