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  1. The annual stabbing of my enemies... I mean... My favorite part of the holidays is Christmas Music. It becomes socially acceptable for me to sing "I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas" in public this time of year. Not that I need an excuse. I sing it year round.
  2. To have an even better 2018. 2017 had some flaws, but personally it was great. (New car, new job.)
  3. No idea. Tho in just a few days it will be my 13th wedding and 18th relationship anniversary. so cool.
  4. Disagree. Unpopular Opinion: I love Game of Thrones, but hate Danerys Targaryen.
  5. Agree. He should retire gracefully. (or ungracefully) Unpopular opinion: Sriracha is gross.
  6. Agree. Didn't know that was an unpopular opinion Unpopular Opinion: I abhore U2. And Bono especially
  7. Agree (Some crust is amazing) Unpopular Opinion: The goonies is a horrible film.
  8. That's harsh. I'd probably stab myself, though...so maybe not that harsh. You would, Freak. I'd stab eddie, as well. Cause.
  9. That's five for mine. I love it-- color of blood, cushions the color of blood, seating dark as my tortured soul... I love it! 5 points.
  10. oooo..... what's the most we can give? 5 points? I like a tardis.
  11. COWER BEFORE US... I mean, shower us with presents.
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