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  1. I don't know. I retire as being the Cuen'Shaidar a long time ago. *creaks the rocking chair* We should take over, it is our right.
  2. Doing okay, actually. I'm about to celebrate my 15th wedding/20th relationship anniversary with Mr. Moon (awww). We're for once in our lives, financially stable. I've held down a consistent adult-type professional job, 40 hours a week, M-F for 2 years now. I work with the resolution line/Customer service with a Health Insurance Marketplace insurance company (No, I'm not listing which one). I have a modicum of authority in my call center for that. Mental health: I'm doing well. Still a struggle, as it will always be, but I'm actually TAKING my medications, and haven't had any m
  3. *slides in, strawberry Marg in hand* I miss you ladies and gents. I'm gonna try and be around a little more. *le sigh*
  4. *creeps back in after a long time gone* I have so missed the smell of this place. Leather, lace, the blood of my enemies. *wicked grin* We should do something extra evil.
  5. Dear Ryrin, I think I will. Love Moon Dear Reds, This year has been tough. I was sick for all of the month of June, and in July one of my dogs passed away. We brought home a new puppy a month later, and I love her a lot, but I'm still missing my Kanji-baby dearly. Financially, I'm making the most money I've ever made in my life and I'm no longer living in the constant state of poverty that I once lived in. HOWEVER... I have a lot of bills to pay off. Credit card bills, vet bills (mostly for Kanji), higher rent at our n
  6. The birthday was a big one. A round number. The outfit is perfect. *twirls* I miss you ladies and gents too. I'm just so busy with Real Life i have almost no time to hang out here these days. I'm gonna make an effort to come in more often.
  7. *is drawn out of hiding* Thank you, Elgee! *noms* *dances in new outfit* This is a big one.
  8. Moon Sedai, Sister of the Red Ajah. Don't really care, as long as she's good. (Signing in in january, hope I'm not in trouble.)
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