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  1. Anybody have ideas for what we could do on a monthly basis? For example, maybe once a month we could share a chapter from a WIP. Or a synopsis. Or whatever? What would be useful for all of you?
  2. How to add Social Media icons to your profile Log into Dragonmount. Click Your name in the upper right corner. Select "Social Info" Fill out your Social Media links. Save your changes. Once set, your social media links & icons will appear alongside your name in the Forums and Clubs How To change your Title (the label that appears under or beside your name) Note: You must have at least one (1) content entry (forum post, club post, etc) in order to be eligible to change your member title. Log into Dragonmount. Click Your name in the upper right corner. Select "Profile" Click the "Edit Profile" button Edit your "Member Title" Save your changes.
  3. I agree with @Mashiara Sedai! At some point, you just need to dive into the actual writing of the book. You have a neat structure and overall world. Now it's time to figure out who Derick is, what he wants, what's stopping him, and what he's going to do to try and overcome.
  4. Hi everyone, Welcome to the next iteration of Dragonmount! The core team of admins and I have been meeting and working for several months to bring you a new set of community features. We've also archived most of the older, outdated forums that were just collecting dust and making the community feel scattered. The Internet has a changed a lot since we opened in 1998, and it continues to evolve. Much of the Wheel of Time fandom lives on social media now, so we're adapting with the times. Here's a breakdown of what we've added and changed: Clubs have been added! http://dragonmount.com/clubs All of our Social Groups (or "Orgs"), along with the Dragon Reborn Role Playing group, are now called Clubs. We have a variety of types of clubs: Casual clubs: such as the Bela Fan Club, Brandon Sanderson Cosmere Club, or the DM Writers Club, are mostly unstructured and intended to foster discussion around those topics. Themed Clubs: these clubs are based on Wheel of Time organizations such as the White Tower, Band of the Red Hand, or Ogier. Each club will have some sort of structure to it and is a great way to meet fans with similar interests. Role Playing club: Our Wheel of Time roleplaying Club allows you to participate in forum-based role-playing, a feature we've had since 1998! All registered visitors are able to join as many clubs as they like. Each Club has its own forum, and (optionally), it's own blog, image gallery, and secondary forums. Some (but not all), clubs may have secondary, private club spaces. At our initial launch, this will be the White Tower club, and the Wheel of Time Playing Club. We're still evolving and figuring out the logistics for these private forums, so please have patience. But also understand that our intention is to dramatically reduce the amount of private and members-only forums across our site. Speak to the Club Leader or one of the admins for more information. Some former social groups (Wolfkin, Aiel, Seanchan, etc) have been temporarily archived due to inactivity. We may bring them back at a later date. Interested in starting a new Club, or resurrecting one of our archived ones? Here's how. Forum Changes Most of our older forums have been archived. The forums will now primary focus on discussion of the WoT Books, and TV show. The "General Discussion" forum has been renamed to "Off Topic." All Club Leaders have access to archived Social Group & Dragon Reborn Role Playing threads. If you are a Club Member and want some older posts migrated to your new Club forum, contact the Club Leader and they can make that happen. Social Media Integration The Dragonmount forums now allow you to link to your social media. To set up your Social Media: Log into DM Click Your name in the upper right corner Select "Social Info" Fill out your Social Media links Once set, your social media links & icons will appear alongside your name in the Forums and Clubs There's many small changes throughout the website, and new features will continue to be added. The admins and I hope you'll enjoy these new Clubs, and we can't wait for the next major phase of WoT fandom. Thanks for being a part of the community with us! Jason Denzel Jason@dragonmount.com
  5. The BT has been removed as a club for now. It’s inactive because there’s no leader. Same with the Band. We’ll bring them back at a later date.
  6. Hi. You guys can work with Elgee (and Verb, who is the admin overseeing all Clubs) on what you want to do, but for this Club specifically, I am OK with creating other, hidden private clubs for the Ajah that want them. You would then join that club by invitation only and have forums that only members could see. But in general, we've found that spreading out across too many forums ends up diluting the community and conversation. If you are all on the same forum, it fosters more cross-talk and engagement.
