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  1. Meh, Logain was my least favorite person in this book. He went all emo whiney (like rand did when he was captured) started to go for the whole power-ego trip thing. Then did the whole mandatory hero redemption at ultra speed (not rand's snail pace) Dunno, I'll have to re-read the series again but... this is hte first PoV of logain that I recall (again, may have had others, but its been awhile) he just seemed completely out of character to me...
  2. Mine had several brown splotches on many of the pages. They were still legible, just noticable discoleration on alot of the pages.
  3. haha, forgot to mention Bela in my predictions. (was busy that day) But after reading the book? I think the creator gave Bela that extra little oompf to run faster than a horse like her should. Bela's death. Was more Heroic than Gawyns & Egwenes.
  4. Reading the chekov's gun thread, I had to agree that Shara would be involved somehow. I figured, They would side for the light (like riders of rohan type scenerio) and the seanchan, wouldn't (not in its entirity) and at least some of there beasts would turn.. Body switch theory? Yea, Pretty much figured something like that was going to happen with him and morrodin. Though, I figured it would happen sooner not as late as it did. Gateways to lava? Yea, was always a fan of that kind of idea. Specially with gateways to the depths of the ocean (huge water pressure streams) as well as... using them to power turbines for electricity. Though, I'm still kinda of saddened, that they didn't use.. Androl? in a very large circle.. And just put a large, horizontal Gateway, through the entire mountain side, with the exit above it, wait about 2 seconds than wink it out. Nothing like dropping a mountain on someone! Well, I wouldn't say he has no access to the one power. None to Sadian, but to the one power? Nah, He' has access to something alright. As for me, My prediction was... Rand wouldn't just destroy the Dark one, but the Creator at the same time (through the One Power) And in doing so, would shatter the wheel of time, the dark one, the creator, and the true source and the true power. Leaving not just rand (if he survived), but all channelers, without access to either. In the predictions thread, I had predicted Fain killing Morodin (didn't happen) Rand vs Shadar Haren (didn't happen... Bloody hell.. we only see his freaking corpse like dish rages next ot morrodin! Bah... Anti-clamatic that!) Tinker/Aiel/Loial banding together to forge the song. (this.. almost happened? Rand figured it out somehow... Loial has the beginnings. and the Aiel & Tinkers will probably have encounters in the future...still.. Was hoping they'd discover the song...) Wasn't set on either mat or perrin dieing, or living... Though, I was right about mat losing something... He lost several friends. o_O Perrin could easilly go back to the two rivers and start up manatheran.. Its possible. Mat going back to seanchan... seems inevitable. World tree Idea? Kinda... We have that woods Rand caused. Then therse also that crystalaline effect that happened to Egwene, that looked like a large 'tree'. Can you say.. Hit, Miss Hit Miss Hit Hit Miss Miss? Oye. I called sharan troops, just the wrong bloody side! This could only be right, if you consider 'turn back to the shadow' as a gorm decapitating a trolloc.
  5. GRRM'd... Why not Rhurac's death? That was pretty much the definition of a meaningless death. That all said, I wasn't expecting Egwenes death at all. Pretty much called the ending (to an extent) though. As for overall quality? I did notice either typos, or something akin to bad grammar. Some phrases just didn't roll off the tongue correctly. Also, am I allowed to point and laugh at all the Faile haters out there, cause I just know they were chearing for her death?
  6. 1) Fain encounters Morodin, and promptly destroy each other. (That is, Fain = Wormtongue, Morrodin = Saruman... That, or Saruman = Dark One) 2) Rand Fights Shadar Haren, and loses (tempoarilly) (I could have these reversed to. Fain kills Shadar Haren, rand loses to Morrodin) 3) The Tinkers + The Aiel encounter each other, and through rand, Rediscover The Song. Loial, and some other young Ogier, come to help, and really make the Song Work. 4) Perrin & Mats fate... undetermined. A world tree might be involved. (Perin = Thor, Mat = Odin... Flaile = Hawk & Tuon = Raven Fenfir = Super Darkhound. Perhaps the giant worm =... well the giant freaking worms in the blight. In Ragnarok, both Odin, and Thor Die. But I think.. at least Perrin will die, and Mat might or at least, will lose something valueable. I really do think, Perrin will incidently start up manatheran again, and Mat will probably go back to seanchan. World Tree = something the Song makes. In 'ragnarok', because of christanity, 'two humans' survive, inside the tree, leave, and proceed to eat the fruit of knowledge. (adam and eve...) Could be an obvious red herring but I still think its a good template for what might happen.) 5) Rand Dies, but doesn't Die. I'm guessing his blood on the rocks, might not be Rands, but perhaps his half-brothers. By breaking the Dark Ones Seals, and Resealing him. Rand also, Removes the One Power from the world, thus his wounds should be mortal. And its possible, that the Creator, (Returns?) Through Rand, temporarilly to reseal the DO permantly, at the same time, removing the very power that could possibly unlock the DO again. I'm expecting rand will be a blind begger at the end of the novel, watching over his family. (Paul Atreides) 6) Sharan troops, could emerge at the last minute of a grand battle, to push the shadowspawn back, giving both the Aes Sedia, The Male version, and the Aiel & there Song, room to attempt to reseal the DO's Prison. 7) Seanchan will find that some of there weapons will turn back to the shadow.
