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  1. Moon Sedai

    December 2018 Roll Call

    The annual stabbing of my enemies... I mean... My favorite part of the holidays is Christmas Music. It becomes socially acceptable for me to sing "I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas" in public this time of year. Not that I need an excuse. I sing it year round.
  2. Moon Sedai

    The Daily Stabbening

    I wasn't even here at the time...
  3. Moon Sedai

    November 2018 Roll Call

    Blood of my enemies. *stabs Verbal*
  4. Moon Sedai

    January 2018 Roll Call

    To have an even better 2018. 2017 had some flaws, but personally it was great. (New car, new job.)
  5. Moon Sedai

    October 2017 Roll Call

    I'm lurking around. Not really
  6. Moon Sedai

    September 2017 Roll Call

    No idea. Tho in just a few days it will be my 13th wedding and 18th relationship anniversary. so cool.
  7. Moon Sedai

    Unpopular Opinion

    Disagree. Unpopular Opinion: I love Game of Thrones, but hate Danerys Targaryen.
  8. Moon Sedai

    Unpopular Opinion

    Agree. He should retire gracefully. (or ungracefully) Unpopular opinion: Sriracha is gross.
  9. Moon Sedai

    Unpopular Opinion

    Agree. Didn't know that was an unpopular opinion Unpopular Opinion: I abhore U2. And Bono especially
  10. Moon Sedai

    Unpopular Opinion

    Agree (Some crust is amazing) Unpopular Opinion: The goonies is a horrible film.
  11. Moon Sedai

    August Seduction Sig

  12. Moon Sedai

    August 2017 Roll Call

    That's harsh. I'd probably stab myself, though...so maybe not that harsh. You would, Freak. I'd stab eddie, as well. Cause.
  13. Moon Sedai

    Two for the Price of One (Nae'Bliss)

    That's five for mine. I love it-- color of blood, cushions the color of blood, seating dark as my tortured soul... I love it! 5 points.
  14. Moon Sedai

    Two for the Price of One (Nae'Bliss)

    oooo..... what's the most we can give? 5 points? I like a tardis.
  15. Moon Sedai

    Two for the Price of One (Nae'Bliss)

    COWER BEFORE US... I mean, shower us with presents.