  7. If you're interested in moderating this club at Dragonmount, and helping to facilitate some discussion, please email me.
  8. If you're interested in moderating this club at Dragonmount, and helping to facilitate some discussion, please email me.
  9. Hi everyone, The original 4th Age podcast ran for well over 100 episodes. The DM staff is in the process of organizing those and making them available for download. We have a lot on our plate right now, but plan to make them available in the coming weeks. Also, keep an eye out for a forthcoming announcement about the rebirth of the show....
  10. Tor Books, the U.S. publisher of The Wheel of Time, is planning to release new editions of the entire series, beginning October of this year. The new editions will feature brand-new cover designs. These new editions are wisely being timed to coincide with the forthcoming TV show from Amazon Studios. The cover art doesn't feature any new art featuring characters or scenes from the books but instead aims for mass appear with a stylized look. The covers are reminiscent of the UK mass market editions that were first released in 2014. Only the covers for the first six books have been released so far. Below you'll find the release schedule, links to purchase them, and the full-sized covers. The Eye of the World - October 29, 2019 The Great Hunt - October 29, 2019 The Dragon Reborn - October 29, 2019 The Shadow Rising - December 31, 2019 The Fires of Heaven - December 31, 2019 Lord of Chaos - December 31, 2019 A Crown of Swords - February 2020 The Path of Daggers - February 2020 Winter's Heart - February 2020 The Crossroads of Twilight - Spring 2020 Knife of Dreams - Spring 2020 The Gathering Storm - Spring 2020 Towers of Midnight - Summer 2020 A Memory of Light - Summer 2020 New Spring - Summer 2020
  11. After four years of relative quiet, excitement for the Wheel of Time is surging again thanks to the forthcoming TV show, scheduled for a 2020 or 2021 release on Amazon Prime. We know very little about the creative direction the show will take, but we know it left a positive impression on Brandon Sanderson, who recently shared his admiration for both the first two episode scripts, and for Rafe Judkins, the executive producer, writer, and showrunner. And, of course, there was a bit of excitement last week when Rafe and the studio announced that Rosamund Pike would be playing Moiraine. So what else can we expect from the forthcoming TV show? Here are my best guesses. First, some disclaimers: I have no involvement with the forthcoming TV show, although I've been in touch with some of the folks at Amazon. Before that, from around 2005-2011, I was a consultant to Red Eagle Entertainment, the group that originally acquired the rights to the series and remains executive producers on the show (though the scope of their creative involvement is unknown.) Back then I was heavily involved in the creation of outlines and story treatments for a potential theatrical film release. That project fizzled, but it helped familiarize me with the scale that the executives were going for at the time, and how the thinking has evolved over the years. While none of that makes me an expert in the TV effort, the ideas below come from a reasonably well-informed position. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 things I think we can expect to see in the Wheel of Time TV show. Adult Content We all know that Amazon's Wheel of Time show, along with a million other TV shows, are going for the, er, throne, that Game of Thrones until recently occupied. GoT succeeded for many reasons, and one of those reasons was that it didn't pull any punches. The WoT books are full of battles and romance, but in a strictly PG-13 manner. I expect to see the WoT TV show dive into the sex and battles more (especially the One Power battles). It'll help sell the show to a wider, more general audience that's hungry for adult fantasy. This idea is further confirmed by a casting call notice from last April that the show was seeking two female actresses to play characters named “Eliza” and “Nadie” (probably code names for Egwene and Nynaeve) that would require scenes of a sexual nature and partial nudity. It could be just a rumor, but the original source has a decent track record of accurate information, including correctly revealing Rosamund's role in the production before the official announcement. All this is to say, don't be surprised if we see the Two Rivers characters, and others, getting busy on screen. 