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  1. They could be working on some promo-stuff?
  2. For sure! They totally changed the new Pet Cemetery movie. Kinda ruined it for me.
  3. *Mod Hat* Dragonmount has a Zero Tolerance policy regarding Racism, Bigotry, and Political Discussion. As such, please refrain from discussing the political topic of Racism/Race, Calling other members racist, or making racist comments. In the future, if you find a post offensive, instead of replying to that post, please use the report post function instead. Lets work together, and try keep this place as civil as possible! /Mod Hat
  4. For sure. One of the good things about CGI though, is it's harder to 'mess' up your set. Hmm, I might have mis-remembered it as the studios not paying the VFX groups, though it's more like the studio aren't paying them enough, and hundreds of VFX groups all bidding on the same contract, outsourcing, etc. Basically it's a very volatile, almost inhumane practice that goes on. Gaming studios are also facing pressure about how they treat employees during 'chrunch' time... Basically what I'm saying is this. Don't be surprised if sometime in the next 1-5 years, everything on TV that uses CGI comes to a stand-still as people boycot/walkout to support the VFX crew, like they did back in what, 2012? with the writers union. https://filmanddigitalmedia.wordpress.com/2017/11/01/why-vfx-companies-are-going-broke/ https://www.awn.com/news/halo-vfx-bankrupt-bohemian-rhapsody-visual-effects-artists-still-unpaid https://gizmodo.com/life-of-pis-vfx-team-explains-whats-wrong-with-the-in-1531864103
  5. CGI can be prohibitively expensive, but also cheaper than paying certain actors, and the crew required to do conventional makeup. Like, Trollocs, pretty much have to be 100% CGI (Jurassic park style, on top of actors in green-suits) Cities are going to be almost 100% CGI. Mydraal? You only really see one at a time. They can theoretically put a green-mask on an actor and just CGI the face. Or they could go del-toro, and hire a good special effects artist, but now you're paying for the artists skills/abilities/equipment/time the actor has to sit in chair... But Myrdraal really aren't major character actors that you see every 5 minutes, except maybe the first 2 or 3 episodes, and the final ones... But there's also an ongoing issue of CGI studios going bellyup when big studios like Marvel & Disney don't pay their bills, while working those people half to death to meet deadlines.
  6. Just get Del Toro involved, and whoever did the makeup for Pans Labyrinth.
  7. Rand is the only Ginger among the Two Rivers, Perrin has brown hair. (Cover art that shows red-head Perrin is obviously wrong. lol) https://wot.fandom.com/wiki/Perrin_Aybara
  8. That they are. I spent way too many hours last night on Facebook & Twitter just tossing out how it can work, just by reading the passages in the books. I, probably like most people who read the books (who are probably mostly white) assumed the characters were all white. Going back and re-reading descriptions pretty much shows, "Huh, I guess they could be far darker. We assume that the two rivers is one giant homogenized population with absolutely no clumps. On the other hand, people are talking about Wheel of Time again. Aiel being Ginger dessert dwellers has to be a thing. Like, they're allowed to be Tan but they're definitely gingers. Juilin Sandar, somehow I never knew that until I read someone mentioning it in a thread here. I somehow completely glossed that over. Tuon: These days I picture her as being a very dark skinned person of Asian descent. I saw a picture of a model, someone of Asian descent that could definitely be described as having skin like ebony. 1000x this. Fat Innkeepers unite! Mr.Smith it?
  9. It's not intrinsically that when it comes to those who disagree the casting. There's obviously more than one reason people can disagree with the casting. What it boils down to is how they disagree with the casting, and the verbiage they use to explain why they disagree with it, that really shows if they disagree with the casting for that reason. I wasn't sold on Nyneave when I first saw her. I always pictured her as a slightly older, white lady with brown hair in a long Braid, in a Green Dress... But I've also probably gotten that image from the cover art (which isn't that great), and the various fan-art. Looking back, re-reading character descriptions, we're learning that things like skin color of these characters is rather vague, and It's not even defined in the WoT Companion! (I've always pictured Perrin as more of Spanish Decent) Ultimately, at the end of the day, all that matters is if these kids are good actors. That alone will make or break the show. No one wants another "MTV" cast.
