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  1. Tor Books launched a holiday sweepstakes today where fans from the U.S. and Canada can win some new and familiar books. Here are the details: Enter the contest at this link. Be sure to check out our review of Fate of the Fallen.
  2. Filming is only two months underway for the first season of Amazon Prime's Wheel of Time TV show, but that isn't stopping the studio and showrunner Rafe Judkins from preparing for season 2. Earlier today, Rafe tweeted a photo and a caption showing that the "S2 writers' room" was being prepped. Amazon hasn't officially announced that season 2 has been greenlit, but this is a sign that the studio apparently likes what they've seen so far and are feeling confident enough to let Rafe gather his team of writers to prepare for season 2. It's not unusual for TV shows to get greenlit for a second season before the first season airs. Netflix's The Witcher, which is set to debut on December 20, just had its second season greenlit today, just a short while before Rafe tweeted his photo. This is all a very good sign for The Wheel of Time. It doesn't mean that a second season of episodes have been ordered yet, but it means that everything looks good so far, and the production is moving forward with some level of confidence. We'll report more once we have it. In the meantime, be sure to check out out TV section to see everything we know for certain about the show.
  3. Irish actor Michael McElhatton has been cast as Tam al'Thor for Amazon Prime's upcoming Wheel of Time TV show. This news was announced today as part of November's #WoTWedNesday on Twitter and Instagram. Here's his bio, as provided to us by Amazon Studios: Michael was visible in the recent promotional video that Amazon released showing the Table Read of the first episode. Fans quickly noticed him and began speculating on which role he would have. Now we have our answer as we know he'll be playing the stable, kind-hearted father figure to Rand, played by Josha Stradowski. For more information on the Wheel of Time show, be sure to visit our TV section.
  4. WARRIOR OF THE ALTAII, a stand-alone fantasy novel by Robert Jordan, is now available. The novel is is published by Tor Books, the same publisher of Jordan’s U.S. Wheel of Time books. The book is set in a unique fantasy world that is unrelated to the WoT universe except for some coincidental and thematic similarities. The book was originally announced in January 2019. Here’s the official plot description: Warrior of the Altaii was originally written in 1977 by a then-unpublished Robert Jordan. It went through an unusual process of being acquired by a publisher, only to quickly have the contract cancelled when Jordan asked for more money. It continued to receive interest from publishers for a while until Robert Jordan decided to shelve the project in favor of developing his WoT books. Harriet McDougal, RJ’s wife and editor, describes the story in great detail as part of the novel’s introduction. An exclusive edition of the book with additional interior color artwork is available from Barnes & Noble. The book is available in print and ebook formats. In addition, an audiobook is available and is read by WoT audiobook reader Michael Kramer. Barnes & Noble (exclusive edition) Amazon Indiebound.org Dragonmount eBook store
  5. Amazon Prime released a new video for #WoTWednesday, their monthly scheduled day to release content related to the upcoming WoT TV show. Here's a full transcript of the video: Speculation has already begun as to who the other unnamed actors in the video are, and who they might be playing. We'll have more speculation and info soon, but in the meantime, join the conversation on our forums or social media or the comments below.