8-10 episodes, focused on Eye of the World Amazon and Rafe haven't announced the official number of episodes, but we know each one will be an hour long. 8-10 episodes is consistent with other Amazon Originals in recent years. WoT could certainly receive more than 10, but I think it's a stretch that it'll happen that way for the first season, especially since the episode budgets could quickly balloon with visual effects. As for whether or not we'll see more than The Eye of the World portrayed on screen in season 1: Rafe has already said the show will pull from everywhere as needed, but I believe the main season arc will focus on the flights from the Two Rivers, leading ultimately to the Blight, where the season finale will focus on the Eye itself. A fan asked Rafe this question on Twitter and he gave a short, cryptic response: The main argument for season1 focusing on book 1 comes down to the fact that if you pull too much from book 2 and beyond, it's just too much to develop and get a general audience to buy into. In 8-10 episodes they already need to introduce a complicated world and backstory, 7 major protagonists, 3-5 major antagonists (Fain, Ba'alzamon, Whitecloaks), trollocs, Aes Sedai, and so on. Once you add in the Horn of Valere and the Seanchan, it simply becomes too much, too soon. The whole “Hunt for the Horn” makes great season 2 material, and possibly getting into book 3 depending on how many episodes get greenlit. Yes, there are lots of ways to skin a cat, but it feels right to do season 1 = book 1, just like Game of Thrones did to great success. Expanding Secondary characters...and maybe a few big omissions Since the project was green-lit last October, there's been nonstop talk that Moiraine will be the focus of the series, or, at least of season 1. We don't know how that will play out, of course, but it's likely that all the attention on her in the press releases has been due to the fact that Rafe and company have planned to cast a big-name actress for that role from the very start. She (and Lan) are the most logical choices for bringing brand-name actors on board in order to reach a wider audience. I expect we'll get into their backstories sooner than the books do, and also deeper into the Aes Sedai / Warder connection. I don't think we'll be seeing lengthy, full-episode New Spring flashbacks, per se, but pulling from Moiraine's younger years wouldn't surprise me either. Rafe has also stated that he plans to expand Logain's character, which is a great idea. Seeing more Logain allows us to see male channelers before Rand really gets going. If you buy into the earlier idea that season 1 will focus on Eye of the World , then that means they have 8-10 hours to explore the first book, which is plenty of time to expand on a brooding false Dragon. I have a hunch he might steal the show early on with his charisma and power. Other expanded roles that we're likely to see: the Children of the Light (Geofram Bornhald would make a great bad guy), Elyas, Hopper and the other wolves, the Tinkers (Aram?), and Padan Fain. The jury's still out on what the production plans to do with Min, Thom, Elyane, Galad, Gawyn, and Loial. All of those except Thom and Loial only have cameo roles in the first book, so I suspect they will either get expanded roles in season 1, or possibly... sorry... get cut from the season. I know, I know. It's hard to imagine a WoT show without Elyane or Min. But everything's fair game, people! Maybe if Moiraine leads everyone to Tar Valon instead of Caemlyn, then the writers can easily introduce Elayne and her brothers being there for training. Logain can also be gentled there, which would give us introductions to Elaida and the Amyrlin Seat all in one nice location that's visually amazing to look at. Or maybe those secondary characters: Min, Elayne, etc, are introduced in the second season. Less Binary Evil The Eye of the World was written in the late 1980's and published in early 1990. Robert Jordan intentionally designed the opening to resemble Lord of the Rings, with its dark riders and quiet, idealistic rural countryside, and then flipped everyone's expectations after Shadar Logoth. At the time this approach was groundbreaking, and where he takes the sequels is still, to this day, original and remarkable. But many of the ideas in the first book have been copied and done many time since by a lot of writers, and the result is that the binary “good farmboys vs a pure evil Dark One” isn't going to cut it with a general audience anymore. Rafe touched on this subject during his Twitter Q&A: The easy solution is to introduce more nuanced antagonists as early as possible. The Whitecloaks, Elaida, and even Padan Fain (who could hold onto a shred of his humanity, perhaps?) offer opportunities to craft bad guys who have somewhat relatable (or at least understandable) motivations beyond simply wanting the world destroyed. I doubt we'll see many of the Forsaken besides Ba'alzamon in the first season (unless by flashback), but if we do, I wouldn't be surprised if they became less pure-evil as well. Robert Jordan's Forsaken, while interesting and fun, were admittedly somewhat flat until Asmodean arrived on the scene. (Lanfear / Selene is a possible exception, but I would be stunned if she had a role in season 1. She could be a big-name actress they could bring in for season 2) More Diversity Finally, expect the Wheel of Time TV show to double down on its diverseity of characters and