  7. In no particular order. Sand dan Glokta. This guy, had everything going for him. From a nobel family, one of the best swordsmen around, just litterally started his military career. Gets captured by the enemy tortured for 2 years in the enemies prison. Came out, an old-man, a crippled leg (No toes, doesn't bend very well) can barely get out of bed in the morning... And takes up becoming a Torturer himself.. Drizzt Exiled from his homeland, hunted down like an animal for over 20 years. People tend to describe him as emo. But at least he has good reason to be. Unlike those (modern) whiney teenagers. Wulfgar is obviously in a similar boat as Sand Dan Glokta though, both captured by the enemy, tortured for years, and returned not quite the same man as he was before. Duncan Idaho. The dude was cloned a million times to serve and protect the family of Paul Atreides. He has died more times than.. well. Anyone. And I don't know whats more tragic, being immortal, and experiencing everyone you know die around you, or constnatly re-living a life, and never remember your past lives/mistakes. forever making the same mistakes...
  8. I'd change your list... to this. Drizzt Artemis Entreri Lan (I'd put those 3, as nearly tied, but in a 3 way fight, I'd put Drizzt on top. Note, he's really into his foot work, something neither Entreri, or Lan seem all that concerned about... Plus Drizzt has Haste-bracelets on his ankles. ) Paul Atreides - Dune. Can see your actions before you make them. Sand dan Glokta - Before becoming a Cripple Jaime Lannister. Dunno about Elric Melniborne (though I've heard he's a bad ass) Geralt the Witcher.
  9. There once was a barm from nantucket. He went to the market for some pot luckit. They were all out, so he said aw fuffliwafflfesskit.
  10. I see sheep. And the scary thing is? The sheep don't even know that they are even sheep!
  11. Hey now this is crazy. Crazy like crazy talk, only more crazy.
  12. Yea, but my posts are actually meaningful!. well, most of them!
  13. Looked at Verbs post count? That guy needs an intevention!
  14. What do I win? Do I get some Pie? or a muffin? Or a Muffin Pie? Or perhaps some Cake? I like cake. Though I like hotties wrestling in Jello more. SD! shut up! your hogging all the space! what!? This is MY Mind! Get out of there! Lies! this is OUR SPACE! Besides, I cleared out that frontal loab to make room for the LED HDTV! saweet1
  15. the only thing about all that is, I swear there was another instance, where shep 'should' have died, but got up almost 'miraculously' like at the end. really makes me wonder how 'far' back this 'dream state' extends. One of the theories is that the 'reason' why some of the 'vanguard' choices, are more 'renegade' and the renegade choices maybe more 'vanguard' in nature, is due to a possible 'reaper' indoctrination. (they also theorize, that at the end, the 'letters' on the path up, are 'reversed'. indicating that the 'right' choice is 'wrong' and the 'wrong' choice is 'right'. And to me, it still seems that the whole 'right or wrong' choice? are both wrong, the so called 'neutral' choice IMO is the BEST outcome from both.
  16. *note not trying to be arguementive or anything, just tossing in some of the things I though about the ending, with other things I've read and the other crazy theories out there.* The Shepard being alive, is even having his physical body destroyed, is purely on a philisophical level. Aside from him emerging from the rubble in the 'destroy all reapers' ending, It goes along with several of the concepts discussed between shepard, and EDI, and even the Geth vs the Quarians through out the game. It really biols down to transhumanism. Escentially, think of it this way. Theres plenty of Shepard cells just... laying around. Ready to be cloned. If Shepards consciousness is infused in every living being in the galaxy, so to, would his clones. (Can you say... Dune? Duncan Idaho?) In the catalyst one, His consciousness has now merged with it. And is 'controlling' the galaxy through the reapers. (Piss the shepard off, go after humanity? get reapers on you) But it would be possible, to take that 'catalyst' and put it back into a shep clone. And the rubble ending? Same as from ME2. He's probably very..... charred. But possible to 'fix' him again... Its all possible, and it all could be a dream, He could have been imagining it all on his death bed. Or, he could have been under reaper indoctrination almost the entire time, and not even know it. Though it is odd, some say that at the end of the Stargazer video? It says 'GO BUY MORE DLC'. >_<
  17. Sheppard doesn't die in all 3 endings, The one where you destroy the reapers, (if your readyness is high enough, and your fleets are strong enough, after the credits you supposedly see shep, survive in a pile of rubble. The control the reapers one, Shep becomes part of the catalyst, that controls the reapers. He's still alive, minus a physical body. When all organic & synthetic life, becomes symbiotic witheach other, Sheppard is litterally alive in every single living thing in the galaxy. *btw, this also includes tech besides cybernetics, if you will, the entire galaxy goes back into the dark ages* Also, didn't you see Stargazer & the child talk after the credits? shep he aludes that Sheppard had more adventures after ME3, Mass Relays can actually be rebuilt.
