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  1. What's everyone else's guilty netflix series binge during this Pandemic?
  2. Perhaps the discrepancy falls onto whether or not Perrin & Faile found a new Manatheran in the Two Rivers? It's been awhile, I don't believe Perrin committed to not doing that, regardless how many times Elayne stamped her feet.
  3. I only learned about the dude because of a PBS show talking about him and how America has forgotten one of it's most important heros. Probably doesn't help that most of our History teachers are also the Gym Teacher. I'm sure the 'maps' exist, but it's hard to say if the townhall meeting notes that led to naming each and every street (assuming they even had those meetings back then!) contain the 'why' a road was named why it was, and not just a recording of the on-point agenda meeting with such riveting dialogue like "unnamed street #35 to be known henceforth as "Ogier Street", all in favor, say Aye", "Aye"". No arguments, etc
  4. Entirely probable. It's often a crap-shoot to try and find the 'who a street was named after', when a lot of that information isn't readily available publicly or in an easily searchable index. It's amazing how often information like this gets lost over time, simply because a random city committee dedicated a street after a guy that was well known at the time, but the meeting notes don't explain the why so future generations can go. "oh, that's who the streets named after!" An interesting example of this is Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. A man that fought in both the American Revolution, and the French Revolution. Seems there's a Lafayette street in ever city from Texas to Minnesota. That guy was pretty huge from a historical perspective, and most people don't even know Lafayette street is named after him. Memories become Legends...
  5. Well, apparently some guy named Lewis Ogier was a church warden at the Protestant Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. (1804) So my guess is that the street was named after that semi-prominent figure in very-local history.
  6. Hard to say, buut.. This road exists in Charleston, SC.
  7. This article about Authors literally hearing and seeing their creations, https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/apr/27/majority-of-authors-hear-their-characters-speak-finds-study + Aphantasia, https://www.bbc.com/news/health-34039054 + And it's Cousin, https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/people-cant-hear-thoughts-people-17709154 Are what make me wonder if we aren't in a Simulation. The real question is... are both groups of people (those with, and without Aphantasia) real people, or is one group NPCs? That's entirely possible. We have no idea what age they came here. Could have been the age of Legends. Could have been in an age long, long ago, creating the ancient legends similar to the ones you mention. Perhaps some left, and came back after the Age of Legends found them again.
  8. This article about Authors literally hearing and seeing their creations, https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/apr/27/majority-of-authors-hear-their-characters-speak-finds-study + Aphantasia, https://www.bbc.com/news/health-34039054 + And it's Cousin, https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/people-cant-hear-thoughts-people-17709154 Are what make me wonder if we aren't in a Simulation. The real question is... are both groups of people (those with, and without Aphantasia) real people, or is one group NPCs/Artificial AI?
  9. "Minor" is entirely subjective. It's Minor from the wheel's perspective. It's always the same soul of the Dragon, during the 3rd age. The name, face, genetics can all change. But It's always the Dragons soul. Definitely check out Theorylands Interview database if you haven't already. I'm pretty sure RJ confirmed that his Universe is literally cyclical, and the transition from 1st to 7th age doesn't require a total-reboot of the universe with a big-bang-big-crunch model. Here's the only things I could really dig up. Onto the main topic, I do wonder if Ogier aren't from the same, or similar realm of existence as the Snakes & Foxes. Given the nature of the Ways, and how the Fox & Snakes world is, it reminds me a LOT of the concept of the Feywild seen in a lot of other fantasy literature these days.
  10. We've seen possible futures of during the early books when Rand and Company uses the Stones to travel. I'll have to re-read that section to see what they mention (age wise) for Egwene.
  11. From some of RJ's interviews in regards to the cyclical nature of time in his universe.. He was being quite literal. From how I understand his cyclical timeline, this isn't the big bang followed by big-crunch onward for infinity. It's similar to "time" starting 5000 years ago at the dawn of civilization and it goes forward 200,000 years before restarting. Human evolution isn't much of a thing in his universe. Each age literally repeats itself albeit with minor/insignificant tweaks. So when the 3rd age happens again, a Rand al'Thor , probably with a different name, will be born upon the slopes of a Dragonmount, the source will be tainted again. until he locks the DO up again at the end, perhaps sparking the very creation myth of the novels.
  12. True. There was an interview question someone asked RJ once about if the OP could do something, and he basically said "Yes, but why do something so complicated, when a simple fireball to the face will suffice." (In no way is that even paraphrasing, just the gist of what he said!) Don't forget though, that one of the ways they sow political instability, is in their ability to lie, when everyone knows they can't. This is the tough part. We don't know how this healing works mechanically enough to say if it would affect Cancer or Tumors. RJ was detailed, but not that detailed. It's possible that the AOL cured cancer in the Human Genetic code. We don't know. If the OP literally increases the metabolic rate of their target to induce healing, one of the side effects of healing would be increased risk of cancer! (Remember the effects of healing? Tiredness? Need to consume a huge amount of calories? the body needs to rest. I've always understood the OP healing as causing the body to speed up it's natural healing, over other magic systems that heal the wound.
  13. Are you implying all those old wisdoms are just Regular old people, or Old wilders? Because if they are old looking and able to channel to any degree of strength, they should be... really old. Lets look at Damer Flinn. ~40 years old, looks old, Balding, white hair.. From everything we know, he only began to channel recently... At 40. Considering people start around the end of puberty? Get a terrible sickness, and only a handful survive? The White Tower had strict age requirements to be entered in as a Novice. Many lied to get in if they were too old. The Rebel Aes Sedia, were said to have novices that age of grandmothers. I can't recall, but did they look old? How sure are we that the anti-aging properties of the OP isn't tied to daily use that an Aes Sedia in training would get?