relationships. Rafe has been very public about this, stating outright that this is an important theme to him. The most obvious place we're likely to see changes is in the romantic relationships. While I don't think we'll see Rand and Perrin kissing each other (imagine those ‘shipping debates! Can I coin the term “Rarrin”? “Perrand”?) it wouldn't shock me if Egwene, Moiraine, Elyas, Aram, Galad, or Logain became involved in same-sex relationships. (Besides, did any of you really, really, totally buy the Moiraine-Thom romance from the books?) Some of these might not blossom in season 1, but certainly could later. We're also more likely to see wider racial diversity in the cast. I know Robert Jordan is very specific with his descriptions of every character and culture, but when it comes to adaptations like this, nothing is guaranteed. Rafe and his team already cast a “tall Moiraine”, so who knows, right? Take a look at this script excerpt Rafe shared on Twitter last August, which points this out on the very first page: The Eye of the World portrays all seven of the main characters (the five Two Rivers people + Moiraine and Lan) as light-skinned. Add in Elayne, her brothers, and Min, and we have a whole lot of similar-looking characters. This is in fact a trend throughout the books. Sure there's differences between the Cairhien and Andorans, but it isn't really until later books where we see the Seanchan (especially Tuon), the Sea Folk, Faile, and some of the western nations with more racial diversity. (An exception to this is the Shienarans, who appear at the end of the first book. ) Here's what Rafe had to say about this when questioned by a fan on Twitter: I know we could all debate what certain characters look like for days and weeks, but that also sort of supports my point that there's plenty of room for interpretation, especially as we move away from the Two Rivers. My hunch is that the Emond's Fielders will look a lot like what we expect, but beyond that, there will be more racial diversity. Logain, Elyas, Siuan Sanche, and the Shienarans are all easy candidates for looking different than Robert Jordan perhaps portrayed them. The books are great... why change all this? Everyone knows that TV and movie adaptations bring changes, and passionate fans like you and I are likely to scratch our heads and wonder why they'd change something when it works well on the page. As discussed above, the first book in this series was written 30 years before its TV adaptation release, and audience expectations have changed since then. We also have the hindsight now to understand what works in the books, and what could stand to be better. (Do you really think they'll have Perrin spend three seasons trying to rescue Faile?) I'm looking at this TV show as a fresh turn of the Wheel. The Third Age that I read about in the books has passed, and been reborn now that the Wheel has turned all the way around. With every coming of an Age, it's the same story again, yet different. While this may not be the official explanation from the show's producers, I think it's a good way to look at it. We'll always have the books to return to: those aren't going anywhere. By allowing ourselves to accept changes from book to screen, even ones we don't fully like, we open ourselves to having a better experience. I, for one, and beyond excited to see what Rafe and his team do. So what do you think? Leave a comment below, or discuss it on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram channels. What do you think we should expect from the upcoming Wheel of Time show? Jason Denzel Jason@dragonmount.com
  12. Academy Award-nominated actress Rosamund Pike has been cast as Moiraine Damodred in the upcoming Wheel of Time TV show. The announcement came today when the official Wheel of Time writer's room Twitter account shared an image of the actress reading The Eye of the World. Rafe Judkins, the executive producer on the show, said this on Twitter shortly after the announcement: Pike is a well-known actress with significant credits to her name that showcase her amazing range. Some of her notable roles include the lead in Gone Girl, and the James Bond film, Die Another Day. She has the right blend of strength and confidence to carry this essential role in the series. Amazon Studios, the studio that will be airing the show, said with their first official press release that the Wheel of TimeTV show would feature Moiraine's character prominently. Pike will also be credited as a producer on the show. In the books, Moiraine has an important role as a mentor and guide. She's the Aes Sedai who finds a handful of young characters, one of whom may potentially turn out to be the prophesied and greatly-feared Dragon Reborn. Her prominently featured role in the show doesn't necessarily mean she'll be the main character for the series, but it's likely Pike will be one of the major headliners. Be sure to check out our full summary of everything we know about the forthcoming TV show.