  6. I recently wrote about the 5 Things to Expect from the Wheel of Time TV show, and one of those “things” was expanded roles for minor characters from the books. We’re going to lean into that idea a bit further here and explore which characters I anticipate will seemingly be more important on TV than they were in Robert Jordan’s books. First, the same disclaimer from last time: although I’ve been in touch with some folks at Amazon and from the production, I have no official association with the show. In the early 2010’s I was a consultant to the producers who were seeking to adapt The Eye of the World into a feature film. I helped them and their writers come up with story ideas, and helped pitch those ideas to various other executives. A long time ago I was an independent filmmaker, but today, I write books, among other things. And, of course, I’ve been closely tied to the WoT franchise for 20+ years. So if you’re asking, “Why are your ideas anything more than random speculation?”, well, I like to think I’ve seen enough to have a good instinct for this stuff by now. (Also, I haven’t been wrong yet with my 5 Things to Expect!) But who knows, maybe I’ll be off this time. ? Adaptations, by their very nature, require change. And most of the time, it begins with the characters. The jury is completely out on how Rafe Judkins and his team will adapt the 7 characters who’ve been cast so far: Rand, Egwene, Perrin, Nynaeve, Mat, Lan, and Moiraine. All of those characters are most certainly going to change, and because their roles are so big (especially the Two Rivers 5), it’s practically impossible to predict what the team will do with them. So let’s focus on 5 secondary characters from the series that should have a bigger presence on TV than they did in the early books. I’m going on the assumption that season 1 will focus almost exclusively on the story events from The Eye of the World, with maybe some flashbacks or glimpses of later books in order to establish key ideas. (For my reasoning on this, see my 5 Things to Expect… article). (Book spoilers below!) Logain This is an easy one. We know Logain will have an expanded role because Rafe said so during a Twitter Q&A in September 2018: The question is, how will his role be expanded? My hunch is that Rafe and his team showcase Logain as a terrifying example of what happens when you’re a man who channels saidin. The first book hints at this, but I fully expect the show to try and horrify us (and Rand) so that we really understand what a terrible thing it is to channel. I would not be surprised if we see him in chains, see him being beat up by the Red Ajah (Elaida!), and probably gentled on screen. Violently. We don’t see Logain’s gentling happen in the books. We just meet him later after the deed is done. But come on, wouldn’t it be cool to see on screen? “But he gets gentled in Tar Valon!” you say. “And the characters don’t go to Tar Valon!” Yes, that’s all true… in the books. But in this TV adaptation, there’s no reason Logain can’t be gentled in Caemlyn, and no reason Rand and his friends can’t visit Tar Valon instead. Episode 4 of the first season is titled, “The Dragon Reborn.” Good titles usually contain multiple meanings. If I were a betting man, I think we’ll see a lot of Logain in that episode. Elaida Elaida becomes one of the primary antagonists in the book series, and she has a very convenient cameo role in the first book. Not only that, but she steals the show and anchors one of the best scenes in the entire series is chapter 40 where she secretly whispers her Foretelling to Rand. She’s too good of a character to only use for a single scene, especially if the producers want to convince a talented actress to portray her for many seasons going forward. I fully expect Elaida to not only be in every season, but for her to be groomed as one of the show’s primary recurring villains. She also makes a great antagonist to Moiraine and to …. Siuan Count on the Amyrlin Seat herself, Siuan Sanche, to be present in this TV series from the get-go. It’s easy to establish her connection with Moiraine at any point. Perhaps Moiraine sends her friend (and boss) a pigeon carrying a message to the White Tower. Or maybe Siuan is part of the caravan that gentles Logain, so we see her in that context. Whatever or however it works out, Siuan is Moiraine’s lifeline to the White Tower, and that’s an interesting story to explore in a TV adaptation. Having Siuan more present in the show would give us ample opportunity to see her square off with Elaida. It would establish their rivalry early on, setting up a much more powerful smackdown when Elaida stages her coup in a later season. Finally, let’s not overlook the fact that episode 6 of the first season is rumored to be titled “The Flame of Tar Valon.” Elyas Of all the characters on my short list, this is the one I’m most shaky on. I could see the writers going in either direction with Elyas. On one hand, they could just cut him entirely from the show. There are plenty of other ways for Perrin to find the wolves and establish a connection to them. Elyas could also maintain his brief cameo role in the books (and really, the series). But in the end, I think he’s just too interesting of a character to not expand for the show. Just as Logain represents a worst-case scenario