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  1. https://deadline.com/2018/10/amazon-robert-jordans-the-wheel-of-time-1202474485/ Make of it what ya will.
  2. Removing the "Trinity" from WoT, would be removing some huge Arthurian symbolism from the series. It's possible to remove the Polygamy, while retaining 3 characters that are in Love with one character/Love Square? I just hope they don't try turning Avi into a Dude, and make that new character Rand's new love interest just for the sake of LGBTQ+ representation and diversity.
  3. Several know about the deadline report, but it's validity of questionable. Other news sources picked up that report a week later, but as of yet we don't have any collaboration on this from any source other than deadline.
  4. You're also talking about a studio/director that turned the Hobbit into 3 movies. So LOTR isn't really a great example. They were just milking that shit. (And some of those pans, went on for 20 seconds, or the showed those pans multiple times like it were landscape-porn) I'd have to say ASoIaF is far more dialogue heavy then WoT and LoTR. (probably not combined) but I do think WoT makes up for lack of Dialogue for internal monologue... which is going to be difficult to convey on the small screen.
  5. That's still 12 seasons, which will not happen. Bad at Math? That's 8 Seasons. 6-8 = 1 season 9-11 = 1 Season 12-14 = 1 Season 3 Seasons + first 5 = 8 Seasons, not 12. Even if you make 1 season for books 12, 13 and 14, (3) You could make the first 3 books 1 season each, and make (2) seasons stretching books 4-11. It might even be possible to stretch Season 1 from books 1-2, Season 2 as 3-5, Season 3 as 6-10, Season 4 as 11-12, Season 5 as Book 13, and Season 6 as Book 14. People get this idea stuck in their heads that some books have to be multiple seasons, or require 1 season per book. All the battle descriptions. All the dress, and hair pulling can all be described on screen in seconds over hours. We aren't even getting into the idea, that they could craft the seasons to not follow the books on a 1:1 basis, but actually follow the timeline which gets shifted a bit in the later books... That's exactly what I would prefer and am advocating for. I just think that a Prologue scene set in what is supposed to be clearly a futuristic version of our world, followed by a CGI depiction of our world's geography morphing and changing catastrophically into Randland to depict the Breaking, is not just unnecessary, but actively distracting and confusing. I really don't think the Prologue has any place in a TV series in the first place, except as flashbacks Rand has to both depict his madness and to fill in that backstory when it becomes relevant to the story and the weight of guilt and responsibility Rand forces himself to carry. AOL isn't clearly a futuristic version of our world, That would be a misnomer of RJ's universe. The Prologue doesn't even need to show much of the AOL's technology. As much as we all hate the the winds of winter, the book doesn't go into detail on flying cars and floating buildings during that scene. It really wouldn't take all that much to show a closed-set scene similar, the creation of Dragon Mount, And Rand walking down the road with his Pa. And if it takes you 30 minutes to read dress descriptions, and the color and texture of tree bark, it only takes 3 seconds to pan a camera to see that. Pacing of the episodes is entirely dependent on how long a season is. 6 Episodes? 12 Episodes? 24 Episodes? If we have a 6-9 episode season, we might need a 2 hour premier to fill in the Prologue, and Rand's encounter with the trollocs/flight to town, and ending it with all of them leaving town. 12 episodes, could get away with a 90 minute premier, and fit up to Rand's flight from the trollocs before everyone leaves town. 24 episodes, they could do the prologue, and Rand taking a bath when the Trollocs attack.
  6. To be fair, they could probably make the first 5 books last 1 season each. Later books, like 6,7,8/ 9,10,11/ 12,13,14 could all be one season each. One thing everyone has to consider, and is often not really understood, is that the length of the books don't have a set ratio of pages to minutes. Many chapters are going to translate to mere minutes on screen time, while others will translate to hours. Any chapter in which RJ introduces a location, cast of characters, what outfits they are wearing, what they did that morning before they go on about there day, may take 15+ pages to describe. But on video, that can all be accomplished in under 30 seconds. Dialogue and action scenes are going to take the longest screen time, but conversely, take the fewest pages in the books.
  7. You just over thought about 90% of the would be fans of the show that will just see it as being whitewashing. Really though, skin color isn't that important. If they get the right people and the right script and we'll have a great show. Fans of the books, will probably recognize Jordan was being tongue in cheek by making Rand Land's desert dwelling "Muslim" population (Aiel) racially of Irish Decent. (Cause red-heads thrive so well in the desert), and making what is the equivalent of 1800s New Orleans/The South racially a predominantly Black/Hispanic population that doesn't deal in slavery.... Until the Japanese-American conquers come and make them all into slavers.
  8. Something of this magnitude, might not hit TV for 5 years +. While i have my doubts about HBO getting it, I do see it as a possibility. + they already have the sets/costumes they can re-use for WoT.
  9. "Big Name Directors" rarely go from screen to TV, same with actors; even now, it's still seen as minor leagues, to some extent. I think that their best chance for success would be having a verteran production crew team with new/young blood actors and directors. True Detective, and Things like Netflix are removing the stigma that tv is minor leagues. (Helps that the richest actors, have had tv shows, over movies.)
  10. Where has he done this outside of aSoIaF? Beauty and the Beast 1989-1990, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0552333/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1#writer Read his.. forward? or whatever it was in the first book, he mentions doing his time in Hollywood.
  11. They could certainly write it in as a dream sequence..
  12. GoT has... 2? Seasons left. It might take 5 years for this to come out. +1 on this. I think HBO could be the studio. It makes sense. GOT has only one more season of filming. GOT has a huge audience that HBO will want to keep (I have HBO only for GOT). If HBO gets started on WOT now, they can start filming around the time GOT is complete. The team that built GOT at HBO could literally step into WOT development without missing a beat. If HBO didn't pick up WOT it would be a huge loss for them. 100% agree with this - I also only have HBO for GoT. For purely selfish reasons, I hope HBO, Netflix, or Amazon pick it up.
  13. I see a tv series as a gateway drug to get new readers of the books.
  14. People love prophecy and she is the perfect character (not just long-lost-scroll) for foretelling the future. I don't take that list he made of what will be cut with any grains of sand. (Mentions various message boards, and there suggestions... offers no evidence as to this data collection.. it's tongue in cheek at worst)
  15. GoT has... 2? Seasons left. It might take 5 years for this to come out.
  16. Huh, guess they are waiting a couple more days to announce that DM has been bought out by red eagle...
  17. I believe most of the hate, comes from a 2+ year wait between novels. The pacing was slow, the stories weren't as engaging as earlier or later ones. And events just seemed to stretch out. If you had to wait 2+ years and you get that, it leads to disappointment and resentment of those books. I managed to start the series just late enough, that by the time I got to CoT, I only had about 2? years before KoD came out. So at most, I found 8/9/10 the pacing slow down massively, and I viewed this simply as the the storm was brewing, that the shadow was giving not just the characters, but the readers a false sense of security until the shit hit the fan. (loved Hinderstrap in gathering storm. Best scene ever.)
  18. I think we need to kill it with fire.
  19. The prank on DM forums & website wasn't THAT bad!
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