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  1. I'm assuming Verbal has a new stalking target?
  2. And the shot heard 'round the world was the start of the revolution. It is known.
  3. Boston is shutting down the subway and the trains tonight/tomorrow >.<
  4. Way too harsh imo. People should be able to give their children dumb names if they want. It's stupid and might cause trouble for the kid, but so are plenty of other parenting decisions that the state has no interest interfering in. And this one wasn't even that bad. Not only is Nutella delicious, but odds are she would've ended up adopting Ella as a nickname anyways. No need for the state to step in there imo.
  5. That point of Dom's about the 3-way split is a good one, although I don't know why it's an indictment of Brandon so much as TOR. The structural issues severely lessened the potential for eucatastrophe, which is a very important part of epic fantasy.
  6. Yeah, BS just didn't get Mat. I also didn't like how daft and un-Aiel Aviendha seemed when he wrote her. In Brandon's defense, though, I think he got much better at writing Mat by AMoL. Regardless, there is no question that Harriet made the right decision wrt the outriggers. It is what RJ would have wanted.
  7. Personally, I would love to see a woman make it in the MLB. She might have to be a knuckleball pitcher or something, but even that would be awesome.
  8. Watch Mo'ne pitch. She strikes out the side to complete a two-hitter :)
  9. Also, as for the ASUS ad, it's definitely playing on sexist stereotypes, but it's pretty mild compared to some of the stuff I've seen in gaming. The doxxing of prominent women on the scene for instance.
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