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  1. You just over thought about 90% of the would be fans of the show that will just see it as being whitewashing. Really though, skin color isn't that important. If they get the right people and the right script and we'll have a great show. Fans of the books, will probably recognize Jordan was being tongue in cheek by making Rand Land's desert dwelling "Muslim" population (Aiel) racially of Irish Decent. (Cause red-heads thrive so well in the desert), and making what is the equivalent of 1800s New Orleans/The South racially a predominantly Black/Hispanic population that doesn't deal in slavery.... Until the Japanese-American conquers come and make them all into slavers.
  2. Something of this magnitude, might not hit TV for 5 years +. While i have my doubts about HBO getting it, I do see it as a possibility. + they already have the sets/costumes they can re-use for WoT.
  3. "Big Name Directors" rarely go from screen to TV, same with actors; even now, it's still seen as minor leagues, to some extent. I think that their best chance for success would be having a verteran production crew team with new/young blood actors and directors. True Detective, and Things like Netflix are removing the stigma that tv is minor leagues. (Helps that the richest actors, have had tv shows, over movies.)
  4. Where has he done this outside of aSoIaF? Beauty and the Beast 1989-1990, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0552333/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1#writer Read his.. forward? or whatever it was in the first book, he mentions doing his time in Hollywood.
  5. They could certainly write it in as a dream sequence..
  6. GoT has... 2? Seasons left. It might take 5 years for this to come out. +1 on this. I think HBO could be the studio. It makes sense. GOT has only one more season of filming. GOT has a huge audience that HBO will want to keep (I have HBO only for GOT). If HBO gets started on WOT now, they can start filming around the time GOT is complete. The team that built GOT at HBO could literally step into WOT development without missing a beat. If HBO didn't pick up WOT it would be a huge loss for them. 100% agree with this - I also only have HBO for GoT. For purely selfish reasons, I hope HBO, Netflix, or Amazon pick it up.
  7. I see a tv series as a gateway drug to get new readers of the books.
  8. People love prophecy and she is the perfect character (not just long-lost-scroll) for foretelling the future. I don't take that list he made of what will be cut with any grains of sand. (Mentions various message boards, and there suggestions... offers no evidence as to this data collection.. it's tongue in cheek at worst)
  9. GoT has... 2? Seasons left. It might take 5 years for this to come out.
  10. Huh, guess they are waiting a couple more days to announce that DM has been bought out by red eagle...
  11. I believe most of the hate, comes from a 2+ year wait between novels. The pacing was slow, the stories weren't as engaging as earlier or later ones. And events just seemed to stretch out. If you had to wait 2+ years and you get that, it leads to disappointment and resentment of those books. I managed to start the series just late enough, that by the time I got to CoT, I only had about 2? years before KoD came out. So at most, I found 8/9/10 the pacing slow down massively, and I viewed this simply as the the storm was brewing, that the shadow was giving not just the characters, but the readers a false sense of security until the shit hit the fan. (loved Hinderstrap in gathering storm. Best scene ever.)
  12. I think we need to kill it with fire.
  13. The prank on DM forums & website wasn't THAT bad!
  14. I think that was Quibby's idea. He has all manners of strange fetishes. (Fethishii?)
  15. It's a man thing. You wouldn't understand it.
  16. ^_^ We just can't let it go to Verbals head... specially after the empys.
  17. I think that's highly variable on the volatility of the super-villain's involved. Destroying half the city to stop a bank robbery? The Hero is way to enthusiastic.. Destroy a City block, prevented the worlds destruction/all human life being wiped out? Worth it.