for Rand, Elyas could be that same thing for Perrin. It’s a toss-up, but I expect we’ll see Elyas have an enlarged role, at least for the duration of season 1. The best odds are that he first shows up in episode 3, “A Place of Safety,” which is the name of the chapter where he first appears in the book. I doubt we’ll see him beyond a full first season though. Perhaps he makes a great character to sacrifice in a noble, on-screen death? Yes, I’m aware that he doesn’t die in the first book, but he also disappears for many books. It’s hard to convince an actor to show up, play a role, and vanish for multiple seasons before bringing him back. I feel like this could be a situation where the producers need to either decide if they can use him to his full potential for a single season, or greatly expand him across multiple connectives seasons. Geofram Bornhald My favorite surprise character to likely get an expanded role for the TV show is Bornhald (senior). He’s a Lord Captain of the Children of the Light, aka the Whitecloaks, aka Randland’s equivalent of the alt-right, women (channeler)-hating, witch-hunting, militant bad guys. His son Dain is also not a nice guy, and together, this father-son duo cause a lot of trouble in the first book for the heroes, most notably Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Lan. My hunch is that we’ll see more about Geofram’s driving passion to kill darkfriends (or, at least, those he deems to be darkfriends), and an expanded relationship with Dain, who will eventually inherit his father’s mantle. The reason I’m excited to see Bornhald is that he flies under the radar a bit in the book, but he’s also our first real glimpse of the Whitecloaks, which is a fantastic set of villains that the filmmakers can use through the TV series. Like Elaida, Borhald and his son represent flawed humans doing bad stuff for reasons that we (unfortunately) understand and see in our regular life, rather than, say, Ishamael or Padan Fain who are Pure Evil because… uh…reasons. Some quick honorable mentions for other characters who could see getting expanded roles in the first season of the Wheel of Time: Loial, Aram, Aginor, Balthamael. And what about the characters likely to get diminished roles? Well, that’s an article for another day, maybe. What do you think? Am I onto something, or do you have your own theories? Share below or on our social media. Jason Denzel Jason@dragonmount.com Artwork Siuan Sanche & Elaida by Benjamin Roque Logain & Elyas, Bornhald by Gal Or
  7. Amazon announced today, via the official Wheel of Time TV show twitter account, as part of their monthly #WoTWednesday, that actor Daniel Henney has been cast in the role of Lan Mandragoran. Here’s the provided press release: For those of you fans wondering, Daniel turns 40 years old in a few months, making him right within the proper age range for the character. We’ve long speculated that Rafe Judkins, the showrunner, and Kelly Valentine Hendry, the casting director, and their teams would seek out well-established actors for the roles of Moiraine (played by Rosamund Pike) and Lan. These actors will anchor the show to begin with, just like their characters do in the series. Over time they will pave the way for the younger, more “unknown” actors to blossom into their iconic roles. Daniel is an outstanding actor and we could’t be more delighted to welcome him to the Wheel of Time community. Tell us what you think! We want to hear from you. Leave a comment here on this article, post on our forums, find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Discord. And later tonight, at 8:30 PM US eastern (5:30 PM US Pacific), join our friend Matt Hatch in The Dusty Wheel YouTube channel to discuss Daniel’s casting.
  8. I think it's safe to say that the Cosmere literally was born from the WoTverse at the moment the Creator imprisioned the Dark One. Or maybe it was the moment Asmodean rounded the corner of the palace in Caemlyn and stammered, "You? No!"
  9. Club Leader found! Welcome, @Ark1002! Locking this topic.
  10. Everyone please welcome @Ark1002, the new Club Leader for the Cosmere Club. I'll let him introduce himself, but he's a long-time WoT and Sander-fan, and he's graciously offered to run this club, facilitate some discussion and help all of us enjoy Brandon's magnum opus. Please give him a warm welcome and dive into the stuff he's got ready for you. Jason
  11. Shadows-Beneath.mobi View File Shadows-Beneath.mobi Submitter Jason Denzel Submitted 06/29/14 Category eBooks  
  12. Brandon Sanderson responded to some fans' concerns on reddit about the adaptation to the Wheel of Time TV show. Although the majority of fan reactions over the past week to the big casting announcement have been positive, some people have had concerns with the actors not looking like how they would expect. Brandon addressed these concerns by saying: He continued with: Filming of the WoT TV show will begin in September. Although we don't know the exact start date or production schedule, we know that the announced actors are either currently in Prague or on their way there to begin. No release date for the show has been announced, but the production schedule is expected to be unusually long because of the complicated material, diverse locations, and large number of visual effects.