  10. Yea he needs to bulk up massively. But Hey this is Chris Hemsworth before and after Thor... Anythings possible. lol
  11. It would be wrong, since he's described as having Dark Brown Curly hair in the Books. Being a post-utopia, post-apocalyptic setting, we don't even know how much 'skin color' was really a factor during the Age of Legends, let alone if our worlds view of race and ethnicity even carried over during the breaking. Well Tuon is described as having skin like Ebony. These actors are very light skinned by comparison. Nice catch! I always pictured Perrin as slightly more tanned/darker complexion then the rest of the boys. Probably because that's what I seem to always picture Black Smiths in general as. Probably based on the covers, I always pictured Nyneave as really, really white, , and Egwene as just 'tanned'. (Probably thanks to Guinevere) I really like the casting of Madeleine... Though she's way prettier then I expected for Egwene. lol Someone Mentioned it earlier in this thread, but I really like Hugh Laurie for Thom. He's got the limp down, and the man can sing! I'm actually picturing Ken Watanabe as Lan. Lan is 45 during the Eye of the World. I also really want Steve Buscemi as Padan Fain
  12. I've been helping to squash some of those complaints on Twitter & Facebook. Jordan doesn't really describe any particular characters skin color except for basically Rand and Tuon. At most, he describes Egwene as having 'fair' skin.. Which is rather vague in terms of color. (It can often mean young, or light, but it doesn't mean devoid of 'color'.) My go to counter is this. The Two Rivers and it's people are loosely based on Charleston SC, where RJ lived. Why wouldn't RJ make the two rivers look like the people in Charleston?
  13. I just had a brilliant idea. I think the fans should send Josha (or Rafe Judkins to give to Josha), a ton of tiny little boxes with a little card that says "Think outside the box". I think it would be a hilarious story for him to tell, him being all confused about why he keeps getting all these little boxes.
  14. Wow. That whole possession thing gives him an edge on playing Mat!
  15. I can see Rand, Mat, & Perrin. Just not Nyneave so much, but here's hoping her acting is good! Also, I've Never heard of these actors before.
  16. Luckily that can be pretty easily faked. But that man is an amazing talent... I had no idea he was British until an Interview on tv... Then I learned about Black Adder...
  17. Formerly known as Entertainment Discussion forum, and before that the Seanchan. If you're interesting in Discussing TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Music or Video Games, and playing various forum games like Trivia, 20 Questions, Fantasy Football, and NFL Pickem, Just reply to this thread, and I'll add you to the list! Founder: @SinisterDeath 1. @keyholder21 2. @Haxorsist 3. @Krakalakachkn 4. @Justen Diablos 5. @Zanatron 6. @Turin Turambar 7. @Basel Gill 8. @Mrs. Cindy Gill 9. @Niniel 10. @Vambram 11. @amegakure 12. @imlad 13. @KingRodel 14. @Turin Turambar 15. @Arie 16. @Nynaeve 17. 18. 19. 20.
  18. I enjoy Faile as a character, and I don't hate her entire story Arc with Perrin in the later books. I believe her story arc with Perrin is meant to be about two people who fell in love despite their different cultural backgrounds, completely different personalities, and failure at communicating properly. When it comes down to it, Perrin & Faile basically have the most realistic relationship in the book, and I think this is why people hate Her, and their relationship.
  19. Going off of various fantasy tropes, Godlike entities often have a hands off on the material plane. (Often as a pact among other godlike entities) But they generally are able to Create a Visage of themselves, an Avatar that is effectively a mortal version of said godlike entity, usually possessing similar powers, albeit not as strong. (Kind of like breaking off a piece of a godlike entity that returns to it when it dies.) In similar fantasy tropes, those god like entities often grant their powers (Often for a limited time) to certain mortals, to achieve some kind of goal. This person is often seen as acting upon their patron gods behalf, as their Avatar. (Kind of like a Lawyer who speaks on your behalf, except now you can turn their enemies underpants into locust) Applying this to Bela works in my mind more so, than applying the biblical holy trinity to the Wheel of Time with the trinity being Creator/Bela/Rand. I believe that's meant to show the dual nature of the two entities. IMO, The end of the series kind of touches upon this. The Creator is Ultimate Good, and the Dark One is Ultimate Evil. Black/White, Ying/Yang. Where the DO has a very hands on approach, often hamfisted in It's Methods. The Creator applies it's influence in a very subtle manner, often through Bela. Allowing her to rescue Rand/Egwene in the first book. Helping Oliver, running faster than any pony had any right to. Something small that not many people saw, that they wouldn't even notice the creators hand in play.
  20. I'm not certain if Bela is Creator made flesh, (RE: Trinity), but at the very least I'm certain that Bela is the Avatar of the Creator, and she is the creator's guiding hoof upon the world. The evidence throughout the series is there. She ran faster and longer than any pony had any right to. Bela made it appear as if Egwene/Rand? was the one that healed her stamina, surprising Moiraine. Bela was exactly where she needed to be throughout the series, allowing those subtle tweaks to the pattern, that led to Final Battle's outcome. To quote the God Entity in Futurama "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."
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