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  1. Oooh, another shock troop meat shield... I mean Trolloc! *stabs repeatedly*
  2. I don't know. I retire as being the Cuen'Shaidar a long time ago. *creaks the rocking chair* We should take over, it is our right.
  3. *creeps back in after a long time gone* I have so missed the smell of this place. Leather, lace, the blood of my enemies. *wicked grin* We should do something extra evil.
  4. That’s right, each Thursday at 7:30 PM Arizona Time, we’re going live via our YouTube Channel and Facebook to discuss the latest Nerd news in the Land. Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, upcoming projects, and more, our Land of the Nerds Live Stream is going to be the ultimate awesome Nerd news Experience! Source
  5. As my followers know, my new episode of NerdBeards dropped last Saturday. As you also already know, it is a review of the Smurfs. My cohort convinced me that we should improve on the Smurf costumes and dress as Smurfs for Phoenix Comicon this past weekend. And of course, I said yes…with caveats. Firstly, we ... Source
  6. an comedy animation by Devan Copeland http://landofnerds.com Source
  7. Now, the video we’ve all been waiting for…. Nerd Beards tackle the Smurfs. What happens when the Smurfs sue the Robear Berbils for being too similar? What does Smurf mean? And will Anexandros stop singing the Eiffel 65 Song? Check out this awesome episode of Nerd Beards! Source
  8. Space City Comic Con was three times bigger than last year! It was HUGE! Tons of fans, cosplayers, and And they went for broke on the celebrity appearances. NRG Center was the place to be for every geek that was any geek this Memorial Day weekend! Space City Sabers was on the scene (of course) ... Source
  9. We spent the weekend in Piscataway NJ at the Steampunk Worlds Fair. It really was one of the greatest shows ever. President Obama spoke at the complex adjacent to where the Fair was being held so all the entrances to get into our complex were blocked off. We still found a way to pull off ... Source
  10. Our interview this week is with Steampunk designer and artist Daniel Lee Hawk and his therapeutic relationship with his artwork. He has unique perspectives on what steampunk is and what the community is becoming. He is a famous Icon in steampunk and ComiCon circles and graciously agreed to take time off some magnificent builds to ... Source
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