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  1. I was hoping the November Prompts would get posted earlier just in-case that one works.
  2. I'm still stuck on figuring out an idea. lol
  3. Is it considered a Foreign Film? (IE, not made in/by Americans, but in another country, produced and directed by non-americans.)
  4. Is the movies Gross (USA) Box Office $50 Million or more?
  5. lol no problem. I thought you posted last night not a few minutes ago! lol
  6. New Spring, Pillow friends, written by RJ. "Transgender" Aran'gar. Man literally in a woman's body. Also written by RJ. As for concerns of Rand and his 3 Wives. So, it's basically a better version describing how Min Loves Rand, but Aviendah & Elayne love each other, as well as Rand. You didn't specify, but you clearly meant SJW. Beating around the bush. Nothing presented about the show, about Rafe has had anyone complain his 'politics and social biases' and not use the word SJW to describe Rafe. I've never heard anyone accuse Rafe of trying to make the show too cis gender. But you missed my point, and @imlad is taking it to far. What I'm getting at, is that pretty much everyone who has complained about these so-called "politics or social biases" being injected into films, are finding things to get mad. They are looking for it. Star Wars - Black Storm Trooper. Pink Haired Female Admiral Dory - Gay dory and her Pipe Friend (They weren't gay, they were friends, that talked through a pipe) Toy Story - Sporky is transgender because he's a spork. (No. Sporky is Sporky. If anything he's just suicidal) Beauty and the Beast - Gay people. (Oh wow. They show the obvious gay guy dancing with the other obviously gay guy. Big Whoop.) Those are all films in the last decade to get figuratively picketed/attacked by people, claiming that they are ruining their movies, their childhood, and children by injecting SJW/Gay/Transgender/Race Politics into films. Saying "The books to be held true to what is written" Is just a cop-out way of skirting around saying you don't want to see SJW politics injected into this show. When I said That's meant for anyone who's complaining about SJW Political agenda in their media. If you felt offended by that, I'm sorry, but it would seem I was right?
  7. Look for, as in making things that aren't political, into a political issue. 'Cause showing anything, in any media, that isn't straight-christian-conservative is apparently pushing the LGBTQ+ SJW agenda. People were up in arms over Dory and her Pipe Friend.. when there was nothing gay about their relationship. But that was pushing the gay SJW agenda? Remember that time people were mad about the gay guy in the Beauty in the Beast? Oh my goodness, that was pushing the SJW agenda soo hard. /s Or the latest crackpot theory about Toy Story 4, claiming Forky was trans. (Hint, Forky isn't) Those are examples of times people whining about pushing SJW politics into media... when it wasn't. If a single actor in this show doesn't act masculine enough, people are going to say it's pushing the gay agenda. If they show anyone dancing or flirting with the same gender, it's pushing the LGBTQ agenda. If they show anything, or don't show something, people will claim they are pushing some kind of SJW agenda. Yet, I have this hunch, that if this show were to only push straight relationships, and only talk about conservative politics, those same people won't pipe up about politics being injected into the show. Funny right?
  8. @imlad, @Zander? I spun this off the Entertainment Welcome thread, so ya can discuss this form of entertainment. lol
  9. Is the movie any of the following Genres: Comedy, Horror, or Sci-Fi?
  10. It's not so much superstitious, its more about not getting involved. Can't care about Gary Anderson missing that game deciding field goal if you missed all season! Hardest game to miss will be the Superbowl if the Vikings get there... lol
  11. I'm purposely not watching any of their games, 'cause every-time I watch, they lose. So I'm applying Schrödinger's cat to the Vikings.
  12. I can't recall either. I also couldn't recall who was going to run pick'em this year either, but the club got made official a bit to late for that.
  13. It's her way of cracking her knuckles, or rolling her shoulders when she's angry, frustrated, or about to whoop some sheepherder arse. The complaints people have about it, is how often it happens in the books. It's akin to someone constantly saying "Like", or "And" when writing.
  14. As Tay said, LoTR goes without question. I never read Harry Potter, but I hear it was good from an adaptation standpoint, even if it failed on some levels. I loved the series "His Dark Materials", and the Golden Compass movie wasn't absolutely horrible, but I was disappointed it never got it's sequel, "The Subtle Knife". I'm really hoping the upcoming TV series is good.
  15. I have not. This weekend we just watched Daybreak on Netflix. I enjoyed it for the random comedy/action/drama show that it was. Had some interesting twists.
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