  13. Dragonmount is delighted to announce that we've (finally) launched our own Instagram account, @dragonmount_ Like our other social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, we hope to provide frequent, unique, and enjoyable Wheel of Time content. We hope you'll join us on each of these accounts and become part of our growing community.
  14. There's been considerable hype this past week after Brandon Sanderson made numerous comments on reddit about his opinions of the early Wheel of Time TV show scripts. Brandon indicated that what he's seen so far has bee "really good" overall, but he also explained that changes might be coming. In the first of multiple reddit threads, Brandon explained: We don't know what these "unexpected decisions" are; Brandon could not say because he's under NDA. Naturally, that hasn't stopped WoT fans from generating theories. There's been speculation for a while that the show will focus more heavily on Moiraine, perhaps elevating her role to equal, or even exceed, that of the main characters in the books. This hasn't been confirmed, and the rumor is largely based on Amazon's original press release annoucing the show which includes: Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene and Nynaeve are not mentioned by name in the show's official description, but that doesn't necessarily mean their roles or importance will be diminished. It's almost certain that they will be played by lesser-known actors, while it's more likely that the role of Moiraine will be given to a headline-grabbing actress. Her role may be elevated, but the extra attention given by the studio could always be part of the way they plan to market the show to audiences, not to mention to potential big-name actresses they want to cast. Later in the comments of the original reddit thread, Brandon expanded his thoughts: Brandon has made similar comments at book signing events in recent months. Expect more comments, and more speculation from fans as the show quickly ramps up. And we agree with his comments about Rafe: his interactions with the fans have been friendly, knowledgable, confident, and engaging. According to this Instagram account, Rafe recently moved to Prague, presumably to focus on producing the show there. Casting for the main characters is currently underway, with announcements expected in the near future. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@dragonmount) for more newsstand commentary related to the forthcoming TV show.
  15. Welcome to Dragonmount! I'm originally from San Jose. 🙂
  16. Badali Jewelry, a long-time provider of officially-licensed Wheel of Time merchandise, is shutting down their WoT product line at the end of this month. The final day to place new custom orders is April 28, 2019. From the Badali Jewelry Facebook page: Some of their bestselling items were the Aes Sedai Great Serpent ring, their Asha'man pins, and their foxhead medallion. Dragonmount has been a long-time reseller of their products and we're sad to see them shuttering their line of quality goods. The reason for the shutdown is related to their license expiring and now being held exclusively by Sony (and potentially Radar Pictures and Amazon Studios, although those details aren't clear at the moment). There's a possibility that a new license to produce these products will be granted in the future, but only time will tell if that happens, or if the same products will be re-released if it does. Make your orders now at Badali Jewelry website, and look for their remaining inventory through October 2019.
  17. Casting for the forthcoming Wheel of Time TV show has begun according to the London-based KVH Casting agency. KVH is run by Kelly Valentine Henry, who has been tapped as the show's casting director. The TV show is scheduled to film sometime this fall 2019 (likely September) in Prague in the Czech Republic. No actors have been officially announced yet, but that's expected to change in the coming weeks or months. The KVH website originally encouraged actors to send "submissions only" to submissions@wotcasting.com, but that notice was quickly taken offline, possibly in response to what is likely to be an overwhelming flood of fan interest.
