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  1. WWWwombat

    House Resolution #1 (2019)

    Or if you just jumped in the snow after a sauna xD
  2. WWWwombat

    Political Musings

    EU laws complicate things a bit IIRC. This was a big issue with Syrian refugees a couple years back.
  3. WWWwombat

    Political Musings

    Obviously any solution to Latin American problems has to start with Latin Americans. That being said, toppling governments at the rate we did in the Cold War era doesn't exactly help stability. And wet feet, dry feet was a bad policy that ended up playing right into the hands of Mexican drug traffickers by giving them a nice revenue stream that no one really cared about.
  4. WWWwombat

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Ann Richards had a pretty good run although she eventually lost to Dubya in her bid for reelection.
  5. WWWwombat

    Political Musings

    I'm also well aware that American foreign policy since the latter half of the 20th century has done nothing but exacerbate such problems in Latin America.
  6. WWWwombat

    Political Musings

    You could argue that someone fleeing gangs like MS-13 or 18th Street is not safe anywhere in Mexico or certain parts of the US. It's a tough argument to make unless you have some reason in particular to think you've attracted their ire. I'm sure someone who specializes in refugee law could think of something much better than my armchair stuff though. As for my view on Mexican cops, I think they're people like anyone else. Some are bad, most are good, and no one is all one or the other. The only reason I say they're more likely to be dirty is because of the power the cartels exert in Mexico. When your most notorious drug lord can dig a mile long tunnel to escape prison without anyone noticing it's kind of hard to have faith in the system.
  7. WWWwombat

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Also, I love Elizabeth Warren, but I don't see her as a good national candidate being a super-liberal from MA. I also really dig having her represent me in the Senate. It would be fun to see all the Persist posters though. Seth Moulton's been getting some buzz. He's got a great resume and he could be a great candidate some day, but I don't think he has the political chops yet (as evidenced by his involvement in the attempt to take down Pelosi without actually offering a viable alternative).
  8. WWWwombat

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    I don't like Beto for Pres given he just lost to Cruz but he would make an excellent VP candiate imo. I'd love to see him unleashed in VP attack dog mode lol.
  9. WWWwombat

    Paradox Games

    Anyone play any of their stuff? I love strategy games and I'm kind of in a love hate relationship with them because of their unending DLC trains for Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II (although I think Holy Fury might be the last for CK II given the scope).
  10. WWWwombat

    [Netflix] The Last Kingdom

    Watched the first two seasons and liked them a lot. Didn't realize the third was out 😄
  11. Does the conventional wisdom about what makes a good candidate for the general election hold? It seems like some people would break with that and want to go super far left because polarization means exciting the base could be more important than winning over undecideds, but I think that might be oversimplifying the lessons of 2016. Trump didn't excite the traditional Republican base, he excited part of it while bringing in others and ensuring that enough of the people who weren't exited about him chose not to defect. Of all the names I've heard so far, Amy Klobuchar strikes me as the most likely to have broad appeal.
  12. WWWwombat

    political meme's & lolz

    Things have gotten better for sure. My point was that sex negativity really messes with the concept of consent. If yes isn't an option, then no loses a lot of its meaning.
  13. WWWwombat

    House Resolution #1 (2019)

    Well, if you ever make it out to a coast, you should try some real seafood. Just don't get Manhattan clam chowder whatever you do; it's an abomination.
  14. WWWwombat

    political meme's & lolz

    I would guess that Cubarey lived a lot of his life in a significantly more sex negative society than you SD.
  15. WWWwombat

    political meme's & lolz

    I think anyone who would make the argument that Mario is racist, even by modern standards, is getting seriously carried away. It's important not to conflate actual racism with offensiveness, racial insensitivity, prejudice, unconscious bias, microaggression, etc. Sure, the latter may often reflect institutional racism, but they are not in and of themselves racist, just the manifestation of common failings of human beings.