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  1. FYI, Pat is a good dude and an unofficial-official Friend of Dragonmount, since we brought him in to host an author's Q&A in the Illuminator's way back when (during the run-up to the release of Name of the Wind). So I'm very supportive of anything that brings him publicity and fans. Which is one way of saying if you haven't read these books yet ... go do it As if I needed another reason to like either of you.
  2. I didn't know much about any of this, but I have found the Hugos to be increasingly irrelevant of late. I agree with what Wert said about message and quality both being important. Ideally, the books that should be winning awards should combine the pure enjoyment found in more pulpy SFF works with something more meaningful like the social commentary that turned SF into a serious literary genre. Personally, I don't care about an author's politics as long as they don't infest his/her work too much and he/she knows how to write a novel. I disagree with a lot of Orson Scott Card's political views, but love his books. Terry Goodkind on the other hand, makes me want to vomit.
  3. And the shot heard 'round the world was the start of the revolution. It is known.
  4. That point of Dom's about the 3-way split is a good one, although I don't know why it's an indictment of Brandon so much as TOR. The structural issues severely lessened the potential for eucatastrophe, which is a very important part of epic fantasy.
  5. Yeah, BS just didn't get Mat. I also didn't like how daft and un-Aiel Aviendha seemed when he wrote her. In Brandon's defense, though, I think he got much better at writing Mat by AMoL. Regardless, there is no question that Harriet made the right decision wrt the outriggers. It is what RJ would have wanted.
  6. Resisting compulsion is about strength of will, not military acumen. I also don't think it's a coincidence that the Great Captain who resisted Hessalam's compulsion the most effectively was the one fighting in Shayol Ghul, nearest to the Dragon Reborn.
  7. Gitara's foretelling was spoken in the present sense and with a great degree of urgency. She actually dropped dead the moment she had finished uttering it. That suggests to me that Rand's birth was, at the very least, extremely imminent. Also, given Tam's account from his feverish ramblings in EotW we know that Rand's birth took place very shortly after the end of the fighting in the Aiel War. As others have pointed out, it's rather immaterial whether or not the foretelling actually took place before the birth or during it. It was still knowledge that Gitara couldn't have known by any normal means and is therefore a "foretelling" as that is what spontaneous, spoken prophecies made by Aes Sedai are called in the Wheel of Time.
  8. Mat is really the only one I find overly one-dimensional early on and he starts to come into his own about book 3 and is probably my favorite character by book 5. As for continuing or not, it's a lot of volume, but anyone considering reading a series like the Wheel of Time already knows that. It's up to you to decide whether or not it will be worth it, but I'd say that if you don't like the series by the time you've finished book 5, you probably never will. That's a long time to wait though, so idk. Personally, I often have trouble getting through series that I often end up enjoying later on. I'm currently struggling through The Malazan Book of the Fallen. It took me forever to get through Gardens of the Moon, but for all the tediousness, I liked it a lot in the end. Also, I wouldn't say the Wheel of Time is the best fantasy series of all time.
  9. Using GoT as an example: old fans (1996-2000) - they hate (and most of them don't watch!) the tv series, new 'fans' (2011-2014) - the tv series is superior in every way (and only idiots read the books). Interesting aspects. Terrible generalization. I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire in 2007 or 2008, so apparently I don't exist according to your categories. As for my opinion, I like the TV show, but I recognize that like any adaptation of a novel, it's an adaptation and isn't going to be 100% faithful. For instance, combining or paring away a lot of the characters was pretty important for putting it on TV. I think the show's creators took a few too many liberties at points and got some things wrong, but overall, they did a lot more right than they did wrong, and the show is a faithful representation of the spirit of GRRM's work.
  10. From his own site: Rowling was/is not an original author, but she was better handling that theme than Rothfuss. That's a quote taken from an Amazon review. That's not even close to evidence that Rothfuss' work is derivative. There are definitely similarities between Harry Potter and Kvothe, but Kvothe is 8 million times more interesting. Also, Rothfuss lampshades and inverts a lot of common fantasy tropes while Rowling plays them straight. And his prose is much, much better.
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