  18. Tor Books has announced it plans to release Warrior of the Altaii, a previously-unpublished fantasy novel by Robert Jordan. The book is currently scheduled for release on October 8, 2019. Publication History Warrior of the Altaii was written before Robert Jordan began The Eye of the World (which was published in 1990). After finishing the manuscript, he received an offer of publication from Donald Wolheim at DAW Books. Jordan responded to the publisher that he was happy to receive such an offer, but wondered if some changes to the contract could be made. The publisher replied by cancelling the offer, saying that unknown authors shouldn't make such demands. Here's Robert Jordan talking about it: Jordan sold the book again in 1979 to Jim Baen, who worked for Tom Doherty at the time at ACE books. The project never got off the ground, in part because Baen was focused on science-fiction at the time, and because Tom Doherty left to found Tor Books. The rights to Warrior of the Altaii ultimately reverted back to Jordan, who decided to rest the project. What's it About? The book's official plot description: Not much else is known about the plot yet, but Wheel of Time fans can likely expect a "proto-WoT" novel filled with thematic foreshadowing that resonates with Jordan's later books. Warrior of the Altaii is expected to be a more modest-sized novel, at least in comparison to Jordan's later books. Why publish it now? Robert Jordan is on record several times saying that he didn't expect to ever publish this novel. It's clear now that Jordan's comment about having the manuscript destroyed was made in jest. Fans should remember that he made similar comments about how he would have his hard drive erased if he ever died before finishing The Wheel of Time series, and that he could never imagine another author writing in his universe, which he destained at the time as "sharecropping." Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's wife and the editor of The Wheel of Time series, had this to say: Although Robert Jordan has been gone for well over a decade, his legacy, and his stories live on. With this new novel, which was both his first, and his last, he is once again showing us that time, indeed, has no beginnings or endings. Warrior of the Altaii is now available for pre-order. Amazon Barnes & Noble Macmillan info page
  19. As reported earlier today, Amazon Studios has greenlit the first season of a Wheel of Time TV show. From The Hollywood Reporter: Backstory in Brief The story of getting the book series adapted for the screen has been long and tumultuous. A full history of the franchise's adaptation journey is beyond the scope of this article, but the short version is that the rights to the series were originally optioned by NBC in 2000, then held briefly by an independent group called Forsaken Films. In 2004 the option passed from Forsaken to Red Eagle Entertainment, who held the rights until they worked out a deal with Radar Pictures and Sony Pictures, who eventually made the deal with Amazon. During the Red Eagle years, multiple valiant efforts were made to adapt first book in the series, The Eye of the World, into a stand-along film, but those projects never took off. In order to prevent their option from expiring, Red Eagle infamously created the heavily-panned "Winter Dragon" short "pilot" that ultimately led to a lawsuit and counter lawsuit between themselves and Robert Jordan's estate. The lawsuits were settled out of court. Rafe Judkins and current situation In 2017, Rafe Judkins (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) was hired to be the lead writer and showrunner for the WoT TV show. He's since led a team of writers to begin developing scripts. Last month Rafe hosted a Twitter Q&A where he talked, amongst other things, about the tone and focus that fans can expect to see. The Amazon deal is exciting because it comes in the wake of news that another big fantasy project, Conan the Barbarian, had been put on hold. This tells us that the studio has a lot of confidence in the WoT project, which seems to be ahead of schedule compared to the heavily-discussed Lord of the Rings prequel series that Amazon reportedly paid $250 million to acquire the rights to. With today's announcement, Amazon has approved the creation of a single season. We don't know how many episodes that will include, but given today's trends, it's likely to be anywhere from 8-13 episodes. Rafe Judkins has indicated that this first season will focus primarily on the events found in The Eye of the World, but viewers should be prepared for anything. And while the specifics of the plot won't be revealed until the show airs, the clues we've had so far hint at larger roles for the primary female characters (Egwene, Nynaeve, and Moiraine) along with an emphasis on the positive feminist aspects found in the books. The WoT book series was first published in 1990, and at the time, Jordan received heavy praise for his forward-thinking portrayal of heroic women. Time and evolved thinking has softened those views somewhat, but it's clearly Rafe's plan to once more put Wheel of Time at the forefront of the discussion. Multiple news outlets emphasize this point. From Variety: It's unlikely that Moiraine will be the primary main character in the TV show. Some fans have speculated that the show will be an adaptation of the WoT prequel novel, New Spring, but we know that's not the case. If anything, it's more likely we'll see glimpses of the events from that book interwoven to help expand Moiraine's character. The focus of the series, both in the books and the TV show, will be centered on the Two Rivers characters. As always, as we learn more about the series, we'll lost more here.
