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  1. I don't know. I retire as being the Cuen'Shaidar a long time ago. *creaks the rocking chair* We should take over, it is our right.
  2. Doing okay, actually. I'm about to celebrate my 15th wedding/20th relationship anniversary with Mr. Moon (awww). We're for once in our lives, financially stable. I've held down a consistent adult-type professional job, 40 hours a week, M-F for 2 years now. I work with the resolution line/Customer service with a Health Insurance Marketplace insurance company (No, I'm not listing which one). I have a modicum of authority in my call center for that. Mental health: I'm doing well. Still a struggle, as it will always be, but I'm actually TAKING my medications, and haven't had any major nervous breakdown/homicidal rages in a long time. The move to Arizona was good for me. Mr Moon was officially diagnosed with Bipolar (Type 1). Long story there, but he's doing better, and getting treatment for him has drastically helped him, and me. Other family issues are rough, but that's a post for private chat. So the Moons are doing well.
  3. *slides in, strawberry Marg in hand* I miss you ladies and gents. I'm gonna try and be around a little more. *le sigh*
  4. *creeps back in after a long time gone* I have so missed the smell of this place. Leather, lace, the blood of my enemies. *wicked grin* We should do something extra evil.
  5. Dear Ryrin, I think I will. Love Moon Dear Reds, This year has been tough. I was sick for all of the month of June, and in July one of my dogs passed away. We brought home a new puppy a month later, and I love her a lot, but I'm still missing my Kanji-baby dearly. Financially, I'm making the most money I've ever made in my life and I'm no longer living in the constant state of poverty that I once lived in. HOWEVER... I have a lot of bills to pay off. Credit card bills, vet bills (mostly for Kanji), higher rent at our new apartment. So I'm making excellent money.... but still living paycheck-to-paycheck. Mr Moon and I are well. At work, I'm happy. I'm in a leadership-light position, on the resolution line for an insurance company. The first line in "Supervisors" when someone asks for one, though without any actual supervisory responsibility. Win/win. anyway, that's what's up with me. Love. Moon
  6. The birthday was a big one. A round number. The outfit is perfect. *twirls* I miss you ladies and gents too. I'm just so busy with Real Life i have almost no time to hang out here these days. I'm gonna make an effort to come in more often.
  7. *is drawn out of hiding* Thank you, Elgee! *noms* *dances in new outfit* This is a big one.
  8. Moon Sedai, Sister of the Red Ajah. Don't really care, as long as she's good. (Signing in in january, hope I'm not in trouble.)
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