  18. I would choose Rogue's Super Power. The power to acquire new powers, and use them to there fullest potential. I wouldn't be either. To quote D&D, I would be Chaotic Neutral. Marvel, because DC is far to Gods vs Humans for my taste. The human characters in marvel are in generally better than the godlike characters of DC. Superman is a very rigid and boring character. The only limits he has, is to his personality. Most people only really care about Batman in DC, the rest are mostly lame burgers. The thing I love about batman, is the fact that he never intentionally kills. It makes his character very interesting, purely from a morality standpoint. But the thing about comics are.. Even if someone dies. They never stay dead. So from a purely logical comicbook point of view, the smart decision is to not kill your enemy... Simply because they almost always seem to come back stronger. (regardless if they are a good guy or a bad guy.) Look at Jean Gray. She died, and came back as a God. Superman died, and he came back even stronger. Green Goblin died and became something stronger. You kill, it leaves a power gap. Sometimes you're better dealing with the enemy you know 5 years from now, then the enemy who takes his place a year later! It was an absolute travesty. Played out nothing more then shock value, and ultimately redundent. The fight sequence alone killed billions! Yet he took one death he directly caused to be staggering? Why not the deaths of the billions he killed indirectly? Which reminds me of Transformers. I hate the new ones. Optimus Prime was a total Douche Nozzle. He literally allowed entire cities to be wiped off the face of the earth to prove to humanity that they needed the autobots. I can't even pretend that makes him less evil than Megatron! Perhaps the question should be, Why doesn't the justice do something to prevent the villian from escaping? (Execution) Spider-man isn't the judge, jury and Executioner (like Judge Dredd) rather, he is a free-lance keeper of the peace. (Police essentially) If he just starts killing everyone he deems evil, that doesn't make it justice, or lawful. So why doesn't the justice system decide "okay, you've killed 50,000 people.. I think we are going to put you in a gas chamber." Dunno, haven't read it. Still waiting for the other books in his 'chronicles series' to come out.. Probably none of the above. Comics are all about entertainment, and pushing sales. So I highly doubt half the stuff we read about would happen if those kinds of people came into existence. Probably depends on the country, and if it were even possible to do any of it.
  19. I never looked up Homosexual Muslim Dating Sites, but apparently google ads think I'm interested in dating a gay muslim dude with a beard. I blame D&D for those ads..
  20. Non-fantasy? Well.. Anything Asimov (Science Fiction, non-fantasy) Then there's a new series I read recently, Emberverse.(S.M Stirling) Alt-History.. Think tv series Revolution, only guns don't work either. Though, the later books start devling into more fantasy parts... But hell. G.R.R Martin's wife helped the author with some details regarding certain Factions... and I'm pretty damned sure, Robert Jordan made a cameo as the personification of Odin. Aside from all of that.. It's kind of a trashy-fast-read-yet-fun-airport-travel series-that-is-oddly-addicting Pretty much anything by Clive Cussler. The novel Sahara (no, not movie.. which is the worst book-to-movie adaptation ever!) is probably his magnum opus. It goes straight out survival, horror, natural disaster, james bond & villianesque, detective, action/adventure, all wrapped up into one condense, fast, fun novel! It's kind of in the middle of the series, but its easily a pick up and read in the middle of the series type of book. Nice to see another Asimov fan around! <3 the Mule. ! I didn't expect to see cussler mentioned anywhere else here. So yea, thorum and Zhon beat me on asimov and cussler.
  21. A huge part is those who started reading in 1990, had to wait twenty one years for it to finish. I started in 2002, so I only had to wait nine years. That's.. also going to factor into why people like or dislike various parts. Waiting Ten years, and getting 5 brutally slow books, will aggrivate any fan base. Starting fresh? You can plow through 6 slow books until things speed up and get interesting again. This is also true in other book series that drag at parts, or for several novels. Older versus newer generations, wait time, ect.
  22. I just got out of the 300 movie last night... (it sucked) Pit stopped at walmart on the way home... Saw this in there book section said "holy hell?! It's out already?!" I'm now $20 poorer. :P Note: I saw this thread but hadn't put 2 and 2 together. Didn't realize this was book 2. <_<
  23. So umm yea.. Later books get a lot better IMO. The last 4 books were all about character growth. And ironically, things got a whole lot more interesting lately. ^_^ Also, Gauntylgrym was epic. 7 foot tall Bruenor in god mode, with a shield that dispenses Mugs of beer that never run out, and buff you with increased speed, stamina and strength.. Truly, a dwarven god he was!
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