  14. Huh, that's not a bad idea. One of the issues with many of these "what if" questions, is often times, you could just use the One Power to... explode a person. It's more effective/efficient/faster than trying something as intricate as "healing" to murder. But say you could, "over-heal" and cause Tumors... You could have an Aes Sedia in the Black Ajah, that's trying to assassinate someone while keeping their cover, and potentially set up the replacement to their target... They could orchestrate an Attack, use the OP to "heal", the Target, create a tumor that'll kill them in 3 months, whether they're there or not. In addition to this, if a person could use "healing" to cause Tumors, than they could also target and create brain-tumors to cause personality changes, dementia, and a whole host of mental illnesses in various leaders and generals, sowing chaos.
  15. For sure. We can only really conclude two things, short of asking the aforementioned. 1) Being born with the spark, and never learning or using it, causes you to age slower based upon your full potential in the OP. Those who reach their mid 60s never learning get driven out of town/executed as Dark Friends, or snagged up by Aes Sedai/Kin that learn about that "person that hasn't aged a day!" 2) Use + Potential, and when you're found/taught, dictates your maximum life span. Thereby, potentially hundreds never get "found", and die well before their maximum lifespans.
  16. There's a difference between Wilders who use the one power, and self-trained in it's use, can see and understand what they're doing, and someone like Nyneave, using it without even knowing, and rarely at that. Short of asking Brandon or Maria, "We don't really know" if aging would affect someone like Nyneave, unfound, untrained, and never developed their use in the OP beyond rare uses for extreme circumstances.
  17. Here's the gist of my thoughts about Weaves & the One Power within the Wheel of Time Universe. They don't actually exist. "Weaves" are a social-construct, created over several millennia by channelers. "Weaves" exist only as a method of mentally extrapolating how the one power works through the scientific method. I believe there are two important things going on here. 1) Willing something to happen while "Channeling" the One Power, causes it to exist. 2) What other channelers "see" and "feel" happening, is more or less their brain interpreting, what was "weaved". This allows them to replicate the weaves, without having to will it the same way. This IMO, explains how Nyneave could heal, without knowing what she was doing. How she couldn't even "See' the weaves before learning she could channel. She "Willed" the person to be healed, and they were healed. This explains how Rand was able to "create" completely new weaves, having no idea what he was doing. It explains some events in the earliest books, when he didn't even know he was channeling. I find this similar to Mathematics & Engineering. Some people have a "mental block" similar to Nynaeves when it comes to Math/Algebra/Common Core. They cannot "see" Imaginary numbers or Methods. They can't wrap their head around "X", when the "process" of some of these early algebraic mathematical formulas are... actually pretty easy. Once it "clicks", it clicks. Even then, you can "do" certain math or science without actually "understanding" what's really going on. A computer-scientist could write code that efficiently uses the necessary computer components to optimize what they are trying to do with that code. Yet they may have absolutely no idea how those components actually work. When it comes to computer software, there's a term called "Superusers". Microsoft Excel as an example: You have people who can "use" Excel. They can input values in fields. They can enter Data. Then you have Superusers that work magical code into the spreadsheets to create the very documents your "average" user.. uses. After reflecting upon the series as a whole, several things stand out. Ongoing themes. 1) "Truth" what is "Known" is very often Wrong. (Rules are Meant to be Broken) a) Everybody: "You can't heal stilling!" Nynaeve: "Hold my Oosquai" b) Peasant: "Silk comes from insects!" Rand: "What are you drunk? It grows on trees!" c) Aiel Wiseone: "Why are you waving your hands around like an idiot?" Aes Sedia: "That's how you throw fireballs dummy!" 2) Willing things to happen, causes them to happen. a) Nynaeves Early channeling. b) Tel'aran'rhiod. c) Nakomi. d) The Final Battle e) Rand's Pipe 3) Reality is a Dream, within a multiverse of dreams. In addition to the above: RJ's Interviews. a) https://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt='weaves' b) c)https://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kw=dream
  18. Remember when Egwene was training with Moiraine, she was nowhere near as powerful as her. But Moiraine could sense that Egwene had the potential to be more powerful. I'd argue that prior to training & use, the spigot is nearly closed. Only letting a wisp of the power through. (Note: how many women/men die, because they basically burn themselves out, not knowing what they are doing? Opening the valve full?) There's also the fact that channelers can "Hold" the one power, and "fill themselves" with it, and then do nothing with it. I believe this is also part of training in the use of the One Power...
  19. I've always taken it as a Biblical reference.
  20. They didn't actively channel, or even know that's what they were doing... So people like Nyneave, who only used it on the worst illnesses/injuries, wouldn't have lived much longer than normal, because she wasn't using it nearly as much as an Aes Sedia or an Aiel Wise One. It's possible some of the women that survived, left the two rivers entirely, and met up with the Kin.
  21. Whether Rand healed her fatigue or not is irrelevant (and debatable!) She is a stubby legged, shaggy pony that had no business keeping up with everyone else's horses... Even Rand, is incapable of making Bela run faster... and she kept up, before "Rands" supposed healing of Bela. Without Bela, Olver would never have gotten the Horn to Mat. Bela has Cheated death. She has risen again under the creators gracious hoof!
  22. In the Wheel of Time Companion, starting on Page 702 "strength in the one power", talks about how strength in power, correlates directly to how long lived one becomes. The Strongest man, could live up to 800 years. The Strongest Woman could also live up to 800 years, but a man of equal power as the strongest female would only live up to 720 years. Near the bottom end, prolonged life only goes so far as 135 . It says nothing as to "when" the anti-aging takes affect, nor if a "100 year" lifespan is stretched out over 800 years... or if they remain youthful looking, even in their last year.
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