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  1. https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/151623-hbo-watchmen-mafia-sign-up-thread-only-1-slot-remaining/ link to aforementioned game ^
  2. Bill O’Brian on trading a Top 5 WR:
  3. I haven’t seen anything about the draft being pushed - but it’s looking pretty likely based on the activity of the other sports leagues.
  4. Bumping this. JN Mafia going strong with more games to come
  5. Thanks. Glad to see you stuck around this forum really is dead now isn’t it
  6. Verb/Rhea/Kaylee Her partner is gonna be in there somewhere. Most likely between Verb/Rhea but if not then I'd go Kaylee as a last resort. If it's WiFi then lolme but I doubt I will ever be able to tell when she's actually scum because her town game is already so out there
  7. If Rhea is scum it's because of the EOD1 antics and wanting to push me over Kat today before backing down when there was no traction. She did the same with Kaylee on D1 as well. I'll give it to her for being aggressive at least. That sort of makes me doubt myself.
  8. *shakes fist at Luth* Next time she susses me for crap reasons I am nuking her on the spot. Hallia was right :( and she was defending me. I still feel guilty about that
  9. 9er games as almost always two scum and seven town. Otherwise you ML on D1 and the NK goes through and you're facing D2 LyLo. If Verb is scum it's because he was pushing Rhea over Kat today while posturing to be for Kat's lynch. It's not impossible that he and Rhea are t/t but I kind of doubt it.
  10. So Dice definitely cleared I think. Rhea suspect for staying off Kat D1 and not voting at all on the townie CW. WF kind of sketchy for voting all around Kat, though I think the benefit of a doubt post could be legit. Kaylee somewhat suspect because she started the Hallia counterwagon and when she got pushed to two votes D1 she and Luth voted me in return as a block to tie. Verb suspect if Rhea is town. Verb/Rhea good to resolve tomorrow. Outside shot of the other scum in Kaylee/WF
  11. There's an hour until DL. I'll hang around to see if Kat shows but time is running thin and there's not much she's gonna say to swing me tbh
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