  18. Or it was made originally of iron.... Rand used the OP against several snakes....
  19. SinisterDeath


    Probably General would have been best. D&D is more politics/morality/religion/ect. As for the topic? D.Gray Man.
  20. THE OKC bombing was a single explosion in (pardon the expression) a small corner of the country. With 9/11, the airplane bombs made you feel personally in danger. You felt as though you did not know where the bomb was coming from with the news reporting "There are still four planes still unaccounted for". It made you look up in the sky and hope you didn't see a plane. The OKC bomb was a single blast via truck. It was terrible but it was not fear inducing on a national level. Then the horrific images and stories of two buildings that were icons of America at the time.It created a deeper impact than OKC. that and the fact that the OKC was localized and there was only 1 attack. 9/11 hit 3 states (Pentagon is technically in VA) with 4 seperate attacks giving the apperance that the planes could hit anywhere at any time. that and the imagery from it and the fact that it was live had a greater impact. SD the other reason why WTC was an icon is because of the business the towers dealt in; its was the headof wall street and the head of the world trace commerace here in the States. this is why you often here that an attack on the twins is an attack on the entire free world, where as the Pentagon was souly an attack on the USA. Yea, I knew that after the fact, but at the time, I didn't even know the buildings existed. ;)
  21. THE OKC bombing was a single explosion in (pardon the expression) a small corner of the country. With 9/11, the airplane bombs made you feel personally in danger. You felt as though you did not know where the bomb was coming from with the news reporting "There are still four planes still unaccounted for". It made you look up in the sky and hope you didn't see a plane. The OKC bomb was a single blast via truck. It was terrible but it was not fear inducing on a national level. Then the horrific images and stories of two buildings that were icons of America at the time.It created a deeper impact than OKC. That is a good point, though Iwould say that OKC is still a City, it may not be NY, or LA, but not every city is to that scale. I could say in all honesty, that OKC is probably far closer to me, (distance, not emotional attachment) than say, NY. I believe one of the biggest factors in that is OKC bombing, we knew it was an 'attack' we may not have known who right at the beginning, but we knew it wasn't an accident. If anything our reactions of confusion is what the terrorists wanted, (from 9/11) Confusion is the starting point of Fear. As to the Twin towers, I didn't even know they existed prior to 9/11, didn't even know they were a 'national icon'. to me, a National Icon would have been, Golden Gate Bridge, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, or NPH. Like I said though, not trying to detract from 9/11, simply stating why I wasn't as 'affected' as some were.
  22. Have to remmeber, I was far younger than, but if I'm not mistaken didn't the 'media' know what happened/was going on, within an hour of it happening? Eitherway, its possible that we here didn't know about it until after they found out, and didn't watch it 'as it happened' so to speak. So the way I remember it, it wasn't as confusingof a time, we knew something bad happened, and that it was Deliberate. Unlike 9/11 when for the first 1 hour I just thought it was pilot error. (mind you, all the news footage i saw at the time, was 1 plane hitting it, and one tower smoking, I didn't even know two had hit, let alone pentagone until well after that school day was over. Hence, the teachers 'silence' about it, and through-out the day, wasn't making sense to anybody.
  23. just like to also state that at the time i hadnt any idea 'what' the twin towers were, why they were important and quite simply the biggest thing i remember about it was the utter confusion of it all. Litterally for the first 3 hours everyone i knew, teachers included didnt really know what to think. Living in the north-central usa "aka midwest" and having no real connections to NY i really didnt have any real oppinions onit let alone any reason to get emosional over it. And not to detract from 911, i do remember Oklahoma bmbing, though i was younger there was less utter confusion about it. We knew what happened and it was traggic. Teachers also kept tvs on but did not say anything. Then there was columbine. That one wa scary as a student, because A) they hasd the tvs on again. B) Teachers were hused. C) the school went on lock down. Mind you, no where near columbine. Iroinically, a week later a family friend,practically family was arrested andschools went on lock down agaqin, becazuse they thought he was going to do something like columbine. Total police over reaction. Police litterally targetted that family becuase of it.
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