  13. In order to cut down on spam and invalid accounts, and overall increase the security of our website, we have marked a large number of accounts in our database as outdated. If you have one of these accounts, you'll be prompted to change your email address. If you believe you are seeing this in error, or are certain your email is correct and current, please send an email from that account to Webmaster@dragonmount.com and we'll sort it out. Thanks
  14. Hello, fellow writers! I've had a brave volunteer come forth to lead our intrepid club to glory. Please welcome @Arie as our new Club leader. She'll keep you wild hoards in line and also attempt to bring civility to these desolate wastes by facilitating some interesting and (hopefully) useful conversation. Please welcome her, and give her misery a friendly hello. -Jason
  15. Sony and Amazon announced today, through the official Wheel of Time Twitter account, the casting of the show's main characters. The "Big 5" Two Rivers characters. Madeleine Madden as Egwene al’Vere Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon Zoë Robins as Nynaeve al'Meara Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor Here are their official bios, as provided by Amazon: Josha Stradowski Josha Stradowski started acting as a kid in musicals like The Sound of Music and Ciske de Rat, then began playing roles in television as a teenager. He graduated from the AHK theatre school in Amsterdam and worked on multiple plays such as Oedipus, directed by Robert Icke, at Ivo van Hove's theater company ITA in 2018. He recently completed filming on a new TV series about fighter pilots. He also played the lead role in an indie feature film, Just Friends, for which he and the film received a number of awards on the international film festival circuit. Zoe Robbins New Zealand native, Zoë Robins, will soon appear in Universal & Blumhouse feature, Black Christmas, directed by Sophia Takal. She starred in the ABC pilot, The Finest, and recurred on The Shannara Chroniclesfor MTV, as well as The Killian Curse. Zoë rose to fame portraying the “White Power Ranger” on the action adventure series, Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Barney Harris In 2016 Harris shot his first feature: Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. His other films include: Billionaire Boy’s Club with Ansel Elgort, Taron Edgerton and Emma Roberts and Russian American, an independent feature produced by Molly Connors (Birdman, Child 44). Harris’ UK television include: Dominic Cooke's epic BBC Shakespeare series The Hollow Crown opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. Marcus Rutherford British Independent Film Award’s Most Promising Newcomer nominee, Marcus Rutherford made his screen debut as the lead in Jamie Jones’ feature film Obey. The story follows a young man’s struggle in bettering himself against the backdrop of the 2011 London Riots, meshing real and staged footage of the events. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, winning Best Cinematography, and has since received high praise from critics. Peter Bradshaw, writing for The Guardian said, “there is a strong central performance from Marcus Rutherford as Leon, a young man just out of care”. For his performance in Obey, Marcus was also named “One to Watch in 2019” by the Observer and received three UK National Film Awards nominations: Best Actor, Best Breakthrough Performance and Best Newcomer. Most recently, Marcus wrapped filming County Lines. The drama about a mother and her fourteen-year old boy who is groomed into a lethal nationwide drug selling enterprise, also starring Harris Dickinson and directed by Henry Blake. Marcus discovered acting through the Nottingham Television Workshop, the BAFTA-winning charity dedicated to training young talent, whose alumni include Vicky McClure, Joe Dempsie, Jack O’Connell and Samantha Morton. Madeleine Madden Madeleine Madden is a young rising star with a fast-growing list of impressive credits to her name. She first came to the attention of her home country by being the first Australian teenager to deliver an Address to the Nation on behalf of the Generation One campaign’s call for action to create a better future for indigenous people. Her eloquent and considered speech was watched by more than six million people on national TV in 2010. Madeleine has appeared in numerous Aussie productions including ABC TV’s critically acclaimed series The Code, in Redfern Now Series 1 &2, Jack Irish: Dead Point,The Moodys,My Place,Ready for This,Tomorrow When the War Began and Doctor Doctor Series 2. She also co-starred in the Amazon mini-series Picnic at Hanging Rock alongside Natalie Dormer, inthe Screentime/Netflix seriesPine Gapand the critically acclaimed Mystery Road,a television series based on the highly celebrated film. She can currently be seen in the Netflix fantasy/drama series Tidelandsalongside Elsa Pataky. Madeleine will next be seen on the big screen this August 9thin Paramount’s Dora and the Lost Cityof Gold. Sarah Spillane’sAround the Blockwas her first feature film starring opposite Christina Ricci. Madeleine made her stage debut in Sydney Theatre Company’s production of The Secret River, directed by Neil Armfield.
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