  20. Rafe Judkins, the showrunner for the potential Wheel of Time TV show, answered an assortment of fan questions on Twitter this morning. You can find the entire thread here. Overall Show Status "In development." Amazon Studios is the network currently developing the show. The production studio is Sony Pictures Television, working with Radar Pictures. There has been no official announcement about the show being green-lit yet. This means that while a lot of people are working on developing ideas and screenplays, until a public announcement happens, we do not know if a pilot or full season have been ordered. During the twitter Q&A, Rafe was unable to answer any questions related to the project's overall status, or potential timeframe. Highlights from the Q&A The plan is to adapt the entire Wheel of Time TV series. Each episode is designed to be an hour long. Rafe Judkins: "I want [the tone of the show] to feel adult but accessible." The first season will largely focus on events from The Eye of the World. But do not expect a straight-forward and literal adaptation that strictly conforms to the way the books tell the story. Rafe Judkins: "... malleable by season and book." Rafe has a special place in his heart for Bela. Casting has not begun, but is expected to happen worldwide, under the supervision of a yet-to-be-hired casting director. Efforts will be made to ensure a diverse cast is selected. Gender representation is important to the series, and to the producers. Rafe Judkins: "I think that gender is such a key theme of the books, and discussing gender without a full representation of LGBTQ+ people would be a disservice to that discussion. Rest assured, their will be pillow friends out the wazoo." Rafe and his team are passionate fans, utilizing as much information about the series as possible fro every source, including all published books, the WoT Companion, fan sites, and Team Jordan directly. Rafe Judkins: "We have freedom to do what we want, but what I want is to stay true to the books" Rafe Judkins: "I really want to stay true to the books in creating a world that feels way more diverse than what we're used to seeing in our fantasy tv shows" Interestingly, the "Rand and his 3 women plot" might change. Logain may have an expanded, larger role in the TV show. So far, Nynaeve has been the most challenging character to write. Rafe and his team are generally trying to avoid merging characters. Rafe is especially excited about the opening chapters in the Weswood, the Aiel Waste plot line, and Dumai's Wells. We will keep you updated as progress on the show evolves. Be sure to follow Rafe's Twitter and Instagram accounts, and while you're at it, check out our twitter feed and Facebook page.
  21. Welcome to Dragonount 9.0! As we enter our 20th year, I wanted to commemorate that special event by putting some fresh paint on our web community. Although it took longer than we expected, DM has been significantly upgraded with all new server hardware, fresh back-end software, and all new website features. For the first time in our history, we're mobile friendly. (I know, I know, you could argue we're almost a decade late on that.) I'm excited about our new fresh look and hope you enjoy it, too. Our eBook store continues to be a feature I'm especially proud of. Be sure to check back in coming weeks and months. This Spring we'll be doing a major upgrade to our Gallery, just in time to share photos from JordanCon 10. We're going to continue to work on bugs and other issues that might arise from this new site, so please bear with us. If you have an issue you need to report, please put it on our Bugs forum. Thanks for continuing to be a part of our community! Jason Denzel
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